The Pandora bracelet is a very popular piece of jewelry on the wrist. Accessories for this product can be made of stone, glass or metal. If you do not know where you can profitably buy a pandora bracelet, please contact our online store. The online catalog contains a wide range of base bracelets, as well as designer pendants for them.

You might be wondering why pandora bracelets are popular. The jewelry of this famous brand is liked by many women for a reason. Its uniqueness lies in the beads (charms) that decorate the product. In addition, there will be no difficulties with tying a pandora bracelet. It closes with the signature p-lock clip in seconds. |

How to choose a pandora bracelet — tips from professionals

Before you buy this author’s gift, you need to understand how to assemble a pandora bracelet. You can initially pick up one or several beads. Pendants differ in design solution, color shade, size and material. The bottom line is that each of these pendants will be associated with a girl with a specific event or a pleasant memory of you. Therefore, it is worth approaching the choice of these mini-accessories with the utmost responsibility, having previously learned about the tastes of your chosen one.

There are different beads in the online catalog, among which the buyer can choose as many as he needs. They can be combined with each other as you like, so if you know what you are looking for, there will be no problems with the selection. The base bracelets themselves are also different from each other. There are several varieties of products of this brand:

  • Bracelets made of woven genuine leather (single, double, triple).
  • Smooth leather bracelet options.
  • Models made of textile lace.
  • Bracelet for one clip (stopper).
  • Bracelet for 5 clips (stoppers).
  • Rigid silver bracelet (Bangle).
  • Charm bracelet Pandora Essence.
  • Charm bracelet Pandora Essence (beaded).

All of the above options are recommended to be worn with a different number of charms.

It is also extremely important to measure the size of a pandora bracelet before making a purchase. The most popular size is 18 cm. But, in order not to miscalculate, you can use the exact method. First you need to find out the diameter of the girl’s wrist, and then add 1 cm to it in girth. This will be the ideal size of the bracelet.

How to wear a pandora bracelet — current trends

Every modern fashionista should know how to wear pandora bracelets to avoid bad taste. Here are some tips for you:

If you decide to wear jewelry with a watch, both accessories must be made in the same style.

Wear the bracelet on your dominant hand, then it will attract more attention.

It is better not to combine the product with rings, it is better to choose one thing so as not to overdo it.

Stick to minimalism.

To the question: how much does a pandora bracelet cost, our managers will answer. Contact us, we look forward to processing applications and calls!