In this article, we will reveal to you all the nuances of wearing silver: protection, cleaning and care.


  1. Reasons for darkening Pandora jewelry
  2. Caring for Pandora Jewelry
  3. Silver cleaning at home
  4. How to protect and protect Pandora jewelry from darkening, Conclusions

Reasons for darkening Pandora jewelry

Careful care of silver jewelry can significantly extend their «life» and original appearance. The appearance of accessories directly depends on the conditions of their storage. Silver tends to oxidize, this process is affected by periodic moisture: sweat, perfume, water, etc. This phenomenon is explained by a natural chemical reaction to some components in the alloy. This is a natural property of silver, which only confirms that your product is really made of silver. Don’t worry — the top tarnished layer of silver jewelry is perfectly cleanable.

At the same time, we have many clients who never take off the bracelet at all, they wear it for half a year. At the same time, they go to work, travel in transport, fly planes to resorts, swim in the seas and pools, train in gyms. Feedback from them is only positive, no one noticed any darkening. But here, most likely, cleaning occurs on its own due to constant use — jewelry rubs against clothes.

According to our personal observations, jewelry can darken if it is rarely worn and improperly stored. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with this, it is all very easy to clean. How to do it correctly, read below in the text.

There is also a rumor that the original does not darken. You can ask the sellers or read on the official sites of Pandora.net, they write the same thing there. This is not a product defect, it is not caused by a violation of the technological process or the use of low-quality materials. This is the natural process of using silver. Silver jewelry that has gone through the tarnishing process and is used frequently takes on a unique vintage look. Those parts that rub against clothes shine, and the concave parts darken and are covered with a mesh. Such products have a very noble appearance. They can be confused with old Venetian jewelry.

Caring for Pandora Jewelry

The natural darkening of silver can be avoided by following a few specific rules.
Simple care tips include extending the life of a silver accessory and preserving its original appearance:

  • remove jewelry before taking a bath or shower;
  • chlorinated water has a bad effect on silver, so you should not wear a silver bracelet to spa treatments or to the pool;
  • The pollution of the bracelet comes from the ingress of lotions, emulsions, perfumes, cosmetics, simple dust on it.
  • in order to avoid the reaction of silver and household chemicals, before cleaning and washing dishes, remove the accessory;
  • significantly reduce the number of scratches and scuffs on silver and gold items by storing them in a soft bag or case;
  • silver bracelets tend to stretch, so we do not recommend wearing more than 9 charms.


Silver cleaning at home

When blackening a bracelet or charm or other silver item, you can use several cleaning methods at home:

  1. The easiest and most effective way is to wipe with a special cleaning cloth. If you don’t have a polishing pad, you can use a paper or suede eyeglass cloth at home.
  2. If the napkin did not help, dissolve ordinary soap in water or take liquid soap, place a silver jewelry in it for 10 minutes. Then, using a very soft brush, clean the product. Wipe the accessory after the procedure with a soft natural flannel cloth.
  3. To effectively whiten silver, use a toothpaste that does not contain abrasive additives, so you get rid of dirt on the product without damaging the metal, giving it shine and luxury. Pick up a brush with soft, delicate bristles, apply the paste on the brush and rub the item with gentle, cleansing movements. After this procedure, you need to rinse the jewelry in warm water and wipe it dry thoroughly.
  4. Official Pandora stores sell special cleaning kits for silver. This set consists of a brush, a cloth and a container with a special liquid for cleaning silver. Such a set very often gets into promotions and can be purchased inexpensively. To clean, you just need to lower the jewelry into a container for 5 minutes, remove it, clean it with a brush, then wipe it with a napkin.
  5. And the last option is to contact the jewelry workshop to clean your most beloved jewelry. In a jewelry workshop, you can be sure that your product will be brought to a new condition. The jeweler will clean and in a special liquid for silver and apply a brush and use a special ultrasonic bath to clean silver. It will also sand worn and scratched parts on a grinding machine.

Cleaning silver with paste and brush

How to protect and protect Pandora jewelry from darkening, Conclusions

All recommendations have already been made. We just draw conclusions from the above:

  • Any silver products darken, this is a natural and natural reaction of silver to air.
  • The darkening of silver products is not considered a marriage or manufacturing defect.
  • The darkening of silver products is very easily eliminated at home.
  • You can protect yourself from premature darkening by properly storing jewelry in bags or boxes, without access to moisture and dampness, and also do not bathe or wet your products.
  • You can clean the products with soapy water, napkins and brushes with paste. And also with the help of a special cleaning kit from Pandora or by contacting a jewelry workshop.