Today let’s talk with you about Thailand and its role in the production of Pandora jewelry. Every girl who has become interested in this brand knows that all the products of this jewelry giant are made exclusively in Thailand. Can you buy products there? Is it cheaper or not? Do they deliver to Ukraine? Let’s find out the answers to these questions today. So, PANDORA in Thailand and where to buy the original.

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All of Pandora’s jewelry is manufactured exclusively in Thailand at its own production facilities. Today the company has two factories. The first is located in Gemopolis, a suburb of Bangkok. And the second for 800 km from Bangkok in the cities of Chiang Mai. The production subsidiary of the company is called Pandora Production Co., Ltd.

pandora factory in thailand

The first production in this Asian country was opened by the founder of the brand, Per Enevoldsen, back in 1989, and from that moment there was only progress.

pandora office in thailand

Why Thailand, because it is so far from Denmark? This is because this country is one of the largest jewelry exporting countries in the world. Thailand produces high quality jewelry. This is where Pandora has a strong infrastructure, easy access to raw material suppliers and, most importantly, the quality craftsmanship of local jewelers.

pandora jewelers in thailand
PANDORA in Thailand and where to buy the original

In Thailand, the official online store pandora.net/en-th has been successfully operating for several years. PANDORA products can be ordered from there only within the country. You can also visit one of the 25 offline stores of the company, the addresses of which can be found on the official website. The truth is all good for those who are there on vacation.

Store prices are higher than in Ukraine and the USA and a number of other countries. I don’t know what it’s about, it’s kind of weird. There are no other official representatives of the brand in Thailand, except for those listed above.

That is, for our layman to buy Pandora jewelry, you only need to be present in Thailand. It is unrealistic to order from there with delivery — the prices will be cosmic, and there are no direct carriers.

PANDORA does not directly supply its products from Thailand to Ukraine. All deliveries go through the main office in Denmark, and the Ukrainian official store receives products from the Pandora regional office in Central and Eastern Europe — from Poland. Therefore, if you find information about “direct deliveries from the factory” somewhere on the Internet, do not believe it.

Products are delivered to stores in this form.

pandora thailand original fake

These are plastic bags with a sticker where the item number is indicated. Directly in the store, products are packed in boxes and bags. From sales in foreign outlets, products in such bags can also come. As you understand, it is not difficult to fake this sticker — it is easy to print it on a printer.

Summing up, we can say that you can buy the original from Thailand only in Thailand, and you should not fall for this trick in Ukraine and other countries.

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