Jewelry is a great idea of ​​what kind of jewelry to give a girl for any occasion and for any occasion. Often there are problems with their choice. However, there are proven solutions that will delight every woman, regardless of age. They will work perfectly every day, they will become a delicate, but noticeable highlight of beauty. Silver jewelry is suitable for this role.

Unlike gold ones, they are intended not only for large and important events. It is about them that will be discussed in this article.

What to give a girl from jewelry?

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There are many types of jewelry. They can be chosen for different tastes of women and changing moods.

A versatile option, a classic pattern that will look great paired with the timeless elegance of clothing.

If a woman does not like earrings, then you can choose what will adorn her wrist. Elegant silver bracelets are an offer that even the most demanding woman will surely like. This is a great decoration that allows you to draw attention to your hands and even visually lose weight.

Pay attention to what jewelry the girl wears and whether she wears them at all. Unless she has pierced ears, then buying earrings would be a very bad idea.

If she doesn’t wear rings because she finds them uncomfortable, then this type of jewelry won’t be the best choice.

What color to choose jewelry for a girl?

When choosing jewelry, you should consider the color scheme. All women have different preferences regarding the color of jewelry and what they wear every day.

If you have a lot of warm and bright colors in your wardrobe, then the best choice in this case would be to buy products with yellow and brown stones, such as cetrine and amber.

If you wear white, gray, pastel shades, bet on silver or white gold.

However, wardrobe colors are not everything. If you are looking for a gift for a girl who does not wear jewelry, a man should pay attention to what accessories she uses:

  • buckles,

  • what color is the watch face

  • what kind of hair clips, etc.

If these accessories contain silver elements, then you should look for silver or white gold.

How to choose jewelry for a girl in style?

Stylization of the image plays a very important role when choosing jewelry for a particular girl as a gift. If you want donated accessories not to be worn only once a year — for any special occasion, then it is better to consider what style a woman prefers every day.

For those who love fashion and are not afraid to experiment, it is worth choosing a large necklace that catches the eye, or non-traditional earrings with an original shape, with colored stone inserts or interesting geometric, floral or even animal motifs.

A delicate chain perfectly emphasizes the classic style. Adding a silver pendant to it makes the gift personal.

Comfortable bracelets will not interfere with daily activities. They emphasize the sporty style.

As for lovers of retro style, boho or ethnic styling:

  • girls who like to dress in rock style will surely be pleased with large black leather bracelets or chokers with interesting pendants;

  • adherents of ethnic style will appreciate necklaces made of amber, pearls or bracelets adorned with these stones. Here you should focus on natural materials and warm colors.

What size jewelry to give a girl?

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Being engaged in the choice of style, color and type of jewelry, many people often forget that almost every jewelry has its own size. After all, there is nothing worse than a beautiful gift that cannot be worn and must either be fixed or returned. Because of this, you can hate the giver.

This is especially true of the ring, which is very difficult to choose correctly. Sometimes it happens that a ring fits on one finger, but the girl wants to wear such an ornament on her little finger.

The safer option here would be bracelets once most models are customizable, allowing you to easily tailor them to your needs. The size of the necklace can also be adjusted in most cases.

Earrings in practice are very problematic when choosing. The first difficulty here is choosing the right type. The most versatile and convenient are carnations. But not all women like such delicate jewelry.

Long dangling earrings are more showy but less practical.

The shape of the earrings greatly affects how the face looks. If it is properly chosen, it can soften facial features or reduce it. The wrong choice can also distort the proportions of appearance and physique.

The main advice for men who decide to buy earrings for a girl is to look at what jewelry she wears and choose a similar one in color and design. You won’t guess right.

But do not forget about the quality of products. It depends on how satisfied the future owner will be with the gift and how long it will retain its original appearance.

If your budget is limited, it is better to choose something small but expensive than large but cheap items.

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