In a series of articles, I talk about Pandora in different countries — the most significant and largest regions. I do a short market review and look and analyze whether it makes sense to buy in this country with delivery to Ukraine. And since I bring some of the jewelry presented in my store from Poland, it’s time to tell you more about PANDORA in Poland and where to buy the original.


The very first thing Poland is notable for is that the Pandora office in Warsaw is Pandora’s main regional office in Central and Eastern Europe. It was opened in 2012 and it is from here that 25 markets of the entire region are managed. Wholesale distribution is carried out and the management of its own stores is located. Of course, there are small local offices in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania, but the main backbone is in Poland. Ukrainian official Pandora stores also receive products through Poland.

pandora in different countries

The Pandora office in Poland has more than 600 employees, a lot, right? More than 60 official Pandora stores are open in Poland, in more than 20 cities of the country. Among the largest cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, Lodz, Poznan, Wroclaw, Olsztyn, Szczecin, Gdansk, and many others.

Why are shops in Poland so interesting for the Ukrainian consumer? Is it really cheaper to buy and bring there than to buy the same products in Ukraine? Let’s compare.

Let’s take the most popular items: a few bracelets and charms.

pandora bracelet buy poland

For example, I chose six bracelets, several of them in a classic design. For almost all bracelets, prices in Poland are lower, but not significantly — within 200 hryvnias. A bracelet with gold is cheaper in Ukraine by 150 UAH. But the Pandora reflexions bracelet surprised me — in Poland it is 1300 hryvnia cheaper!

poland pandora where to buy cheaper

If we compare the prices for charms in Ukraine and Poland, then again in Poland the prices are lower. But for many positions within 150 — 200 hryvnia. But there are charms where the difference is more noticeable. For example, the Girl charm in Poland is 650 UAH cheaper, the price of the Family Tree charm is 500 UAH lower. Not bad, right?

I’ve only looked at a few of the items I wrote about above. But I think the overall picture is clear. Some jewelry can be bought in Ukraine, but some items are more profitable to buy in Poland. Especially if your wishlist is big. Therefore, my advice to you is to check the prices on different sites before buying.

In the Polish online store PANDORA, delivery of products throughout Poland is paid — PLN 14.90, which is about 110 hryvnias. When ordering from PLN 249 (UAH 1700), delivery is free. Add to this the delivery to Ukraine (about 150 hryvnia).

What are the other advantages of ordering in Poland?

Pandora has a lot of collections throughout the year, there are special editions, there are limited editions, there are gift charms. In Poland, according to my observations, the range of products is much wider than in Ukraine. Yes, the main collections are the same, but from the last one I can give an example of a limited edition for the 20th anniversary of Pandora.

limited edition pandora 2020 clover

At the moment, 5 charms have already been released, but they cannot be bought in Ukraine. You can buy in Poland, in the USA, in England, and other countries. Why Ukraine does not import is unknown to me.

The assortment can be compared directly on the Polish and Ukrainian official websites. That’s what I did.

Designation Poland, piece Ukraine, piece
Bracelets 126 77
Charms 872 679
Rings 279 147
Earrings 116 60
necklaces 139 76

Often in Poland they hold various promotions with gifts or good discounts. From time to time there is a special offer A bracelet as a gift, where when you buy a certain amount, you will receive a bracelet from the latest collection as a gift.

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What are the disadvantages of ordering from Poland?

The main disadvantage I would call time. Of course, it is easier to go and buy in Ukraine, or order in an online store and receive your goods within 1-3 days. Delivery from Poland takes approximately 2 weeks, and during the holidays and sales may be increased. My longest order was a month. But here you will not guess — roulette. Therefore, plan your orders in advance, with a margin of time.

PANDORA official website in Poland where to buy the original: pl.pandora.net

I also recommend the official retailer in Poland — magar.pl store.

magar official retailer of pandora in Poland

It is more profitable to buy some products from them, they give a 10% discount, as well as the purchase amount for free delivery is lower — PLN 99.

Summing up, I can say that be sure to look at the sites of different countries, choose and compare prices. The same piece of jewelry can make a big difference in price. For a detailed overview of official US stores, see here. Well, if you are already interested in some positions in Poland — write, we will help you order and bring you.