Heartfelt Mother’s Day Gifts: Pandora Jewelry Collection 2016

Every year, Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world every second Sunday in May. In 2018, this spiritual holiday falls on May 13th. But, you can pick up a gift for mom today. On such a beautiful day, it is customary to surround all mothers with care, give poems, flowers and gifts. If you want to give an unforgettable gift, surprise and please at the same time, buy a Pandora jewelry from the 2016 collection.

Pandora Jewelry for Mother’s Day

Jewelry brand Pandora has never been indifferent to symbolic holidays. And Mother’s Day was no exception. The collection, which was released in 2016, has a unique style in every accessory. Incredible details, the design of which is filled with boundless tenderness and love. Words-symbols of family traditions, kinship and love adorn beautiful pendants and charms. The master tried to make each accessory perfect. Despite the symbolism, the jewelry, as always, turned out in the traditional spirit of the brand. Therefore, they are in perfect harmony with other models from previous collections.

Pandora charms and pendants on a bracelet from the Mother's Day collection

Variety of the Pandora 2016 Collection

Despite the fact that most of the collection is dedicated to Mother’s Day, there are models with a neutral design among the jewelry. For example, charms with bows, in the form of cupcakes or hearts. Therefore, you can choose a gift in honor of another holiday or significant date. It is also easy to give to a young girl as a symbol of friendship and sympathy. Definitely, every beautiful lady will like such a surprise. The jewelry collection is unique in its own way. There are among them those that are decorated with shining cubic zirconia stones of different sizes. Others combine compositions of silver with gold. And the duet of delicate pink enamel with classic silver is completely enchanting.

Cupcake - from the Pandora Mother's Day collection

Amazing Pandora bracelet — a symbol of family ties

An elegant model of the Pandora bracelet, which became a bestseller in the 2016 collection. Simple, but at the same time delicate design has become the object of dreams of many fashionistas. It is he who becomes the family collection of memorable memories. The name of the bracelet “Family Forever” speaks for itself. The bracelet is made of silver. Small heart shaped clasp. You can decorate the Pandora bracelet with charms and pendants from any collection. Of course, you can give accessories from this series not only to mom. They will be a wonderful gift for a sister, aunt, girlfriend, wife or girlfriend. All jewelry is a jewelry symbol of happiness, family well-being, respect, fidelity and friendship. In Pandora’s own collection of jewelry, Murano glass, enamel and cubic zirconia themed charms will be a good accent. They will harmoniously complement any bracelets, charms and pendants.

Bracelet Family Forever Pandora

Gift - Pandora Jewelry

We buy Pandora jewelry in the Fragola store

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