Take a stroll through the wilderness with PANDORA’s new exotic Summer 2019 collection…


The PANDORA Summer 2019 collection is inspired by friendship and travel, as well as exotic looks reminiscent of Marvel Comics’ Black Panther.

Please note: there is no complete pricing information for the collection, so the prices in this post can only be used as a guide. The PANDORA Disney series will be added to the collection overview at a later date.


Bracelet «Shine of exotic stones and enamel»

This bracelet from PANDORA takes on an exotic touch with a zigzag pattern of navy blue enamel, striking against an 18k gold plated base from the PANDORA Shine range. Clear cubic zirconia stones form tiny pyramids along the bracelet. The result is a beautiful piece of Egyptian-style jewelry worthy of a queen.

PANDORA Rose Black Leather Lioness Clasp Bracelet

This unique PANDORA Rose series black leather bracelet with an elegant lioness clasp is set with cubic zirconia stones and black enamel. An image of a lioness is engraved on the end of the clasp. The combination of PANDORA Rose details and black leather looks incredible and this bracelet is definitely on our wishlist.

Black PANDORA Rose Leather Adjustable Bracelet

The perfect combination of PANDORA Rose and black leather is repeated in the new adjustable bracelet.


Charm «Shine of exotic stones and enamel»

A clear PANDORA Shine charm with clear cubic zirconia stones and navy blue enamel.

Charm «Lioness»

The new lion clasp bracelet matches the stunning Lioness charm. On the head of the lioness, honey-colored stones sparkle, and the eyes and nose are depicted in glossy black enamel. This depiction of the queen of the jungle is reminiscent of Nala from The Lion King and would suit the Disney series.

Balloon Charm

Balloons are a big part of the PANDORA Summer 2019 collection. This version of the PANDORA Rose series is in white and blue enamel. The balloon basket swings at the bottom and features the PANDORA logo.

Charm «Globe»

The new Globe charm is the perfect souvenir. Suspended between a silver ring is a blue enamel ball and contains silver lines that indicate longitude and latitude. Also, the charm is set with transparent cubic zirconia stones, which gives the jewelry a slight sheen. Very interesting the detail is the hidden heart in the image of Australia!

Charm «Rhino»

This little rhino is just adorable! He raised his ears and listens to the sound of the grass to understand whether friend or foe is approaching. This beautiful silver scar is perfect for those lucky enough to see rhinos in the wild, or like us, just think they’re cute!

Charm «Airplane»

Hanging small plane flies to warmer climes. Separately, the decoration has a silver disc depicting farewell clouds in white and blue enamel. The back is engraved with the quote «To travel is to live.» A single cube-shaped zirconia stone adorns the clasp.

Charm «Blue moonshine»

This is a button charm with a beautiful blue moon crystal and a clear cubic zirconia stone in the center. Dark blue enamel alternates with clear stones to form a border, while a cut-out design adorns the edge of the charm. Although the design is similar to other jewelry from this series, we did not really like this charm, because it resembles a casino chip.

Charm «Monkey»

Apart from cats, monkeys are our favorite animal and this cheeky little monkey is definitely our favorite! The silver keychain was thought to have the monkey swing around the bracelet playfully, with its tail moving freely with it. Clear cube-shaped zirconia stones adorn the monkey’s head and muzzle, while bright blue stones are used for the eyes. Notice the tiny hearts on this monkey’s legs!

Charm «Layer»

This is a balloon in the silver version. The design is exactly the same as the PANDORA Rose charm, but with pink and red enamel details instead of blue and white.

Charm «Striped Heart»

We have mixed feelings about this new charm. Perhaps a different shape and glass with a striped print would be more interesting. But we really like how silver looks with black and white enamel.

Charm «Balloons»

New balloons appear, this time in a button-shaped charm. Two silver balloons fly higher and higher, and one of them rises above the horizon. The beautiful sky shimmers from dark blue to pink enamel with white fluffy clouds in the foreground. The back of the balloons is engraved with the phrase «Live in the clouds».

Charm «Binoculars»

Miniature binoculars hang from a silver pendant. The pink enamel detail is reminiscent of soft leather, and the lenses are set with clear zirconia stones. The silver disk swings behind the binoculars. It has the message «Good Times Await on the Horizon» written on it.

Charm «Suitcase»

Interestingly, the PANDORA Summer 2019 collection includes the new Suitcase charm. This came as a surprise to us as the Hanging Suitcase and Adventure Bag charms were featured in the recent spring collection. However, this charm features a more traditional suitcase style, embellished in pale pink enamel with «Love Travel» written on one side and a silver heart on the other. A very cute detail is the small luggage signature tag engraved with the PANDORA crown.

Balloon pendant

The new balloon pendant is our favorite balloon decoration. It is a blue crystalline sphere in the moonlight between silver lines of beads, from which hangs a tiny basket. As with other balloon pendants, the basket is adorned with the PANDORA logo and a heart.

Charm «Leopard heart»

Leopard print is the second animal print in the new summer collection. Silver details and black and orange enamel adorn the heart. As with zebra print jewelry, we don’t have a concrete opinion yet.

Pavé Silver Divider

Crafted from sparkling sterling silver, this jewel is adorned with clear zirconia stones in various sizes.

silver clip

This clip is embellished with white enamel triangles and clear cubic zirconia stones.

Charm «Elephant»

The Elephant charm is inspired by the new Rhinoceros charm. The elephant in this decoration has tiny round eyes. The elephant is played with a circus hoop, making this a great addition to a Dumbo themed bracelet.

Charm «Coffee bean shell»

Pusula Pediculus, also known as the coffee bean shell, is often used in jewelry because its opening fits perfectly with various chains or leather straps. The new «Coffee Bean Shell» charm was designed in the same way, and the chain of the bracelet runs through the middle of the shell. interesting The detail has a slight oxidized charm and clear zirconia stones that dot the smooth surface.


Shining Crown Ring

The new Shining Crown ring takes on a new style with an exotic twist. This jewelry is made of 18 carat gold, which forms a line of triangles in the form of a zigzag. Each triangle has a transparent cube-shaped zirconia, and a zigzag line stretches around the circle of the ring. This ring can be worn as a set with other jewelry from the collection, or as a single piece of jewelry.

Shining blue enamel ring

The navy blue enamel streaks create a striking contrast with the 18K gold plating on this PANDORA Shine ring.

Double Brilliant Blue Enamel Ring

Dark blue enamel streaks form a zigzag pattern between sparkling zirconia stones on this PANDORA Shine ring. Tiny beaded dots adorn the edges.

Ring «Silver Crown»

The new crown ring is also available in silver and will look great with PANDORA Shine jewelry.

Silver and white enamel ring

This sterling silver ring is set with clear cubic zirconia and white enamel and will look stunning with PANDORA Shine jewelry.


Earrings «Shining Carnations»

These small stud earrings from the PANDORA Shine series feature three cube-shaped clear zirconia stones that form a triangle.

Earrings «Shining Hoop»

Simple beveled shapes update the design of simple hoop earrings. A row of small carved hearts adorns the inside edge.

PANDORA Rose Lioness and Heart Earrings

In addition to the beautiful bracelet and lioness charm, there is also this adorable pair of stud earrings with an elegant lioness and a small heart.

Earrings «Balloon and heart»

This pair of earrings is made with blue enamel details.


PANDORA Rose Lioness Necklace

The heart of the PANDORA Summer 2019 collection is the stunning PANDORA Rose Lioness Necklace. The lioness rests her paws on the sparkling stone, and her tail wraps around the base of the necklace. Cube-shaped zirconia stones adorn her head, while black enamel highlights her eyes for a stunning effect!

Overall, we are very pleased with the PANDORA Summer 2019 collection, as it has many interesting novelties inspired by travel, as well as the exotic look of many jewelry. The new Lioness leather bracelet, Rhino charm, Monkey charm and stud earrings are our favorites in this collection! What are your impressions of the PANDORA Summer 2019 collection? Share your thoughts in the comments below…