Elegant, gentle, aristocratic. All these definitions are suitable for describing pearl products. They have long been revered by women and considered the best decoration. This is not accidental. After all, the wonderful color, extraordinary shine, exquisite shape of beads attract the eyes of people in all times and eras.

every lover of pearl products knows that this stone is formed in molluscs — sea or river. That is why sea and river pearls are distinguished. But is there a qualitative difference between these pebbles or is it just a marketing ploy? At first, it seems that there is no difference. However, if you look closely at the price tag, it becomes immediately obvious that it is. Sea pearls have always had a high value and have never been cheaper than river pearls.

In order to be sure of its authenticity and to be able to distinguish river pearls from sea pearls, we recommend that you pay attention to important rules. By using them, you will always be sure of your choice, and no fraudster will be able to deceive you.


At first glance, you can see that sea pearls have a more pearly luster than river pearls. The reason for this is salty sea water, which seems to polish the surface of the bead in the process of growth. Water in the river does not have similar properties, so river pearls are almost matte and look simpler.

the charming mother-of-pearl of pearls from the sea requires the most careful treatment, as it can lose its shimmer with frequent sock. Freshwater beads in this regard are not too picky and can remain in their original form for many years.

the color of the beads

To an inexperienced person, it may seem that all types of pearls have a delicate cream color. However, this is not always correct.

Professionals and true aesthetes can say with confidence that white sea pearls will surprise you with perfectly even whiteness. But the white river stone is often covered with gray or yellowish spots.

Freshwater beads have shades from pink to purple, and sea beads have a much more diverse palette, its colors are brighter and richer.

pearl shape

The different place of residence of the beads determines their difference in shape.

Uneven beads with an irregular shape are river pearls. It is very difficult to find a beautiful and equal among them.

Pearls grown in the sea also do not have a perfectly even shape. However, they look more attractive and sophisticated.


As we said at the beginning of the article, sea pearls are much more expensive than river pearls. Let’s figure out what the reason is.

First, the terms of growing sea beads are much longer than those of river beads. Since the marine environment is much more expensive, no more than three beads can be grown in one mollusk. In turn, river oysters can grow about ten stones.

Secondly, the appearance of marine beads is smoother, white, shiny and aristocratic.

In the world of interesting things

1. Pearls are the only gemstone that does not require processing.

2. From the Greek language, the name Margarita is translated as pearls. People believed that these beads strengthen the marriage and protect the family from disagreements.

3. It is quite rare to meet beads that have grown together. However, the pearl «Great Southern Cross» shocked the whole world. after all, the researchers opened the oyster and noticed that nine pearls in the shape of a cross had grown in it.

4. The famous Coco Chanel said that «pearls are always right.» This made pearl beads the most versatile and classic accessory for many decades.

Choose quality pearls, and let it please you for many years!