Wedding rings have never been considered simple jewelry. They have always personified love, loyalty and mutual trust of partners. This symbol first appeared in ancient Egypt, and nowadays it has turned into dozens of folk beliefs. The signs associated with it are important to know both for bridegrooms and brides, and for all spouses who have been married for a long time.

Signs: the wedding ring is cracked, darkened or lost

Since ancient times, a gold ring was an elite jewel of rulers and high spiritual persons. It not only emphasized high status and decorated the hands.

Rings were worn as a talisman against the evil eye and flows of negative energy. After all, jewelry made of precious metals and stones, like pure water, is able to capture information, absorb human emotions, and provide its owner with special energy.

In ancient times, the main function of a ring was to protect a person’s life force.

In ancient Egypt, only rulers, pharaohs and their wives could wear jewels on their fingers.

Among the Slavic peoples, the rim of the ring was associated with the sun. Warriors took with them on their campaigns a charm spoken by their mothers and wives. But they did not wear them on their hands, because they could interfere in battle, but they hung them on their naked bodies around their necks on a chain or rope, and sewed them into a secret pocket.

The ring finger for wearing a wedding ring was not chosen by chance. It is believed that the artery passing through this finger directly connects to the heart and helps maintain the feelings of lovers, as well as ensures the integrity of their relationship. For Christians, it is the right hand, which symbolizes purity and righteousness of thought, for Catholics, it is the left hand.

To this tradition is added a sign prohibiting the wearing of a wedding attribute before marriage. She says that this can lead to failures in personal life or celibacy. If a situation arose as a result of which the wedding ring broke, it was considered a harbinger of negative moments in life.

  • If the color of the metal has suddenly changed (darkened, turned green, matte), the jewelry owners will have health problems.

  • If the wedding ring cracked, it protected the owner from danger, taking on all the negativity. Its breakdown is caused by the fact that someone tried to damage it or make fun of it. The well-being of the family is threatened by a lover. If the marriage does not break up, the spouses will have to go through a very difficult period.

  • When the wedding amulet has disappeared, it is not customary to look for it. There is a belief that this ornament saves its owner from sudden death by sacrificing himself.

  • Unnatural deformation of the rim is a signal that someone has become jealous of family happiness and well-being.

  • Losing a wedding ring is an ancient sign that is passed down from generation to generation. It means the quick death of one of the spouses.

Why does a man’s gold or silver wedding ring burst?

Special importance was attached to understanding why the ring breaks right on the finger, chips and cracks form on it. Even a simple chip or scratch can already tell a lot about the future event.

If a man has a wedding ring on his finger:

  • in the case of a couple in an official marriage, it indicates the betrayal of one of the spouses, not always the woman. Then you should pay attention to the husband’s behavior and identify difficulties in mutual understanding;

  • who are preparing for a wedding portends instability and inconsistency in relationships for lovers.

When the ring is completely torn, beyond repair and restoration, this indicates that soon there will be difficult times in the family with quarrels, arguments and scandals. Any attempts to establish a relationship will fail. Such a family is doomed to divorce.

According to ancient folk signs, a partially broken ornament warns of a person who found himself in the close circle of the family and became its main enemy. It is he who will start to bring disorder into a calm and measured life.

What does it mean that the wedding ring on the wife’s finger broke?

If the wedding ring on a woman’s finger is cracked from the outside, this negative energy affects the family from the outside. The decoration, protecting family well-being, broke.

To protect family bonds from bad thoughts, promises, wishes, immediately buy new jewelry.

If a microcrack has formed inside the product, this indicates protection against negative energy directed at it in the form of diseases, misfortune, evil spirits, damage from a specific person.

If the wife’s and husband’s wedding rings first turned black or bent, and then broke — to the emergence of problems of a personal nature, as well as women’s or men’s health.

When the stone unexpectedly fell out of the ring, there are two options for the development of events:

  • the stone is found. Then the jewelry should be immediately taken to the jewelry workshop so that a specialist can install it in place. This sign indicates that soon there will be changes in life, which will return only for the better.

  • the stone disappeared without a trace or cracked. Such decorations can be left at home. It must be replaced with a new ring, because it has already lost its power.

How to prevent a possible disaster in family relations due to damaged wedding rings

There are several options for how to get rid of a broken ring so that it does not cause negative consequences:

  • throw into a river with a fast current;

  • bury it away from roads so that other people cannot find it;

  • take it to a jewelry shop to be melted down to make a new piece of jewelry. Before putting the received ring on your finger for the first time, you need to hold it over a candle for a few minutes. This will help get rid of negative energy jewelry;

  • take to church or donate to charity.

To believe folk signs or not is your business. You should not take them too close to your heart, otherwise you will suffer from unnecessary thoughts and problems.

In any case, broken, cracked or darkened products cannot be worn! Such things not only stop protecting the owner, but also bring negative emotions, additional experiences, and a bad mood into his consciousness. This affects the state of a person and his health.

Wedding rings are the main guardians of marriage, so do not play into the hands of an unknown enemy, so as not to torment yourself and your significant other with suspicions. Quickly exchange jewelry, confirming to each other the strength of the marriage bond.

An important nuance: tradition requires not to break up the couple, leaving the entire old symbol of marriage to the wife, but to buy new ones for both. Let these rings, like a loving husband and wife, be inseparable!

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