When choosing jewelry, you may be offered jewelry made of drop silver with small inclusions — this is not a type of metal, but the trade name for the well-known natural mineral pyrite. It is also called «radiant pyrites», or marcasite, which is translated in Arabic as «cold stone».

What are the characteristics of marcasite?

In its pure form, droplet silver is very fragile and breaks down quickly, so designers do not use it to create jewelry.

In ancient times, this mineral performed the function of flint. It has also been used as a mirror.

Much later, marcasite found its use in the manufacture of weapons. Only in the 17th-19th centuries did they begin to consider it a worthy alternative to diamonds due to its bright cold luster and variety of shades.

What is drop silver? According to the chemical composition, it is nothing more than iron sulfide. The tone of the stone determines the inclusion of metals — ranging from gray-green to black:

  • selena,
  • waist,
  • gold,
  • gives
  • bismuth,
  • arsenic,
  • antimony,
  • cobalt.

What are the most popular types of drop silver cuts?

The original design of the products, their relief and unique beauty are best demonstrated by drop silver marcasite processed in a professional jewelry workshop with a round facet cut or a pyramid. It pairs beautifully with gemstones such as:

  • turquoise,
  • pomegranate,
  • pearl,
  • amethyst, etc.

To create the impression of bright iridescent tints and enhance the brilliance of silver inclusions, Swarovski designers have developed new types of cuts:

  • «sota»,
  • «dome»,
  • «Chess board»
  • «spike».

The chain and men’s watches in dark toned silver droplets in vintage style have a stronger metallic sheen than steel. They attract attention from afar and give the impression of expensive antique retro items that are part of history.

How Much Does Drip Silver Jewelry Cost?

One of the advantages of marcasite is a more affordable price compared to products made from other precious metals and stones. However, author’s handmade models with a complex design, made in a single copy, cannot be too cheap.

How to properly care for and store products with marcasite?

This mineral is characterized by high hardness (on the Mohs scale — 6–6.5 points) and scratch resistance. However, this does not mean that such a pendant is not afraid of falls from a great height and direct blows, from which the stone can crack.

Drip silver jewelry requires careful handling, proper storage and care.

So that maxazit does not stop shining and does not change color, solutions that contain alcohol and chemicals should be avoided on the product, this also applies to perfumes and cosmetics.

Drip silver jewelry should be stored in a separate cell of the jewelry box or in a cloth bag. They should also be cleaned with a damp soft cloth, and then wiped dry with a soft cloth. In no case should ultrasound be used to clean them, washed under a strong stream of water, immersed in boiled and hot water!

There is an opinion that pyrite inserts are hazardous to health, so jewelry should be bought from trusted suppliers and sellers who monitor quality and provide certificates for all products sold.