Valentine’s Day is a holiday that has become part of Ukrainian traditions forever. Each couple celebrates it in a special way. Lovers spend romantic dates, go to the movies and give each other gifts. Usually these are silver jewelry, because not everyone can afford gold. What products are the most hit on this day?

give a girl a gift for valentine's day

Think about what kind of accessories your girlfriend wears. Whether she likes the minimalistic design that she uses to highlight her outfit, or the richer decorative elements that often draw attention to themselves. If you do not take into account its taste, then, at best, you will see this decoration once every few years, at worst, you will only hear a polite “thank you” and never see it at all.

If you already know what design your woman likes, consider what type of jewelry she would like the most.

Men give their chosen ones, who love delicate silver jewelry, pandora bracelets with beautiful pendants. Every girl will be happy to wear such products on her wrist. Pendants that tell about feelings and desires are a chic idea of ​​what to give for Valentine’s Day. They can be in the shape of a heart, a rose, or other love motifs. Moreover, they do not have to be associated with feelings, but also with the interests of the beloved. So a man can show that he knows that his lady of the heart is interested in fashion, travel or sports, wants to write a book or get a cat.

Many women appreciate the classics above all else. Then simple silver hoop bracelets without any pendants or with minimal decoration will suit them. You can always wear them to work, meeting with friends or with an evening dress.

The choice of such a classic product avoids the mismatch of jewelry with the expectations and preferences of a loved one. This is what men are most afraid of at the beginning of a relationship, when they still do not know exactly the taste of their beloved.

Another worthy option for what to give a girl for Valentine’s Day is a necklace with a pendant. It consists of a thin or openwork chain, complemented by a silver pendant. Such a product gives charm to every woman, regardless of age. Most popular pendants:

  • the symbol of infinity is associated with eternal love and unquenchable feelings;

  • the heart can take a simple or decorative shape. The double heart symbolizes the meeting of two kindred souls. The open heart shaped pendant is designed to accommodate a photograph;

  • the key shows the transition from one stage of the relationship to another. By giving such an ornament, a man shows that he trusts the chosen one with the key to his heart.

This list can be continued for a very long time.

Captions — beautiful quotes or names — are also popular. The classic is love in English — Love. This silver jewelry is ideal for confessing deeply hidden feelings to a loved one or making a marriage proposal.

Another traditional gift idea for Valentine’s Day is silver earrings, which come in a variety of designs and shapes. However, they are given only if they know that a girl or woman has pierced ears, she definitely wears earrings. Be sure to consider their length and dimensions. Dangling earrings are noticeable, but not every woman is a fan of them. Smaller, thinner earrings may be safer. The main thing is that they fit the style.

The ring is considered a risky gift. When purchasing it for his chosen one, a man needs to make sure that the choice is correct. Otherwise, instead of delight, the opposite effect will be disappointment if it is a product with a simple design without any frills.

The winning option is jewelry sets made in the same style:

  • silver earrings with pendant,

  • necklace with bracelet,

  • earrings with a silver bracelet in jewelry stores.

Such sets of silver jewelry will make a woman ideally prepared for any event.

valentines day gift for man

Jewelry and accessories are also a good idea for what to give a man for Valentine’s Day. If your favorite jewelry is a basic addition to styling, this gift will surely please him.

Superstition says that you should not give your loved one a watch, because it will count down the time left before parting. But such a gift is practical and often included in the men’s wardrobe. Women will not refuse him either. They make many models of beautiful watches with decorative zircons, which look very beautiful and elegant.

Among what to give a guy for Valentine’s Day, there are options such as men’s silver bracelets and necklaces with themed pendants. They are suitable for almost any everyday outfit.

Unlike women’s jewelry, which immediately attracts attention, men’s jewelry should not be too big. They are usually hidden under a shirt or T-shirt or combined with a watch, creating a harmonious duet with them.

If a man does not like to wear jewelry on his wrist, then you can give him a pendant, necklace, trouser chain or cufflinks.

The jewelry you plan to give your husband or wife for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive. Do not forget that the most important thing on this day is attention and sincere emotions. This is what will make both the holiday and the gift unforgettable.

Thanks to these recommendations and our promotions, when you place an order, you will make a successful purchase.