A female image without accessories seems “naked” — no finishing touches, like a cake without icing and cherries. Well-chosen massive jewelry for the neck, ears and wrist can not only complement the outfit, emphasizing the dignity of the figure and enhancing skin tone, but also change the style. How to do it elegantly and aesthetically, we will tell in this article.

The main features of wearing massive jewelry and bijouterie in 2021

This year, all over the world, large women’s jewelry is in fashion — both long and short. Massive pearl necklaces in the form of chokers are combined with metal plates and clasps. Dense chains are in perfect harmony with a classic white blouse, jeans and a black jacket.

The summer set, consisting of earrings with large pearls and a bracelet with a motif of beach shells, is still in trend.

At the end of spring and summer, traditional large beads will become popular again, which, in combination with gold jewelry, give an excellent effect.

As before, massive astrological necklaces and earrings with stars, planets, especially the Moon, and zodiac signs are popular. Tassel and boho dream catcher earrings never go out of fashion.

How many large women’s neck jewelry can be worn at the same time?

The answer to this question is ambiguous. It depends on:

  • the size of individual elements of jewelry and other jewelry;
  • colors and textures of clothing (patterned, smooth, simple, evening);
  • the presence of other massively decorated accessories — shoes, handbag, belt, watch.

You can not concentrate too many decorations in one place. When wearing a massive bracelet with stones, do not wear a ring. When choosing a necklace, do not use dangling earrings. Depending on how the outfit looks, there can be from 1 to 4 jewelry. The safest option is 2 elements:

  • earrings and bracelet,
  • necklace and handbag,
  • shoes with buckles or a brooch and a ring.

If the image is based on an elegant black dress, classic black high-heeled shoes and a black handbag, you can safely wear massive jewelry around your neck, large openwork earrings, a necklace and a bracelet.

However, it is better to wear one solid color jewelry with a printed shirt and trousers in a rich color. If you go too far with jewelry, then in a massive shiny necklace, dangling earrings and a large hoop with crystals, your head will turn into a disco ball.

A combination of a bracelet and a massive watch is allowed. Watches should come to the fore here, so choose small bracelets on a thin chain. It is important that these accessories are made in the same style. If the watch is on a wide gold or silver strap, a bracelet with a cord, strap or hand-woven should be discarded. It is more suitable for watches on a leather strap, which has a less jewelry character. Conversely, massive bracelets made of precious stones or expensive metals will not look good with a sports watch or with a leather strap.

What massive women’s jewelry for the neck is better to choose — silver or gold, stones or pearls?

It is believed that silver is more suitable for cool types of beauty (winter, summer), and gold is more suitable for warm types (spring, autumn).

If your beauty type is:

  • spring (fair skin with warm undertones, blond, light red or light brown hair and blue or light green eyes), choose jewelry in gold, rose gold, brown and brass;
  • summer (fair skin with a cool undertone, platinum blonde, gray blonde, dark brown or black hair with cool tones, and gray or gray-blue or gray-green eyes), wear silver, platinum, steel and white gold;
  • autumn (golden complexion, often with warm freckles, red hair or with red or brown-red highlights, and green or hazel eyes), brown, gold or brass jewelry will do;
  • winter (very fair skin with a blue or pink tint, strong black hair, dark eyes), silver, platinum and white gold accessories are suitable.

The same goes for pearls. It comes in different shades — white, beige, grayish, pinkish. Once upon a time, a large pearl necklace and earrings with pearls were worn mainly by mature women, not combining with anything. But now, depending on the style of manufacture (elegant or casual) and shape, they will suit young girls, brides, middle-aged business ladies.

Large jewelry: what is better to wear silver and gold

Until recently, stylists unanimously insisted that the best combination is gold with gold and silver with silver. However, this rule is gradually becoming a thing of the past and the issue of combining these two metals is approached more liberally.

But this does not mean that there is complete freedom. Color selection does not affect the final decision. All items of jewelry must match in style. The more important the event, the less freedom in choosing accessories you can afford. A corporate gala dinner or a banquet is not a place for experiments, and originality is welcomed in a photo of a meeting with friends or from an incendiary party.

How to wear large earrings

Stylists recommend choosing such jewelry so that their shape is opposite to the shape of the face.

  • Round face (the same length and width, low forehead and protruding cheeks) will appear even more round if you wear hoop earrings or balls, a circle-shaped necklace, clothes with a round neckline. Ideal for optical reduction and lengthening — large triangular earrings, a simple long necklace and a V-neck blouse, dress or jumper. Suspended, rectangular, square, as well as models of earrings with a characteristic sharp shape are acceptable.
  • triangular face (broad forehead, sharp chin and pronounced cheeks), on the contrary, it is better to round off with jewelry that will expand the lower part of the face and give it a more regular shape. It is necessary to give preference to the most expressive, geometrically sharp forms. Choose earrings with dangles, in which the most massive element will be at the level of the chin and will draw attention to this place, making the face visually wider. Avoid dangling earrings, which will make your face look even longer and slimmer, out of proportion.
  • square (clearly defined cheekbones, wide jaw and forehead) — looks bad in hanging massive earrings of clear geometric shapes, ending at the level of the chin. They will make it bigger and wider. Regarding what to wear with large round earrings ending above the jawline, diamond-shaped necklines, tie-shaped necklaces and angular pendants should be avoided.
  • For an oval face (it is as proportional as possible) the easiest way to choose jewelry, neckline and glasses. Large geometric jewelry will draw attention to the correct features of the face. In this case, most accessories are suitable, except for drop-shaped or egg-shaped earrings and glasses, as well as dangling earrings that end below the level of the chin. The face in them may seem too long, because they optically break the ideal proportions.

What to wear with large women’s jewelry, correctly combining colors

Massive gold jewelry around the neck will look best when worn with something from warm shades. Earrings, bracelet, necklace or ring in this metal go well with red, yellow and orange, as well as with rich plum, garnet or ruby ​​color. Do not wear gold jewelry with a white shirt or dress. This metal pairs much better with creamy white or beige.

Cold-colored clothes are more suitable with silver jewelry with precious, semi-precious and Swarovski stones, not only blue, turquoise, purple or green, but also pastel and basic colors — black, white and gray.

What to wear with a massive necklace?

  1. With an evening dress with a straight neckline. To optically lengthen your neck, wear a necklace with shining elements that reaches the chest. Avoid thin, tiny pendants and petite chains. This type of jewelry is too casual and inexpressive, it does not match the evening character of the dress.
  2. With an asymmetrical neckline, which is in fashion this season. Not only because it will help to change the proportions of the figure (optically reduces too massive shoulders). A voluminous necklace in the form of an open hoop, beads, a double chain with an asymmetric cut pendant give the image femininity and elegance. Avoid baroque round shapes and pendants ending below the bust line, which can break the proportions of the figure.
  3. With a turtleneck collar that suits girls and women with a long neck. The material from which the clothes are sewn is the background for decoration. If your neck is too long, put on a massive XL necklace with an ethnic-style pendant. This will optically shorten it and give the image a completely new character. Avoid overly decorated jewelry. They are getting old.
  4. With a sharp V-neckline. This solution is for women with small breasts. For a V-neck, you should choose a necklace with shiny elements that will match its shape. Such decoration will give the image a festive and sensual character. It is important that the necklace does not get between the breasts and does not hide under the clothes.
  5. With boat neckline. It is very versatile, suitable for both casual and evening wear. A short necklace made of a chain or crystals will add lightness to the figure, emphasize a slender neck and illuminate the face. If the neckline is decorative, the necklace should be straight. Avoid a large pendant on a long chain — it will break the proportions based on horizontal lines and optically add a few kilograms.
  6. With shirt collar. The style of a strict blouse is best contrasted with openwork chains with crystal pendants. They will add elegance to a formal look. Avoid too long pendants that can disappear under the fabric of your shirt and too large intricately shaped necklaces.

Now you know what to wear with a large necklace, earrings, rings, watches and bracelets. You can make an individual set of jewelry and make your look more stylish and complete.