Each person has his own individual style, which he emphasizes with various accessories. Not everyone can afford to wear gold jewelry with diamonds or silver with emeralds. But the main types of jewelry are affordable for everyone. They can be matched with different clothes. About what should be in the jewelry box — read on.

Why is it better to buy simple types of jewelry?


Jewelry for everyday life should be versatile and elegant. This makes them suitable for any outfit for any occasion.

Simple styles in costume jewelry involve the production of products with an inconspicuous and conservative design. They are decorated with colored stones in neutrals such as black, white, navy blue or shades of brown and timeless seasonal colors such as red, purple or yellow. These are jewelry of simple and versatile shapes, such as a circle, an oval, a square for every day and long chandelier earrings, which are worth wearing for special occasions.

What is the jewelry?

Now that you know what to look for when choosing accessories, let’s look at what types of jewelry are.

  1. Earrings of different shapes and sizes. Short earrings are fastened with sticks with a plug. Suspended — with the help of fasteners on pins, English and Italian. Earrings also include:

  • piercing — jewelry for punctures in different places on the body;

  • Clip-on earrings are the perfect decoration for people who can’t wear earrings.

  1. Chains are made of precious and other metals of various shapes and weaves, including: armor, singapore, ankir, figaro, cube, fox tail, saber, strand, bismarck, Byzantine, cardan, etc. Some models are worn with pendants. Women’s models are 30, 40, 45, 50, 60, 75 cm long, men’s — 50, 60, 75 cm.

  2. Necklaces — an independent decoration of the neckline:

  • models in the form of thicker chains in the form of large links, modules, thick weaves;

  • necklace made of pearls, beads, corals, amber, etc.,

  • wickerwork combined with soutache,

  • necklaces from a combination of straps with decorative elements.

4. Pendants with natural stones, pearls, beads, additional decorative elements are worn on bracelets, chains and necklaces.

5. Bracelets for Women and Men:

1. whole circles made of metals;

2. models consisting of links, using natural stones, pearls, beads, additional decorative elements;

3. flexible bracelets made with special rubber bands;

4. products in the form of combined repeating modules, which may additionally contain natural stones, pearls, beads, additional decorative elements.

Depending on the model, bracelets are worn on the wrists, on the shoulders or on the leg.

By appointment, they are:

  • everyday, daytime, cocktail, evening;

  • a bracelet with charms symbolizing various events. Each of the attached elements symbolizes something: a stroller — the birth of a child, a turtle — wealth, etc.

6. Rings for fingers and toes — solid, open, adjustable size, phalangeal, with stone inlay, engraving or enamel.

bijouterie rings

7. Brooches are an adornment worn by women and girls. It is attached to clothes with a pin. They are made of various metals, decorated with inserts of pearls, rhinestones, feathers, sparkles.

8. Cufflinks and clips are used by men and women to fasten the sleeves of a jacket or shirt, decorate a tie.

9. Tiaras, wreaths, crowns, tiaras are elegant headbands with inserts of stones and rhinestones. stone. They are used for celebrations and meetings.

10. Watches are jewelry with practical functions. Manufactured by:

  • wrist, pocket, jewelry watches in the form of pendants, in rings and bracelets;

  • classic quartz, mechanical;

  • sports smart watch with many additional built-in functions, such as a pedometer, a calorie counter, etc. It is highly durable and waterproof.

Now you know what jewelry is. Each of its types is made in a huge number of options. The most popular models are presented in the assortment of the Silvers online store catalog.

Go beyond the basics and gradually expand your collection to include more jewelry that reflects your personality.