A ring is more than just a piece of jewelry. It is a symbol of endless love, happiness, loyalty and family well-being. In Ukraine, as in many countries of the world, it is traditionally worn without taking it off, with the exception of divorce or death. But sometimes these products are lost. How to find them on the street and at home — let’s figure it out.

What can the loss of a ring indicate?

lost ring

According to folk omens, if a man has lost a ring, this is a bad omen. Such a signal may mean that:

  • do not rush with an upcoming important event. During it, a significant event may occur, which will affect relationships in the family or in the work team;

  • the wrong choice of chosen one or job was made;

  • cheating on the wife or vice versa is possible soon;

  • probable long separation from a loved one.

If a woman lost a ring, then:

  • soon the family will be destroyed because of her;

  • happiness will not be with the man who gave this ornament, but with another person;

  • the married couple’s health and well-being will deteriorate.

How to find the house ring?

The main advice is not to panic and remember all possible bad omens. To begin with, you need to calm down and gain patience.

It’s much easier to figure out how to find a ring when you’re calm than when you’re nervous and stressed.

Check yourself. It sounds silly, but sometimes we can forget that the ring is still on your finger or accidentally put it in the pocket of a shirt, robe, apron, in a sideboard, in a jewelry box.

Practice shows that in 60% of cases you lose a house ring and soon remember how to find it. Sometimes you just need to do a little cleaning, even under tables and sofas.

It is necessary to remember where this ornament was taken off and left it, and to quickly find the missing piece. For this, it is better to switch to other things for half an hour. And then go around the entire apartment once again and look around the entire surrounding space with a fresh look.

Think about the last time you saw jewelry on your finger. Suddenly, it was removed specifically before cooking, washing dishes, taking a bath or washing by hand. Sometimes a ring can be accidentally found even in a freezer, refrigerator or trash can.

Suddenly it went behind a closet or a bedside table. You can get it with a flashlight.

If there are impurities of other metals in gold or silver, such products react to a magnet — they are attracted to it. This is a convenient way to find a ring in the snow, in the sand, and not only at home.

If there are pets, watch their behavior. Sometimes a cat or a dog can help with the search — find a piece of jewelry, look at its shine and try to move it with a paw.

If the jewelry is expensive, then the last way to find a lost wedding ring at home is to rent a metal detector. It must be set up exclusively to search for precious metals, otherwise it will respond with a shrill squeal to all plumbing and household appliances. There is such a service by calling a specialist with a metal detector or renting a device.

How to quickly find a lost ring on the street?

find the lost ring

Before you start searching on the street, remember when, that is, at what time, the ring was on your finger for the last time.

Look in your pockets, bag or purse.

Ask your friends or those who were with you. Search with them on the bench where they sat in the park, near the trees.

If you are driving, search your vehicle. All of a sudden, the ornament fell, got behind their seat or under the rug, and was lying in the mud.

Go to the toilet and take off your clothes. Also check the pockets of your jacket or coat. There is a small chance that the ring is stuck somewhere under the lining.

If you have long hair, take a close look at your hairstyle and let your hair down.

Make a list of the places you have been in the city — in which buildings, shops, on the summer terrace of a cafe. Go there to ask the cleaning lady to find and return for a small fee. She surely knows how to find a lost ring in the grass, on the ground.

If the product drowned on the private beach in the pool, inform the administration of the facility. She will involve specialists who know how to find the ring in the water while cleaning the drains. In a river, lake or sea, the ring can sometimes be found at the bottom if it is shallow or there is an opportunity to dive with scuba.

If you know for sure that the jewel is expensive and it was stolen, write a report about its disappearance to the police.

Finding a lost ring is a good sign that portends profit and good luck in your endeavors. He says that fate has saved you from some danger or trouble. But if you haven’t found it, don’t worry. Because of this, the stamp in the passport will not disappear. So, it was necessary.

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