Pandora has become a world famous brand thanks to its original interpretation of charm bracelets, which quickly gained popularity around the world. Masterfully designed pendants have won special love from buyers in all corners of the earth.

What metals are Pandora jewelry made of?

PANDORA Materials

The reason for such popularity, in addition to the high skill of jewelers and designers, is the materials used.

The company offers a variety of contemporary handcrafted jewelry made primarily from natural materials, including sterling silver and 14k or 18k gold. In production, a lot of precious and semi-precious stones, artificial pearls are used to emphasize the beauty of products and add sophistication to gold and silver jewelry.

Jewelery in the Gold series is made from 14k yellow gold, while Pandora’s two-tone pieces are made from 14k yellow or rose gold and silver.

The highlight is the unique alloys of precious metals Pandora Shine and Pandora Rose, the production secret of which is kept in strict confidence. They are distinguished by special shades and brilliance, as well as durability.

Mysterious PANDORA Rose

Created using a unique blend of metals with pink undertones, the Pandora Rose collection quickly gained popularity for its beautiful, unique look and appeal. Products are available in many countries, including ours.

The mixture of metals consists mainly of copper and silver, and the pieces are plated with rose gold to prevent tarnishing and give them a warm pink sheen.

Jewelry from the Pandora Rose collection is represented by elegant pendants, rings, charms and bracelets, which have a romantic shade of rose gold.

How to care for jewelry from the collection?

These innovative products deserve special care, so follow these tips to keep them beautiful and happy for years to come.

Maintain a beautiful shine and unique finish by buffing with a soft cloth. Soak a cloth in warm water with a little mild soap and gently rub into the jewelry. Rinse with clean water and dry gently with a soft cloth.

If the jewelry is heavily soiled, then after applying the soap, wait 10-15 minutes. Do not use silver polishing liquids for polishing or ultrasonic cleaning.

PANDORA branded polishing cloths impregnated with a special compound are not suitable for PANDORA Rose products. Do not expose jewelry to harsh chemicals, perfumes, eau de toilette, hand lotions or creams, and be sure to remove them before bathing in the shower or pool.

Please note that the rich pink color may intensify over time due to tarnishing of the finish, adding a vintage appeal to the piece. This is normal and the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover this wear.

Where to buy and how to choose?

The Fragola company in Ukraine offers its customers a variety of pendants from various collections of the Pandora jewelry house. We strive to help you create your ideal look.

Add beautiful pink embellishments to your favorite bracelet or necklace with the wonderful options from the Pandora Rose Collection.

If you are looking for a gift for someone special in your life, a delicate heart charm would be a great choice. A sparkling cubic zirconia crystal or cubic zirconia inserts complete the look, adding elegance to any piece of jewelry.

For a more casual style, use traditional geometric shapes like wheels, hoops, barrels and more. They create a stunning yet minimalist design that can be enjoyed in any situation.

Pandora Rose is the perfect gift for your loved ones or a fashion statement for yourself.

What metals are Pandora jewelry made of?

Often asked:

⏩ Will my Pandora Rose jewelry lose its pink color over time?

Pandora Rose jewelry is plated with 14 carat rose gold. However, their main element is metal, which is a unique alloy of copper and silver with a pink tone. The coating is very durable, may fade over time. But the pink color does not disappear, but acquires a slightly different shade.

⏩ How to clean Pandora Rose charms?

Jewelry from this collection requires special care and exclusion of exposure to aggressive chemical components. More details about the cleaning process are described in the article above.

⏩ Will the Pandora Rose ring turn my finger green?

Since the alloy is rich in copper, some people may experience a green coating on the skin of their fingers. It is caused by a chemical reaction between acids in their skin and the metal of the jewelry, or a reaction between the metal and another substance on the hand, such as hand lotion or cream.