Jewelry is a great addition to the female image, an expression of style, taste and aesthetics. Each woman is individual and unique, so accessories should be properly selected according to the type of appearance, character, figure or style of clothing.

In addition to beauty, jewelry stones have therapeutic and esoteric activity, which should also be considered when choosing costume jewelry, regardless of whether it is handmade or factory-made.

What natural stones are used in jewelry?

jewelry with stones

Natural gems are minerals that have been formed over millennia in three types of rocks:

  • igneous,

  • sedimentary,

  • metamorphic.

Theoretically, these are self-generating substances of organic origin with a strictly defined chemical composition and physical properties. In nature, they are very rare in nature, in certain places, therefore they are very valuable.

  • Agate has a positive effect on the psyche, helps to strengthen self-esteem, balance emotions and relieve stress.

  • Aquamarine has a calming effect, increases self-confidence and improves mood.

  • Amethyst strengthens the mind and helps to focus. People who wear amethyst jewelry always feel safe and calm.

  • Amber prevents headaches and strengthens the thyroid when worn around the neck.

  • Coral adds energy, stimulates and revitalizes, balances the heart, positively affects the clarity of thinking, strengthens strength. In many cultures, it is considered a talisman that protects against spells and evil eyes, from disease and betrayal.

  • Quartz stimulates fertility, strengthens the heart, kidneys, and calms.

  • Rose quartz is a stone of a strong heart.

  • Onyx — a stone of peace of mind, adds energy and self-confidence, courage.

  • Opal gives a sense of humor, gives vitality, strength and wisdom.

  • Mother-of-pearl with constant wear stimulates metabolic and body cleansing processes.

  • Ruby cleanses the blood, which is good for both the liver and the brain. This mineral energizes the body.

  • Emerald relieves nervous tension and lowers high blood pressure.

  • Topaz is a stone of youth, gives strength to the heart, helps with depression and insomnia. It brings us more light and satisfaction from life, increases concentration and willpower.

Artificial stones in jewelry

jewelry with stones

Initially, synthetic stones were even more expensive than natural ones, due to the complex manufacturing technology, pure, pleasant and rich colors.

The synthesis of corundum, from which rubies and sapphires are made, was developed back in the 19th century. This technology developed rapidly, thanks to which man was able to grow stones for jewelry of various types.

Today there is no such precious mineral, a copy of which would be impossible to create.

Which stones are used in jewelry — natural or artificial — can only be seen by a specialist through a magnifying glass or microscope, and even then not always.

Unlike artificial ones, natural minerals do not contain air bubbles, various inclusions, that is, elements of other minerals that give the products an additional charm.

Synthetic stones in jewelry — names that have no analogues in nature

Zirconia, cubic zirconia or moissanite are the finest imitations of diamonds ever made. Due to the similarity in appearance with precious minerals, they can qualify for a group of jewelry stones. However, their chemical composition and physical properties are completely different.

Multi-colored Swarovski crystals, made from special glass, can imitate various natural stones — turquoise, pearls, rubies, emeralds, topazes and sapphires.

The main advantage of natural gemstone jewelry is its investment value. But due to the fact that synthetic stones are currently being produced on a large scale, jewelry with an analogue of your favorite natural mineral is affordable for everyone.