Earrings called «congo» is a rather specific model, which, despite its unusual appearance, has been popular for several centuries.

Since the 1960s, they have regularly appeared on the fashion runways and in the collections of models from famous couturiers. Today, hoop earrings are considered classics in the world of jewelry and costume jewelry. Fashion trends are constantly changing, but the classics remain the same. Congo earrings on young girls and mature women are one of the most fashionable trends of this season, provided that they are correctly selected according to the shape of the face and the occasion for which they are going to be worn. So how to choose the right Congo earrings (photo)? Let’s find out in this article.

Who are ring earrings suitable for?

Who are ring earrings suitable for?

The secret of the popularity of this model lies in its very simple, concise, but sophisticated design. Congo earrings on a girl are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry for any occasion. Properly chosen, they can also enhance her beauty, individual style and even mask her flaws. They allow you to reveal the grace, beauty and tenderness inherent in female nature.

Stylists say that ring earrings in the ears and in the photo give the image femininity, a sensual and sexy look, romance, impeccability and mystery.

Owners of a long neck can wear these jewelry every day, as a large «congo» perfectly emphasizes it. But then the hairstyle should be high, ideally in the pin-up style, or short.

Regardless of size, Congo earrings are paired with turtlenecks and scarves. Under a cocktail dress, they are best worn with a matching ring or bracelet, as well as with a small pendant.

Hoop earrings who fit the shape of the face?

Hoop earrings who fit the shape of the face?

Stylish congo earrings with delicate ornaments, small pendants in the form of beads, stars, hearts or clover or with pearls fit almost any face, except for a round shape. They can further emphasize the roundness of the cheeks, which will look inorganic. In this case, earrings in the form of more angular geometric shapes — rectangles, triangles, rhombuses and squares — are suitable. Ideally, such earrings should have an oblong shape — they will optically lengthen and slim the face.

Whoever suits small round earrings is the owner of a heart-shaped face in the shape of a triangle — openwork circles around the ears will help divert attention from a rather narrow chin and optically shorten it. Beautifully intertwined branches with single leaves or flowers will definitely appeal to lovers of boho style.

For a square face, round earrings in the form of a slightly flattened ellipse are an excellent choice. Thanks to the streamlined shape, they soften the contours a little. All earrings with a slightly oblong and soft rounded line will be an excellent choice for women with a well-defined rectangular jaw.

For an oval face and short hair, it is better to choose large congo earrings.

What are ring earrings on girls (photo)?

Modern models of round earrings surprise with a variety of design solutions:

  • classic round thin — gold or silver rings of different sizes;
  • congo XXL — an accessory of large diameter for those who like to stand out from the crowd;
  • miniature, almost invisible in the earlobe;
  • with a complex texture or intricate weaves;
  • engraved patterns or inscriptions;
  • diamond-shaped or smooth surface,
  • with several layers of rings;
  • consist of two or three rings of different diameters connected to each other at one point.

What are ring earrings on girls

The material for round earrings can also be anything — from cheap plastic to expensive platinum. Congo gold earrings are the most popular. They look great — whether they’re traditional yellows or more exotic whites or pinks. Yellow gold suits those who follow classical traditions, rose gold suits romantic natures, and all fans of glamorous style are recommended to wear hoop earrings with large shiny gemstones.

Such decorations shine beautifully, do not fade, are cleaned and are quite durable. Models of Congo earrings with large patterns will harmoniously decorate a stylish look for a party or a solemn presentation. The best company for gold earrings will be a «little black dress» and classic high-heeled shoes — this is a look that will never let you down.

Thanks to its simple and dainty appearance, XS sterling silver Congo earrings suit many people. Be sure to wear them with a matching beige suit, leather moccasins and a messenger bag. Small, thin hollow circles that are not conspicuous will complement a classic business or casual outfit. The likelihood that they will look out of place is almost impossible. Will be in harmony even with jeans, a T-shirt, a sports jacket and sneakers. Rock style fans can combine this jewelry with ramon (leather jacket-leather jacket), berets or ankle boots with studs.

The choice of ornaments and sizes of Congo earrings is so large that each of the lovers of this type of jewelry will find their ideal model.

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