Men have long loved to adorn themselves with jewelry no less than women. These accessories testified to a high social status, victories in war, success in trade, outstanding merits in political and social activities. A great gift for men is jewelry. It does not matter whether it is an adult or a gentleman of mature or respectable age, or a young guy, everyone wants to look stylish and fashionable. Jewelry will be a great gift for him and a sign of the impeccable taste of a girl or woman. They will emphasize the importance of relationships and will become a wise investment contribution to the future well-being of the family and a kind of family history. What jewelry can be given to a man? Read this article to the end — and get some ideas for the upcoming holidays.

What to give a man from jewelry?

A gift to a man should be concise and expressive. If it’s hard to choose, find out what accessories he wears, what he already has, what material and what size.

The first thing to give a man from jewelry is a watch. Thanks to the variety of modern models and their multifunctionality, you can always find a model that meets the expectations of a lover of aesthetics and new technologies.

If the man for whom you are looking for a present appreciates style, elegance and cares about his image, cufflinks or a tie clip will be an ideal option. They will emphasize the official nature of the suit and the individuality of the owner. By choosing such jewelry as a gift for a man, you will not only emphasize his status, but also add seriousness and solidity to his image.

Depending on the amount you want to spend, as well as the preferences of the recipient, you can choose cufflinks made of gold or silver, decorated with rhinestones or mother-of-pearl. It is important to consider what events a man will wear them to. If in everyday life he prefers to wear a shirt, then the choice can be stopped at gold or silver cufflinks without stone inserts. If he uses accessories exclusively at business meetings, then cufflinks with cubic zirconia or small cubic zirconias are suitable.

A bracelet is a great jewelry idea for a guy if he is self-confident, likes to attract attention and emphasize his independence.

The classic product is suitable for any style:

  • to everyday

  • sports,

  • an elegant suit or jacket.

The bracelet can be worn next to the watch, which further emphasizes the individuality of the style, or on the wrist of the opposite hand. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a silver, gold or combined model. The combination of a leather belt with silver inserts looks great. This design gives more opportunities to make an original ornament or engraving than on metal.

You can also present a signet ring or a chain to a man.

The advantage of the chain is that you can also choose a beautiful pendant or a cross for it. In this case, this gift will be not only a stylish accessory, but also a symbol of faith and a talisman. The most popular silver chains with a classic design, timeless — Figaro or armor. Both types are ideal for everyday wear as well as for more formal meetings.

when choosing jewelry with a stone, be sure to consider its energy. Onyx, amethyst and topaz jewelry are most suitable for men. It is believed that they attract success and wealth in life. If you choose the right stone according to the zodiac sign, the accessory will become a talisman of good luck.

Now you know what jewelry to give to a boyfriend or husband. Regardless of what you choose, the main thing is that it is attention and a gift from the heart! He will bring the greatest joy to a loved one.