For many centuries, pearls have served people with faith and truth, performing various functions. This stone constantly became the subject of attention for the performance of various magical rites, and it also acted as a talisman for various occasions in life. The vast majority of existing legends and superstitions are closely related to this decoration, and this is easily explained. How can there be little attention to a stone that is born inside a mollusc shell? To this day, little is known about why he was born this way.

In today’s world, it is not difficult to discern the differences: cultured and artificial pearls have both external and internal signs of difference. However, before talking about it, you need to know where this resource is mined. Any country that has access to the sea or the ocean, except for Antarctica, is engaged in the extraction of this jewel. Some states are engaged in the manufacture of jewelry artificially, while others use exclusively natural resources. It is worth noting that pearl jewelry was available to mankind even more than two thousand years ago, so it cannot be called a new solution. Today, if a person has jewelry or any other product made of this raw material, it emphasizes his own status.

Types of pearls. Features and characteristics

The education of a rich natural invention is carried out thanks to molluscs. It is noteworthy that this stone is the only one in the world that does not require any processing. In order to prepare it for sale or creation of jewelry, it is not necessary to carry out preliminary preparation. And now let’s analyze the main types of natural stone, so that you no longer have any doubts about how to distinguish one variety from another. It is not very difficult.

artificial pearls

The process of mining and manufacturing began in the distant 15th century, and it has not lost its popularity to this day. Thanks to the use of fish scales, people managed to create real masterpieces of jewelry and jewelry, but they are still significantly different from natural stone. Modern manufacturers are trying to develop pearls using glass, coral and even plastic, so it can be distinguished even with the naked eye. Moreover, pearls in the classic version may not necessarily be white, as manufacturers are increasingly trying to surprise people with brighter shades. The main advantages of artificial material are the following factors:

  • No need for overpayment. If you need to get a high-quality imitation, and you do not want to overpay — choose artificially made jewelry.
  • A solution for vegetarians. Due to the fact that today there is a big wave and popularization of vegetarianism, such people can afford not real stones for socks.
  • Any synthetic pearls are suitable for the fair sex at a young age, because in this way they accustom themselves to beauty. However, this does not mean that it is not bought by people at a more mature age.

cultured pearls

The next variety, which must be mentioned, is cultured stone. This species is distinguished by the fact that it is grown at specialized enterprises. In the process of cultivation, a ball is inserted into the pearl shell, after which it is sent into the water. Thanks to certain properties, all the conditions for the production of mother-of-pearl are created in the shells of molluscs. This process itself can last from three to ten years, which is why the cost of the stone is so high. Most often, specialists on farms choose young molluscs, because they are able to give a large pearl. Cultivation is a process that became possible thanks to the growth of technology only in the 20th century. No one even suspected it before. Moreover, the government of many countries in the last century introduced bans on such procedures, as they considered them illegal. Now that you know what cultured pearls are, you can place an order or carefully consider a purchase.

The main differences between these two types. Can the average person spot the difference?

Very often, many are concerned about the question of what artificial pearls are or cultured pearls, but it is very difficult to find the differences between them. In fact, this opinion is wrong because there are several facts that you can look at and draw your own conclusion.

  1. The first way is to determine the appearance. A cultured stone will shine as bright as possible, even if you turn it in all directions. This is a characteristic feature.
  2. The second method is to weigh the products. You should know that cultivated weighs much more than artificially made. This should also be understood when buying.
  3. The third and main way to tell the difference is to check the temperature. A pleasant coolness blows from pearl beads, which can be noticed even on the hottest summer day.
  4. There is also one unique way — a tooth check. The artificial stone will have a uniform structure even after you run it over your own teeth. The second type will significantly change its appearance, which you will be able to notice almost immediately.

Now you know what cultured pearls are and what artificial means. This information will help you make a faster decision in favor of high-quality jewelry products. Despite this, each user may have additional questions. If you have topics that you would like to discuss with a specialist, do not hesitate. You can order a consultation from an employee of the SILVERS website, who will provide a full consultation on a free basis. We will also help you make the right choice and not make a mistake. As you can see, there are many differences between these two types of pearls, so it is worth considering carefully before placing an order for jewelry.