A necklace, a thin chain, long earrings or an elegant bracelet — which of these ornaments will make the heart of an unfamiliar man beat faster at the first glance at a woman? Do the representatives of the stronger sex pay attention to jewelry or jewelry on her body? Studies conducted on this matter have shown that most of our men still do not care what modern women adorn themselves with. According to them, the sexiest accessories include:

Gliding along the skin in a thin snake, these ornaments seem extremely tempting to them on the neck or thin wrist.

Small and neat, completely undemanding in design, surprisingly, such products are truly admired by courageous fans.

The accessory immediately draws attention to fragile collarbones or to the exciting décolletage area — it all depends on the length of the chain the jewelry will be combined with.

  • Pearl necklace.

A true classic that every lady can afford, as such necklaces go very well with any style, color and age.

This type of jewelry is associated with a «hug» — the clasps, as it were, gently cover the earlobe, representing a woman in the image of a small and defenseless girl. Shiny stones or rhinestones, sprinkled with a fastener, only enhance the impression of men.

Refined, distinguished by a classic shape, or original and bold, such accessories make a man want to kiss a girl’s tender fingers.

Be that as it may, most of the male population is united in their opinion that women’s jewelry should emphasize the tenderness and femininity of the weaker sex. And in the conditions of the modern rhythm of life, imperceptible at first glance accessories look much more advantageous against the background of significant collections of family heirlooms, which have remained from grandmothers and great-grandmothers. And as confirmation of this, we should mention one more accessory that our women often wear.

Watches: Decoration or necessity?

These products can be considered multifunctional because, in addition to fulfilling their main purpose, they allow a woman to create her own special style. The laconic or vintage look of such products makes it possible to add a raisin to everyday life, and evening clothes are perfectly combined with a watch decorated with precious stones and rhinestones.

In any case, a woman in a wristwatch definitely arouses the interest of a man. At the same time, the brand of the manufacturer or the style of the product practically do not play a significant role — the main thing is that the accessory complements the lady’s image as accurately as possible. The store allows each woman to choose a model according to her requests and wishes, for example:

  • classic — with a single-toned dial, a small case, which emphasize the business style of the owner;
  • romantic — with flowers, hearts, birds and with a mostly oval body;
  • sports — made of practical materials and have many functions;
  • designer — completely unlike others, with an original color scheme and design of the case.

In conclusion, it should be noted that good taste must be present when choosing jewelry. Otherwise, a woman risks looking vulgar, ridiculous, and completely uninteresting to a man.