We often dream of friends, travel or some adventure. And what if you see jewelry in a dream? You will find information about the meaning of many such dreams in our material.

Interpretation of dreams about jewelry

Why do you dream of jewelry? It all depends on what exactly you dreamed about. You dream that you buy jewelry? It means problems, sorrows or losses. It can also mean a quick breakup with a loved one. Are you touching jewelry in a dream? This sign means that your goals will definitely be successfully achieved.

If you had a dream about what you have there is no way to put on jewelry, It means the collapse of your plans. If your jewelry is lost or has a broken clasp, you and your loved one may have a quarrel.

Are you trying on jewelry? Then in real life, success and wealth await you, as well as the fulfillment of all your wishes. If in a dream you saw yourself wearing someone else’s jewelry, it means that your loved one is not really your destiny and you will have to break up soon.

Did you find a piece of jewelry? Then a safe future awaits you, as well as a change in lifestyle. But if you lost jewelry, this indicates bad changes in life.

You dreamed that jewelry stolen? You should consider such a dream as a reminder of a great loss. Did you dream that the lost jewelry was found? So, soon you will definitely be able to find a way out of any difficult situation.

Features of dreams about jewelry

To see in a dream silver products means that your health is very good and strong. Gold products indicate pleasant changes in life. If in a dream you receive a gold product as a gift, it means wealth and well-being.

Different types of jewelry seen in a dream can be interpreted in different ways:

  • the ring portends marriage or engagement. If you wear a ring in a dream, in real life you will find happiness in your family. Losing a ring in a dream portends anxiety and danger;
  • the chain symbolizes reliable friends who are always happy to help;
  • a bracelet in a dream portends an unpleasant situation, and if it is given to you — a secret love awaits you;
  • earrings symbolize success in personal life.

Various precious stones are often dreamed in a dream. Such dreams can also be interpreted in different ways. If you saw yourself in clothes with precious stones, it means good luck and a high position in society. If a precious stone fell out of a piece of jewelry, you may lose a loved one or have business problems. If you are lucky enough to find a precious stone, great success awaits you. Diamonds portend a profitable marriage. If you saw a ruby ​​in a dream, it means that you will be able to achieve what you want with the help of willpower. Pearls symbolize the achievement of all set goals.