Are there jewelry that brings good luck? Yes and no. Because a lot depends on us. From what happened in our lives (sometimes it’s just a combination of extraordinary circumstances), from what we are attached to and from what we believe in, including the power of precious and semi-precious stones.

Jewelry with stones can be matched to eye color, skin tone, clothing and manicure. But if the mysterious power of metal and stone is combined with the energy of the zodiac sign, this talisman will provide powerful protection from illnesses and troubles, well-being, and give confidence in oneself and one’s strengths.

We will tell you in this article how to find out your amulet stone and choose the right talisman by date of birth.

How to choose talismans to improve life

When it comes to luck, there are four things to focus on:

  1. an overview of what happened in life and brought wonderful moments (an extraordinary trip and a souvenir from there, a gift from an important and beloved person). Very often life itself gives things that bring good luck. It happens that a trip is such a life experience that changes views on certain issues. Sometimes jewelry can be found — on the beach or on the road — a ring or a bracelet;
  2. connections with events (earrings that my mother gave before the final exams at school, since then they have been worn for important exams, including life ones — an interview, a competition, etc.);
  3. it may be what you believe. Some people believe in the power of gemstones, so they wear gemstone jewelry. Happiness in love is brought by such stones as rose quartz, hematite and emerald. Career advancement and dream come true — amethyst, amazonite, garnet. Tourmaline, amethyst and rock crystal are responsible for luck in life. For income — tiger’s eye, malachite, peridot, jade;
  4. some symbol that brings good luck, for example:
  • Four-leaf clover. According to legend, each clover leaf has a certain meaning. The first symbolizes hope, the second — love, the third — faith, the fourth — happiness;
  • a horseshoe has long been considered a sign of prosperity and well-being;
  • an elephant with a raised trunk increases material well-being;
  • the hand of Fatima is a symbol of good luck in the Middle East and North Africa;
  • rabbit’s foot protects from troubles, illnesses and death.

What jewelry will bring good luck to Aries?

The zodiac Aries is bold, decisive and honest, so stones that affect perseverance and spiritual strength will be of great help to him.

Gems that are associated with the sign of Aries:

  • hematite helps to stay energetic and motivated,
  • ruby enhances intuition;
  • tourmaline, which helps you reach your biggest goals in life;
  • carnelian promotes creative work and creativity;
  • jasper helps in the fight against the natural shortcomings of this sign — impulsiveness and impatience. Wearing jewelry with jasper promotes patience and prudence, gives perseverance in achieving goals;
  • pomegranate has a positive effect on the love sphere and sexual life.

Aries are not afraid to break the rules and combine conflicting colors. People of this sign should choose bolder jewelry. Mixing different kinds of metals and colors works well. Silver and gold rings and various necklaces are great.

The perfect talisman for an Aries woman is a silver chain with a pink amethyst pendant. He will make the energetic mistress slow down in life, calm down and be less demanding of herself and others.

How to choose products with your Taurus talisman stones?

People born under the sign of Taurus are distinguished by great patience, perseverance and wisdom in life. Emerald, rose quartz and Taurus agate can be used as amulets and talismans that attract good luck.

  • Wearing products with emerald contributes to the implementation in professional and personal life. Taurus in love is also recommended an emerald, which deepens love in the heart and fills life.
  • Agate will take care of self-esteem, increase faith in one’s own strengths and capabilities.
  • Rose Quartz helps to reduce the stubbornness and possessiveness of Taurus, revealing the sensitive and strong-willed side of the personality.

Taurus prefer simplicity and minimalism in accessories. The main zodiac talisman for the Taurus lady is a silver pendant or a gold ring with an emerald. This elegant feminine stone brings feelings of happiness, love and joy.

Gems — amulets and talismans — for Gemini

Those born under the sign of Gemini do many things at the same time, constantly think and rarely feel calm. It happens that they are happy and sad in an instant, or their mood changes dramatically — they lose inspiration and enthusiasm.

  • Amethyst supports mental clarity and improves the ability to meditate.
  • Onyx harmonizes the soul and frees from internal blocks.
  • Rock crystal increases the ability to learn, assimilate new material, master new skills.
  • Aquamarine cleanses the mind, soul and heart.

A Gemini’s style should reflect their vibrant personality. On this occasion, they should choose bold, bright and extraordinary accessories.

Gemini women should wear a gold or silver chain with a topaz, amethyst or agate ring. It calms and helps to find peace of mind.

Cancer Talisman Stones by Date of Birth

Cancers are very sensitive people, which affects their lives in two ways. On the one hand, they are extremely empathetic and develop strong, lasting relationships. On the other hand, they are timid and tend to constantly recall past mistakes.

  • Those Cancers who are afraid of changes in life are advised to carry a coral talisman with them: this stone enhances sensuality and improves the ability to adapt to change.
  • Moonstone gives strength and determination in action.
  • Opal calms the mind. This applies to the present and the future, allows you not to dwell on past mistakes. Opal jewelry will be the best support for vitality for those who worry about the past and are afraid of development.

The most effective talisman for Cancers (both women and men), a ring or pendant with an opal of any shade, brings up self-esteem, helps in difficult life situations. Silver earrings and necklaces with pearls and moonstones are suitable for women.

Lion stones — talismans and amulets

Leos love to be the center of attention and make great friends. However, they often take the initiative and persistently convince others of the correctness of their opinion.

Decorations Lions should like at first sight. Metal pendants with large precious stones are perfect. Interesting bracelets will complement the outfit.

  • Diamond makes Leo desire to develop and improve.
  • Ruby — do good and help others.
  • Amber improves well-being.
  • Topaz will cheer up the Lions, who quickly fall into a routine and do not know how to enjoy the little things.

The ideal amulet is a topaz ring or a ruby ​​pendant that will bring love and abundance into the life of a Leo or Lioness.

Stones of the Virgo sign — a talisman of happiness and success

Virgos are thoughtful, tidy and hardworking people. They are critical of themselves and others.

They like to live according to a predetermined plan. They are not afraid of routine and monotonous work.

Virgos who want new experiences should choose bold necklaces and bracelets made of gold with stones such as:

  • amethyst maintains a balance between spirituality and physicality;
  • jasper will positively affect the connection with nature and give strength;
  • Citrine promotes the ability to find a way out in difficult times.

A gold bracelet with sapphire will draw Virgo’s attention to spiritual development, will support her dedication and kindness to others. Wearing a sapphire pendant on a silver chain promotes perseverance in the pursuit of success.

Lucky mascot stones for Libra

Libra strives for harmony, peace and is guided by intuition. Thanks to well-developed creative abilities, they become excellent artists. But they can be inconsistent in feelings and quickly begin to feel the routine in a relationship.

Libra with love problems is recommended to choose kunzite as a protective stone — this mineral helps to enjoy the time spent with your loved one.

Representatives of this zodiac sign should give up gold in favor of silver.

Jasper allows Libra to notice new opportunities and makes them more attentive, supports the desire to achieve goals and gives inner strength.

The best stone for Libra is aquamarine, a silver chain with a pendant from it will become a talisman that helps attract profit and success in all endeavors.

Jewelry that will bring profit and good luck to Scorpio

Scorpios are famous for their strong character — they can be explosive and unpredictable. In control of their emotions and in the fight against bad habits, they will be helped by:

  • malachite is a stone that has calming properties and teaches understanding in relation to oneself and the world;
  • hematite will take care of the inner world of its owner and allow him to learn from his mistakes;
  • pomegranate gives strength, stability, improves mood and quality of life.

A men’s garnet signet ring and an elegant ring help Scorpios achieve their goals, enhance creativity and give courage.

Lucky Gems for Sagittarius

These people are born optimists and extroverts. They like making new friends. They prefer to make their dreams come true rather than just dreaming.

Their bright desire for a goal is supported by minerals such as:

  • ruby stimulates blood circulation and makes you act;
  • topaz streamlines personal and professional life;
  • amethyst supports disinterestedness, trust and awareness of a partner;
  • Sapphire helps seize opportunities.

Jewelry style for Sagittarians should be simple yet sophisticated. Small gold chains and small rings would be appropriate. Various types of pendants with the above stones are also recommended.

Talisman stones for the sign of Capricorn

Capricorns stand firm on their feet, easily distance themselves, and remain objective in difficult or awkward moments. They crave success, which is why they easily get lost in work or responsibilities, forgetting about small pleasures.

The sign of Capricorn is attributed to:

  • moonstone has a positive effect on self-perception and relationships with people;
  • smoky quartz opens the mind to new sensations and emotions, which does not allow you to miss profitable opportunities;
  • diamond — a stone allows Capricorn to control his emotions and, as a talisman, gives courage.

Minimalism and comfort are the two main features that people under the sign of Capricorn should be guided by when choosing jewelry. Gold and silver pendants or brooches are suitable, and simple, practical and elegant earrings.

Successful stone for Aquarius zodiac sign

These are people who feel an urgent need to decide their own destiny. They are ideal leaders, striving for justice and the common good.

They are best supported by stones responsible for improving communication. Thanks to the power of these minerals, Aquarians are easier to compromise and get along faster with people with different opinions. They are perfect for such multi-colored stones as:

  • jade heals and promotes a quick cure for diseases;
  • aquamarine frees from restrictions;
  • amber reduces the influence of the weather.

Aquarians have such traits as mystique and independence. They always feel free, not afraid to break the rules and conventions. These traits are reflected in their style. They can easily wear non-standard color combinations and it will look fantastic, but silver and yellow-gold jewelry suits them best.

Lucky Stones for Pisces

Real dreamers and romantics are born under this sign. The greatest virtues of Pisces are creativity and diligence. Their biggest problem is over-sensitivity and taking everything to heart.

  • Turquoise will allow people born under the sign of Pisces to focus on the main thing, discarding everything secondary. This mineral protects against the negative impact of everyday failures and unpleasant experiences.
  • Pearls will help preserve wisdom and the right path of life.
  • Coral promotes quick decision making.
  • Aquamarine gives calmness and inner strength.

Jewelry accessories for Pisces should be delicate and delicate.

An emotional approach to life will be softened by small gold and silver necklaces with agate, amethyst and hematite (bull’s eye).

Choosing the right jewelry with stones, you can positively influence your attitude and well-being, ensure peace and clarity of mind, control your temperament without changing your natural predisposition. To verify this from personal experience, select jewelry according to your zodiac sign from the catalog of the Silvers online store and order their delivery in Ukraine.