Crystals, gems and minerals have fascinated people for centuries. Beliefs say that they have protective properties and abilities that support the human mind, and jewelry with them is a personal amulet, taking into account the zodiac features.

The right stone will help:

  • to enjoy life;
  • fight your weaknesses
  • maintain harmony between positive and negative qualities;
  • maintain serenity and clarity of mind;
  • control temperament without changing the natural character.

Which mineral is better to choose? Stones and signs of the zodiac — what exactly is this interdependence? We explain on the example of a stone of the sign of the zodiac horoscope of Cancer — people born from June 22 to July 22. Their planet is the Moon. Element — Water.

What stones are suitable for Cancers

Minerals that the human body absorbs upon contact with the skin are able to concentrate energy. They act on a subtle invisible energy field, to which the spirit, body and mind are constantly responding. They adapt to energy fields and fill various gaps in the aura. Some stones for Cancer help his mind to relax, others to open his heart.

These people can wear jewelry with any natural and artificial inserts, except:

  • grenade;
  • topaz;
  • malachite;
  • obsidian;
  • the zircon.

Features of the choice of precious stones according to the horoscope of the sign Cancer

Those born under this zodiac sign are very sensitive, which affects their lives in two ways. High spiritual sensitivity makes Cancer perceive the world through feelings. He is open to the world of fantasies, dreams, intuition and other signals coming from the subconscious. Like no one else, he knows how to empathize with nature and the needs of other people. Sensitivity and empathy make him soft and vulnerable, hence the frequent spiritual dilemmas and flight into the fantasy world.

Cancers are usually eccentric and gentle, in a short time they can win the sympathy of others, because they are sociable and communicative. They willingly intervene in various matters, believing that nothing important should happen without their participation. Ready to take care of others. Their caring nature and often overprotective nature can be very difficult or exhausting for those around them.

Such people have a great talent for artistic creativity due to their rich imagination and extraordinary fantasy.

To reach their full potential, Cancers need a welcoming environment. The hostile environment is extremely toxic to them. They have a hard time with rejection and disappointment because they are sincere and deeply involved in every relationship. Family and home are very important to Cancer, as they are his refuge and place of rebirth. Cancer exemplary takes care of the house and family. He is unwavering in his devotion, although he constantly fears that he will be abandoned.

Builds strong and long-term relationships, afraid of changes in life.

Astrologers recommend that Cancers carry a coral talisman with them: this stone improves a person’s ability to adapt to change. For those who worry about the past and are afraid of future developments, opal is more suitable. It supports vitality and prevents mood swings.

Semi Precious Stones for Cancer

Each mineral has a specific effect:

  • an adventurer — stone-amulet and amulet — soothes the fears of Cancer, changes his life for the better;
  • chalcedony brings peace of mind, suppresses anger;
  • chrysoprase enhances clarity of thought;
  • chromium diopside brings stability and peace to life;
  • cheerfulness promotes spiritual development and awakens creativity;
  • jadeite balances and harmonizes the emotional side of life. Gives peace and directs the sensitivity to the perception of beauty. Brings happiness and joy, strengthens friendships;
  • jasper enhances the sense of reality and perseverance. Develops empathy and willingness to selflessly help and care for other people;
  • striped (faceted) flint gives optimism.

Top Gems for Cancer

  • Moonstone guides Cancer to the aspect of creation. Thanks to its gentle vibrations, which correspond to affectivity and sensitivity, it helps to remove petrified emotional structures. It harmonizes the emotional life and deepens intuition.
  • Emerald — this is the main stone according to the zodiac horoscope of Cancer. It supports wisdom and inner awareness. The constant wearing of jewelry with emeralds increases the sensitivity of intuition, has a regenerating and healing effect on the body. It gives a person energy and strength.
  • Diamond— a precious stone that gives Cancers self-confidence and their beauty.
  • Pearl adds faith in yourself and what will happen in the future.
  • Rubin improves and strengthens interpersonal relationships.

Distribution of Cancer stones by date and year of birth

  • June 21–July 1. People who are born in the first decade of the patronage of this sign are kind, sensitive and extremely emotional. For this they are loved by relatives and friends. Their lucky stones: amethyst, rock crystal, aquamarine, all kinds of jasper, selenite.
  • July 2–July 11. These people are characterized by practicality, curiosity and a business streak with a touch of cynicism. They seek to understand how the universe works. In the horoscope, they correspond to: light blue turquoise, sardonyx chalcedony, heliotrope, bluish pearls, chrysoprase.
  • July 12–22. These are unusual creative personalities. Stones that suit these Cancers: tourmaline, aquamarine, ruby, beryl.

Which stone is at the sign of Cancer, depending on the year of birth according to the eastern horoscope:

  1. Rat. Emerald attracts money, attracts new opportunities, acquaintances and friends.
  2. Bull. Heliotrope (blood jasper) protects against stress.
  3. Tiger. Greenish yellow chrysoberyl (cat’s eye) is a universal guardian, amber is a catalyst for inspiration.
  4. Rabbit (Cat). Onyx enhances leadership qualities, carnelian (carnelian) gives courage in new endeavors.
  5. The Dragon. Blue sapphire strengthens memory, promotes the adoption of informed and subsequently successful decisions.
  6. Snake. Wearing rock crystal jewelry strengthens both spiritually and physically.
  7. Horse. Reduce the negativity emitted by the environment, reduce amethyst from anxiety.
  8. Goat. Aquamarine will protect against deception and normalize the activity of the nervous system.
  9. A monkey. Emerald will create financial well-being, and jasper will improve health.
  10. Rooster. Beryl will make others respect the owner of the jewelry and take into account his opinion. The gem brings peace and prosperity to his family.
  11. Dog. Wearing a moonstone enhances intuition.
  12. Pig. Pearl helps to find the second half, opal neutralizes unnecessary emotions.

Which stone should be chosen as a talisman for Cancer women?

Astrologers believe that the following stones are the best talismans for Cancer women:

  • chalcedony (quartz) gives a special charm. A ring with a quartz insert will protect you from sudden outbursts of anger or bring you out of a state of melancholy. It will give the girl the ability to attract the attention of a man she likes and conquer her lover;
  • pearls in a silver frame normalizes the emotional sphere, promotes mental balance;
  • amethyst will become a source of strength and inspiration to promote a business project. A ring with him is an attribute that brings good luck;
  • flows suitable for Cancer women only in the form of beads or pendants. Accessories with it make the owner confident and bold;
  • blue turquoise in a light pendant, small beads and bracelets attracts money;
  • an adventurer — a talisman for women suffering from depression. Relieves anxiety and helps to look at the world more cheerfully;
  • aquamarine maintains mental balance;
  • emerald in gold gives optimism;
  • young in any accessory will help a woman eliminate life’s obstacles.

Stones for the sign of Cancer men

  • carnelian (carnelian) allows you to forget about the past and focus on action. Promotes creative expression of thoughts and feelings in shy men.
  • Aventurine helps to calm the inner voice of self-criticism and is a source of creative inspiration. Removes inner turmoil, gives peace of mind. It is a heart chakra stone. It gives good luck to the one who constantly wears it.
  • Jasper strengthens his perseverance and sense of reality. He is responsible for a strong will. Gives energy in both the physical and mental spheres. Especially recommended for people who want to recuperate after illness or surgery.
  • Coral gives a sense of security and stability. Affects the ability to adapt to changing living conditions. It symbolizes the joy of life and helps to see its good sides. White coral is associated with relaxation, love of nature and emotional balance. Pink — with love, friendship and a sense of community. Red — enhances creativity, passion, romantic love, optimism and enthusiasm. Black — gives peace of mind and relief, and also absorbs negative energies.
  • Jadeite has a balancing and calming effect. Makes a person more open to other people. Helps cleanse the body of toxins. It strengthens the overall immunity of the body, the work of the heart, spleen and thymus. Increases fertility and libido in men.
  • Chalcedon helps to preserve the purity of the heart so that it can be a transmitter of forces emanating from nature. Strengthens internal balance, gives vitality and endurance. This stone is attached to the throat chakra, so it helps with all its ailments and colds. It is also indispensable for eye diseases and minor bleeding. This stone also protects travelers from the dangers that await them. It promotes interpersonal communication and calms impulsiveness.
  • Opal gives vitality, allows you to enjoy the various manifestations of life. Strengthens love, loyalty, trust and emotional expression, creativity and originality.
  • Moonstone harmonizes emotional life, allowing you to share the richness of his feelings and draw strength from them. This sharpens intuition, helps to understand your desires and dreams.

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