If your dear and beloved girl turns 10, 16, 25 or 50 (the number is not important in principle), wish her a happy birthday with a Pandora gift that she can wear every day. Find the perfect present for her on this bright and joyful day among exquisite handmade jewelry: pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings.

What to give for a birthday?

How to choose?

First of all, it is necessary to focus on the age and preferences of the person. A pendant with an anniversary date (“18th”, “25th”, “50th”, etc.) will be relevant. For mom, you can pick up the decoration “Mother’s Heart” or “Mom and Son / Daughter”.

Charms denoting her hobbies will tell you how well you know the birthday girl (“Artist’s Set”, “Cute Puppy”, charm in the form of a camera “Sentimental Shot, etc.).

For younger ladies, Disney charms with their favorite characters are ideal.

Thematic charms in the form of beads or pendants (“Happy Birthday”) will not leave indifferent birthday people of all ages.

With over 600 pendants and beads to choose from, there’s sure to be a perfect birthday present.

What to give for a birthday?

Jewelry for the 18th anniversary

This milestone is the gateway to adulthood, the year of new beginnings.

At this age, most girls and guys are already old enough to appreciate the fine jewelry and not lose it in the future. Here are some gift ideas.

When choosing a piece of jewelry, keep in mind its unique sense of style, which is likely to be different from yours.

  1. Her first diamond
    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and turning 18 is the perfect chance to celebrate coming of age with a sparkly accessory. Give her a pair of beautiful diamond earrings or a ring with a small diamond insert.
  2. Gems
    It’s always a good idea. Don’t know which one to choose? Look at her eyes.
  3. Something simple and unique
    If your budget is somewhat limited, give Pandora charms, they are quite affordable. In addition, with their help, you can encrypt a whole message for this significant day. Pay attention to the bracelet or necklace from the Pandora Rose or Pandora Shine series.
  4. Charm and inspiration
    If a girl already wears such a bracelet, the search for gifts will become even easier. Gift the “18” charm pendant to complement her favorite accessory.
  5. Big and bright
    Does your birthday girl like to express herself loudly? Give her bright jewelry. From glamorous gemstone rings to bold, eye-catching pendants. Let her be confident in the style of adulthood.
What to give for a birthday?

Four reasons to choose Pandora jewelry as a gift (male look)

  1. Pandora charms are not that expensive. Of course, they are somewhat more expensive than regular jewelry or a bottle of cheap perfume, but much more affordable than a Prada branded bag or Tiffany necklace with a price range of up to $1,000. For an ordinary working person, Pandora pendants are quite affordable.
  2. Pendants are easy to carry. According to buyers, the charms are very compact and easily transported in a paper bag or box. Unlike a large vase, a huge bear or a computer desk. It doesn’t take much physical effort to deliver a gift.
  3. Charms make the process of buying gifts less onerous. Unlike shopping for bags, dresses, and other accessories, all you have to do is visit one store and make a purchase. Takes less than 30 minutes if you are an indecisive person.
  4. The opportunity to express your feelings. In such a gift, you can invest your emotions and feelings. After all, each bead necessarily symbolizes something, unlike faceless and monotonous bags, phones and other things.

Fragola Jewelry Store is proud to be able to offer a wide range of Pandora jewelry, which includes everything from their world-famous bracelets and pendants to the brand’s beautiful rings. We have the latest collections so you can surprise your loved one or treat yourself to brand new fashionable and incredibly stylish accessories.

Frequently asked Questions

⏩ Can I order Pandora jewelry with home delivery?

Yes, you can. For an additional fee, the Nova Poshta courier will deliver your order to the specified address.

⏩ Can I give Pandora charms and bracelets to children?

Since the pendants are quite small, it is not advisable to wear them to children under 3 in order to avoid getting small parts into the respiratory tract. There are no more restrictions.

⏩ Can I return the product?

Return is possible in case of a manufacturing defect or inconsistency of the appearance of the jewelry with the declared one.

⏩ Can I order branded gift wrapping?

Yes, you can order jewelry packaged in a branded bag or gift box (for an additional fee).