Pandora chains are recommended now in a wide variety, while the length of the accessory is of no small importance when choosing. Elegant and subtle, such jewelry made of gold or other metal will emphasize the style, and made with a claim to luxury will decorate an evening out.

The original feature of a well-formed image is an unmistakably matched accessory. This is an extremely important factor regarding the length of the pendant, which almost always affects the visualization of the external image of a woman. What should be the size of pandora around the neck — this issue requires a serious approach, and this is what we wanted to talk about in this article.

How to determine the chain size correctly?

An easy way to identify important parameters for yourself, which you should be guided by in the future when choosing a necklace or a classic chain, is to measure the girth of the neck. This can be done with a tape measure or cord, fixing it in a position in which you would like to wear the jewelry. Five more centimeters should be added to the resulting figure — this indicator will be the most correct.

It is worth noting that each length of the pandora necklace has its own name. In addition to a visual reminder assistant, each of you will need the following information on this matter:

  • collar (35 cm) — a short decoration that wraps around the neck, looks great in summer in open dresses;
  • princess (45 cm) — great for various cutouts, often presented as a pendant with the image of a petal, key, heart, etc.;
  • matine (55cm) — length just below the collarbone, allowing you to create a stylish look;
  • opera (70 — 90 cm) — an accessory located below the chest level, but above the waist, it can also be wrapped several times around the neck;
  • rope — (112 — 180) — the longest necklace.

When answering the question of how to choose a Pandora chain around the neck, it is worth considering that in addition to the number with the size, you need to pay attention to the type of lock, a kind of key that “locks” the jewelry and prevents it from being lost.

Most often, preference is given to the S-shaped device, manufactured in different shades. The shape of this lock allows you to easily combine up to 8 necklaces on it. And in the end, you should pick up a clip-stopper that secures the lock in a certain place.

Our company recommends a huge range of chains at the best price for creating original jewelry. Made of gold of the highest standard, they can be complemented by silver and other items, precious stones and beads. And it does not matter what name your masterpiece will receive — the main thing is that it be created with love and taste.