Finally, I got to do a review of PANDORA in the American market. Many people ask where and on what sites you can order original Pandora products, who can you trust unconditionally? First, let’s figure out why America attracts us so much, because we can buy exactly the same PANDORA jewelry in Ukraine? The most common answer is price. Often the cost of bracelets, charms, and other jewelry differs in a more pleasant way for the buyer (of course, I note that this is not 100% — you need to look at each individual case). I would like to note that US stores offer a more complete range of products, exclusive models and jewelry sets. Also, PANDORA in the USA holds many different promotions throughout the year, announces sales or gives good discounts. All this allows not only to significantly save on the purchase, but also to receive exclusive gifts. For example, in 2018, the company gave jewelry boxes and organizers for purchases for a certain amount (this is in addition to other equally interesting promotions). And it is not possible to buy these boxes separately.

The downside of such orders in the USA, I can only name a long delivery. After all, after making a purchase in the official Pandora online store in Ukraine, you will receive your order within a couple of days, but delivery from America will take from 3 to 4 weeks. So when ordering products from abroad, be prepared to be patient.

So, the Pandora jewelry brand in the USA is represented by approximately 360 stores open in all states of the country. A feature of doing business was the franchise — the company at one time actively sold it to those who wanted to enter this business. Since 2017, the company began to actively buy out franchises (at the mutual request of the parties) and collect stores under its management.

PANDORA currently operates approximately 140 PANDORA stores in the US. Approximately 220 stores in the country continue to be franchised. PANDORA has one official online store in the USA: us.pandora.net And many other sites that sell their jewelry and have the status of an official authorized retailer, what is listed on their website. Let’s look at their list and comment a little on their features (the main theses are how they differ from others).

PANDORA Authorized Retailers in the USA:

1 Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

www.albertsjewelers.com There are rare charms and discontinued jewelry, jewelry sets and even watches. Shipping $15 (free shipping on orders over $99).

2 Beautiful Thing Jewelers www.bellacosajewelers.com There is a section of sales and promotions, rare and discontinued jewelry.

3 Ben Bridge www.benbridge.com

Gift sets from past collections. Free shipping on any order.

4 Bloomingdales www.bloomingdales.com
5 Elisa Ilana www.elisailana.com


Large selection of long discontinued and limited edition charms. There is a permanent sale section. Free shipping on any order.

6 Hannoush Jewelers www.hannoush.com US Shipping $7.99

7 Jared the Galleria of Jewelry www.jared.com A large jewelry store that sells, among other things, exclusive charms. Free shipping on any order.

8 Maurice Badler www.badler.com

Permanent section of discounts up to 50%. Shipping $5 (free shipping on orders over $50).

9 Miami Lakes www.miamilakesj.com

Delivery of any order 8 $.

10 PANDORA Vegas www.pandoralv.com

The site contains discontinued jewelry. Free shipping on orders over $200.

11 PANDORA Mall of America www.becharming.com

The site is closed for viewing from Ukraine. Exclusive gift sets at promotional prices, promotional goods. Free shipping on any order.

12 PANDORA St Louis www.denmarkstyle.net

Exclusive and rare charms, discontinued jewelry. Free shipping on any order.

13 PANDORA Tampa www.charmsattheplaza.com

A small site for an offline store.
14 PANDORA Towson (Smyth) www.smythjewelers.com Shipping $12 (free shipping on orders over $50).

15 Precious Accents www.preciousaccents.com

Section of promotional products, discontinued jewelry, rare charms. Free shipping on any order.
16 Reeds Jewelers www.reeds.com Sale section, discontinued jewelry. Free shipping on any order.

17 Reeds NE www.reedsjewelers.com Shipping $5.

18 Roger’s Jewelers

www.thinkrogers.com Sells Pandora jewelry in its offline stores.

19 La La Street www.ruelala.com Closed sales site, arranges Pandora sales about 1 time per month.

20 Swag (The Old World) www.lovemyswag.com Discontinued gift sets. Shipping $8 (free shipping on orders over $100).

21 The Source www.thesourcejewelers.com Free shipping on any order.

22 The Thoughtfulness Shop www.thoughtfulnessshop.com

Sells Pandora jewelry in an offline store.

23 Touch of Class www.touchofclasslacrosse.com

Shipping $10.

24 Wilkins and Olander www.wilkinsandolander.com

Sells Pandora jewelry in an offline store.

25 Urban Fusion www.urbanfusion.com

There is a sale section, limited edition jewelry, gift sets and discontinued sets. Shipping $9 (Free shipping on orders over $100).

Many sites sell discontinued and rare pieces of jewelry that most retailers can’t find. Each site is unique and original in its own way. You won’t be able to access some sites without a VPN or an anonymizer, as they have restricted access to some countries (yes, unfortunately, we don’t have a good reputation). Some sites do free shipping across America, some have it paid. Some send products using the original packaging, others do not. Some are in tax states, some in tax-free states — there are a lot of nuances of buying. The specifics of the sale of Pandora jewelry in a particular country is regulated by the company, which also determines the delivery. You, being in another country, cannot buy these jewelry with delivery to you directly. This is the condition of the company. All of these sites only ship within the United States, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. But if you like something, then nothing is impossible, right? For questions about ordering from these sites, write here: braslety.com.ua/zakazat/ I advise you to periodically look through all of the above sites to familiarize yourself with current promotions that will save you money when buying or get a free gift. I also review them periodically so you can subscribe to the newsletter on the site (top left) and you will receive notifications about all kinds of promotions, sales and discounts not only in the US, but also in other countries.

Happy viewing!