Natural female beauty has always attracted the attention of men, and even in modern life, beauties can do without makeup. But at the same time, you can not do without accessories that allow you to complement the image and make it unique. A perfect solution for a woman who wants to emphasize her sophistication and subtlety of taste is a chain with a pendant. It is this piece of jewelry that will look truly rich, and will be able to win the heart of any young man at first sight. The only problem is that choosing an accessory is not so easy — if it seems to you at first glance that it is not difficult — you are mistaken. But do not despair — we will help you make the right choice!

Choosing such a responsible decoration is necessary not only based on taste preferences. You should think carefully about the meaning of the product, and what exactly you need it for. Products such as women’s gold medallions can not only create a pleasant impression, but also become a reliable amulet. However, this will only happen if you correctly consider the issue of purchase. How to start the selection process? Let’s take a closer look at this issue so that there are no problems in the future.

Pay attention to the chain

Experts advise to pay attention immediately to the chain, since it plays a crucial role. The main rule among the set is its quality. The thinner the product, the higher the probability of deformation. Moreover, a low-quality chain is unlikely to be able to withstand the load, which is also worth paying attention to. Usually products with different types of weaving are chosen, so we will only indicate their names. So, there are such types of weaving as Bismarck, Arab, Moscow Bit, Moskvich, Rose, Python, Brook, Fox Tail, Chopard, Anchor and many others. You need to choose according to your wishes.

As a general rule, gold pendants must hold up very well, otherwise you can lose them. To prevent this from happening, we recommend choosing a chain with weaving, for example, an anchor type. This type is the most stable and will easily allow the chain to bend, which in turn guarantees reliability and withstands heavy loads. Before making a purchase of a chain, you should pay attention not only to its appearance, but also to its functional features. For example, don’t forget to look at the surface: It should be flat and without any creases.

Other types of chain weaving: silver and gold

In addition to those types of weaving, which we have already talked about earlier, there are others. We will consider them in more detail so that you have a correct understanding of the choice. So, there are several popular varieties that apply to both silver and gold.

  • Type Rope or Lace. This type of weaving is twisted, therefore it has an excellent level of reliability. They are becoming more popular among Ukrainian girls every day.
  • Choose from Rombo, Curtains, Spiral or Brook. Before making a purchase, we strongly recommend that you view the photos of these weaves. They also guarantee reliability, but not for everyone.
  • A good solution would be the Pigtail type. If you choose this product, you can be sure of the usefulness of the image. Together with a pendant, this option will look great and resemble a real necklace. You can verify this by looking at the photos on sites on the network.

It should also be noted that before you buy gold pendants, you need to take care of a high-quality and reliable lock. In this case, it is very important to evaluate the quality of the mechanism. It is best to ask a few preliminary questions to the seller, since the product must have high durability. Not only the external, but also the general condition of the pendant with the chain depends on the quality of the lock. In general, we would like to say the following: for women who prefer to wear pendants on a daily basis, it is highly recommended to purchase two chains with two locks. This option can save you from possible losses, and even with constant movement, they will look aesthetically pleasing. Try it and you will be satisfied.

Pendants for girls: what to look for in the first place?

For every self-respecting woman, quality is important, and rightly so. Those who prefer to wear only jewelry sooner or later switch to more adequate solutions made of gold or silver, as they are of impeccable quality and durability. Beauty and honor directly depend on them. Regardless of whether you prefer a diamond or a classic without stone, it is very important to pay attention to several factors. We have collected the main ones to make it easier for you to make the right decision:

  1. First of all, you must be responsible for the visual inspection. It is important to evaluate the brand of the product, as well as carefully inspect it from all sides so that there are no defects. Otherwise, this may lead to further problems, and it will be impossible to prove their existence.
  2. Sharp notches, defects and other irregular shapes mean that you need to wait with the purchase. The surface must be perfectly smooth. Those pendants for girls that have a different shape can damage the skin and clothes, so we recommend that you look at other options.
  3. Cost should not come first. Pay attention to each soldering spot. Any traces of burns, even if they are minimal, will turn out to be too obvious defects in the future. In this case, we recommend using tools: for example, an enlarger.
  4. A pendant with a diamond must have a symmetrical geometry. At the same time, it must be very finely and competently polished. A smooth surface can speak of impeccable quality, but even with minimal flaws, it is better to ask for another piece of jewelry.
  5. Some pendants have locks, so it is very important to check them for defects. Products can open on their own and do it arbitrarily over time. This fact must be excluded in order not to get negative consequences in the future.

Regardless of which weaving of the gold chain you choose, you should be very careful about the inspection. There should not be any spots, defects, gaps and other negative flaws. Even if you are offered a good discount, you should not agree. Those products that are specially cheapened will be a burden for you in the future, and they will have to be sold at a more affordable price. To prevent this from happening, we advise you to carefully and competently treat the simple recommendations that we talked about above. Of course, in 95% of cases, if you make a purchase of pendants in good jewelry stores that are known throughout Ukraine, then you will not be deceived. Only their cost will be an order of magnitude higher, and most often, this factor is not justified. By the way, our online store offers the most reliable jewelry base for those who do not want to overpay for quality.

Choose your style

Despite the severity of the advice, you should not forget about individuality. If you have your own style or are already imagining your future product — do not stop. Pendant and chain can be chosen based on individual preferences. There are several areas that may seem like a strong enough point for a woman: classic, classic, avant-garde, Casual street style, sports direction, ethnicity and Luxury. In one case or another, the product will look great on every girl. Any chain with a pendant, which is chosen by heart and soul, will become a reliable companion of your life and a real talisman. Do not hesitate to purchase if you feel that the product is made for you.