The life of curvaceous women is not easy. For many years, the well-established canon of extreme harmony with ideal shapes and proportions has been heard. However, this has changed a bit lately. People began to appreciate the beauty of XXL models, their femininity and sex appeal. After all, it is not the size that determines the attractiveness of a woman, but how she looks, moves and what style she has.

Despite this, all owners of seductive roundness of the body are concerned about one burning question — how to visually emphasize the dignity of your figure and hide its flaws. Yes, with the right clothes, you can visually lose a few pounds. But few people realize that jewelry for women has a similar effect. Useful tips on how to choose them, we will share in this article.

General recommendations on how to choose jewelry for obese women

General recommendations on how to choose jewelry for obese women

Most curvaceous beauties believe that expensive jewelry can only be worn by fashion models with perfect shapes or celebrities, as these accessories attract a lot of attention. In fact, ladies in the body prefer elegant jewelry of traditional design. You can also experiment with modern trendy jewelry. The main condition is that they must fit into the image, complement it and place the right accents so that it looks expensive. When a woman has impeccable taste, she exudes luxury and sophistication, kilograms and centimeters on the waist and hips become an additional advantage instead of extra ones! Therefore, cheap Chinese jewelry for women in the body from the underpass or the wholesale market will not work. Even if funds are limited, you need to choose replicas — high-quality copies of models from well-known jewelry brands.

  1. Consider the ratio of body size and jewelry. Against the background of magnificent forms, too large silver jewelry for women will look just as ridiculous as very small ones. Thin chains, rings and earrings will be invisible, which will make the look boring. And massive products with wide inserts or stones will look rough, vulgar, and even hard to wear. To maintain balance, medium-sized accessories for obese women are needed.
  2. Pay attention to your build and physique. If you have naturally inherited beautiful graceful fingers, it is not a sin to emphasize them with a thin and elegant silver ring. The main thing is that jewelry for overweight women should be away from the problem area. If you are satisfied with the length of the neck or the shape of the hands, wear jewelry of any size, both large and small, on them.
  3. Do not abuse the amount of jewelry. Wearing everything at once is a bad idea. This will make the image overloaded, similar to a Christmas tree hung with toys, and even add a few kilograms. Ideally, you should use no more than 3 colors in clothes and cosmetics, no more than 3 accessories. But it should not be large jewelry for women, which gives the effect opposite to what is expected. One piece of jewelry should be prominent, while the rest should be subtle to complement it.
  4. Follow the rules of vertical lines. They stretch the silhouette of magnificent beauties and help them to build. Give preference to long necklaces for obese women, beads, chains with elongated pendants or pendants decorated with oblong stones.

What color is better to choose jewelry for obese women

When choosing jewelry accessories, color does not always play a decisive role. A universal solution, choosing which you definitely won’t go wrong, is such options as products in traditional black and white colors (items with a black and white pattern on enamel), laconic gold or silver, colorless transparent stones (models made of white gold with cubic zirkonia). Stylists insist that thanks to a restrained range, the likelihood of making a mistake is minimal. And how to choose and wear jewelry made of silver or gold with bright stones — you need to get used to this. Gems tend to attract attention, so they can accidentally emphasize not only the merits, but also the flaws of the figure. No one forbids playing with color, only you need to know the measure in everything. Products with bright stones are suitable for a plain black or gray dress — they will give the image a touch of completeness.

What color is better to choose jewelry for obese women

From theory to practice: choosing jewelry and bijouterie for obese women

Ideal neck jewelry for girls and women with appetizing shapes is a long falling necklace, a chain with a pendant or a necklace ending above or below the chest. These accessories will create vertical lines that will give your figure the desired slimness and even make you appear taller. It does not matter what kind of metal it will be — gold or silver, platinum or medical alloy. Decoration should not be too small: it will be lost on a magnificent body. To add zest to the image, bet on something original and bright.

  • If the figure of a woman resembles an hourglass or a pear, you should choose the longest possible chain with a pendant. It will help emphasize the presence of the waist.
  • If the main problem area is the stomach, too long, reaching the navel, neck jewelry will not work: they will only emphasize this imperfection of the figure. Models of medium length, which are selected taking into account the shape of the neckline, focus on the chest and neck.
  • For girls with large breasts, layered beads are suitable. The effect of visual weight loss is achieved due to different lengths of threads or chains. However, they should not be very thin. It is also important that the length of the first chain or thread is not more than 40 cm, this will emphasize the presence of a second chin. For this reason, Rubens beauties cannot wear chokers (necklaces).

From theory to practice: choosing jewelry and bijouterie for obese women

Even more problems for overweight women may arise with how to successfully choose a gold or silver ring.

Massive rings will not decorate, but rather spoil the whole look, because they look ridiculous and tasteless, even if the gem costs a fortune.

Variegated stones are appropriate only on graceful hands with long fingers, but it is desirable that they be of medium size.

To make the hand look as elegant as possible, the ring should be with an insert with an oblong stone. This is how the rule of vertical lines works: the correct geometry visually stretches the brush, then the fingers look thinner.

Small and thin rings for full fingers are not an option, because such decoration will not be visible against their background. Since there should be no more than 3 accessories in the image, in this case, a medium-sized ring is preferable.

Earrings for obese women, provided that the model is correctly selected, give their owners charm and grace. A win-win option is hanging earrings with a decorative part in the form of straight lines. Choosing such silver and gold earrings is one way to visually lengthen the neck. But you need to take into account the length of the suspension part. When the neck is short and massive, the accessory should hang slightly. If it ends at shoulder level, it will visually shorten the neck by a few centimeters.

Round-faced and round-cheeked ladies of a magnificent complexion have a taboo on congo earrings, because this round jewelry will further emphasize the roundness of the figure. In this case, you need to give preference to clear geometric and teardrop-shaped forms.

Small carnations or studs are also undesirable, because they will not only be lost against the background of a magnificent figure, but also visually increase the earlobe. An exception is the case when there are several holes in the ear — 2 or 3. Then hanging earrings are put into the main hole, and studs or small rings are put into the rest.

A bracelet is the only piece of jewelry that the owner of appetizing forms can completely rely on her taste and not follow the rules. Despite the absence of strict requirements for the selection of such an accessory, elegant models that playfully fall on the wrist are preferable. They will make the brush graceful and emphasize the beauty of well-groomed hands. Delicate bracelets with a discreet ornament will add a touch of lightness and ephemerality to the image. They will look good with a short sleeve blouse, creating the effect of slimming the arms.

Silver brooches are experiencing a real renaissance again. Once considered a grandmother’s attribute, today they have become a manifestation of retro, glamorous and vintage style. Pinned in the right place on a blouse, brooches will help achieve a very favorable visual effect. Lush ladies should first of all opt for simple, discreet brooches of medium size and natural shapes.

Now you know how to choose the right jewelry made of silver or gold with magnificent forms. It doesn’t matter what shape you are though. The main thing is to be able to correctly emphasize the dignity of your appearance with the help of accessories. The catalog of the Silvers online store has jewelry that can cope with this and other tasks of this kind. Choose, order with delivery throughout Ukraine — and you won’t regret it!