Jewelery from the world-famous Pandora brand these days are an indispensable attribute of a stylish woman. Since these accessories provide for the possibility of manufacturing from a different texture material, then everyone can definitely become a happy owner of an original and luxurious jewelry. No matter what financial opportunities or what status a person has — Pandora jewelry looks original and harmonious.

Who wears pandora jewelry?

These accessories look great both individually and in combination with other jewelry. At the same time, creativity and audacity of colors in the layout is only welcome. It is likely that this is why products from this brand are so loved by people who are known around the world. It should be noted that the stars in pandora bracelets are a frequent and natural phenomenon. After all, these people prefer to stand out from the crowd and try to constantly demonstrate creativity and uniqueness.

Who can we often see in such jewelry? We offer a kind of top list of people who prefer pandora jewelry.

Ciara is an English singer, songwriter, producer and model.

By her own admission, Ciara is a woman who loves everything shiny. Therefore, she tries to shine in pandora jewelry not only at concerts, but also in everyday life. Most often, she can be seen in large, massive accessories, while on one hand she, as a rule, has not one, but several bracelets. The same applies to rings on the finger. A big discovery for her was the 2018 collection released by the brand. Gold-plated jewelry, shiny, bright and chic — just what this woman needs.

Jennifer Ann «Jenny» McCarthy is a fashion model and actress who has written several books.

As a model who has to spend a lot of time in flash photo shoots, Jennie is definitely tired of flashy «bling» and therefore tries to wear less jewelry. However, when she needs to go out and meet with journalists, she tries to wear jewelry in a minimalist style. Pandora on a celebrity in this case looks like a set of traditional earrings and a bracelet that can be bought at will and separately.

Olga Shelest is a TV presenter from Russia, acting in films and doing journalism

Her style is a harmonious combination of classic and modern. The woman was not afraid to pair a luxurious bracelet from the latest collection with a simple braided jewelry from an outside brand. It turned out extremely stylish and unusual — unlike anything else. And this once again confirms that Pandora bracelets on celebrities are an advertisement for how you should treat your life.

Ksenia Sobchak — Russian politician, TV and radio host

The combination of her bracelet and pandora in the same color scheme has become a kind of trend in the performance of this woman. The elements were harmoniously complemented by a chain chosen in the same style and allowing to guarantee the safety of the decoration itself.

Jay-Z is a famous rapper

The bracelet with beads made of glass is the singer’s favorite accessory. He practically does not part with him, since he sincerely believes that this accessory brings him happiness.

Celebrity Bracelets: Lifestyle and Beyond

By purchasing such jewelry accessories, famous people also put a certain meaning into them. The possibility of self-decoration, selection of the most liked details allows you to get a unique little thing. For some, this is a reminder of past pleasant events, for others — a way to stand out or emphasize their interests and passions. In this sense, celebrity jewelry is a kind of book of revelations that every admirer can see and “read”.

You can also find your perfect bracelet — not quite the same as your idol’s, but definitely just as beautiful and stylish. After all, where pandora jewelry is made, they know perfectly well how important individuality is for each person. Buy jewelry of this brand from us, and you will always be on the wave of recognition and success!