Pandora bracelet — what is it? Why does he stand out from the rest? Its uniqueness lies in the ability to create a bracelet on its own. Pandora has taken care of that. The brand has released many themed and colored charms that are easy to pair with each other. Just pick up the base, charms and you’re done!

Pandora bracelet - what is it?  Why does he stand out from the rest?  Its uniqueness lies in the ability to create a bracelet on its own.  Pandora has taken care of that.  The brand has released many themed and colored charms that are easy to pair with each other.  Just pick up the base, charms and you're done!

Pandora are bracelets from the 80s. Modern girls will definitely be interested, because the trends in clothing and style of this period. The brand was born in Denmark in 1982. What is the uniqueness of pandora bracelets from ordinary jewelry? Pandora is a bracelet created by you. The girls immediately liked the idea of ​​the jewelry-constructor. To the question “Pandora bracelet — what is it?”, You can safely answer — conceptuality!

What is the essence of Pandora jewelry?

The Pandora bracelet is a designer jewelry that consists of a base and beads. This feature allows you to create a unique bracelet in your theme. They also use add-ons to make a new one every time. The base is the cord, and the beads are the so-called “charms”. So designated their creators of the brand. Small beads are put on a cord. They are made in different types and concepts. This makes the bracelet themed.

When we say the base is the cord. We have in the form of an elegant harness, equipped with a clasp. There are 4 types of bases:

  • silver;
  • gold;
  • textile;
  • leather.

Silver and gold bracelets look like a clasp with a clasp. They are divided into cast and soft. The cast bracelet holds the shape in the form of a ring. Not equipped with a clasp. May be closed. The cast bracelet is a relatively new interpretation. Charms for decoration are not used here. A soft bracelet is a classic version of a jgut that wraps around the hand. It is made for charms and pendants. Often worn as an independent decoration.

Textile Pandora bracelets are bright jewelry. Made from two textile strips fastened with a charm clasp. Their hallmark is color. For example, in the Pandora Friendship collection of 2017, there are 4 colors — black, pink, purple and turquoise. This is an option in the style of light summer decorations or a bright highlight. They don’t use charms with it.

There are 2 types of Pandora bracelet made of genuine leather — braided and sliders. The products use genuine leather and silver. The braided bracelet is made with a pigtail. There are double and single. It depends on the rings that go around the wrist. The slider bracelet consists of a silver part on which the slider clasp is attached. It is fixed anywhere. This allows you to adjust the size. The leather part of the bracelet is made in color and keeps its shape.

Pandora bracelet name Item Price
Pandora P-Lock Bracelet 590702HV 1150 hryvnias
Pandora Shine bracelet 567107 1800 hryvnias
Purple Pandora Bracelet 590749CPE-S UAH 390
Slider bracelet 597225CGT-2 UAH 995
Bracelet Pandora Reflexion 597712 1695 hryvnias
Bracelet Pandora “Infinity” cast 598893C00 1250 hryvnias

How to assemble a Pandora bracelet?

The most popular type of Pandora bracelets is the classic soft silver. It serves as the basis for charms and is an ornament-constructor. It is collected independently or bought ready-made. What is included in the complete bracelet set?

  1. Foundation

    It is selected from soft bracelets — silver or gold. Fans of the Pandora Reflexion collection choose the flat base from this collection, as well as the rest of the components to it.

  2. Stoppers

    Small silver bulges on the bracelet. The charm will not pass through them. Stationary clip. They are released immediately with a bracelet and the amount of 2 pieces. They conditionally divide it into 3 zones, each of which is filled with a separate meaning.

  3. Clips

    Clips are a kind of stoppers. They are bought separately. Externally, they look like a charm, but are functional. With the help of a latch, the bead is attached to the bracelet in any place.

  4. Separators

    Separators are beads that separate groups of charms from each other, but are not fixed on the bracelet. They look like a regular charm, but larger.

  5. Charms

    Beads of various shapes, decorated with cubic zirconia stones or engraved. There is another type of charms — pendants. The pendant consists of a base-mount and the main body of the charm. The design is similar to a pendant for a chain. By the way, it is used as a pendant for Pandora chains.

  6. Connecting chain

    When a bracelet is filled with charms, dividers and clips, there is a risk of losing it all. This is what happens when you open a lock. The small size beads slide easily over the bracelet, which is why Pandora has come out with connecting chains. This functional consists of two beads that are connected by a chain. One bead is attached to the first end of the bracelet, the other to the second. During opening, the chain makes it easy to remove the bracelet while keeping the charms in place.

The composition of the Pandora bracelet is a personal taste and any configuration of the components. Don’t stick to the plan! Pandora created to break them! Create your own decorations.

How to match Pandora jewelry?

All brand jewelry is divided into collections. Each of them carries some meaning. The easiest way to pick up charms is to use products from only one collection. Pandora has already released 6 full-fledged collections, which are constantly updated with new products.

Products from different collections are also combined, except for Pandora Reflexions. For independent customers, there is a division of all beads into topics:

You also ask yourself the question: “What is a Pandora bracelet?”. Your decoration is what you create yourself. This defines the bracelet not only as a quality piece of jewelry, but also as a unique combination of your own hobbies, significant dates and pleasant memories.

What is a Pandora bracelet?

The original designer jewelry is a Pandora bracelet. It is easy to transform to your taste. With the help of different beads, which are combined with each other, original products are created every time. At Fragola you will find all the ingredients to create a unique piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift.

How to choose a bracelet?

Choosing the charms and base for your bracelet is an individual process. If it’s hard to come up with your own, use jewelry from one collection or buy ready-made bracelets.

How much is Pandora worth?

The cost of each Pandora bracelet depends on the number of charms and the type of base. Gold items are more expensive than textile bracelets, while leather models can be on a par with silver items. At Fragola, you can always pick up a piece of jewelry for your pocket or buy your favorite at a discount.

How to order a Pandora bracelet?

You can buy a Pandora bracelet and all the components for it on our website. Just add the items you like to your shopping cart and place your order. After payment, sending is carried out by New mail on the same day, or the next day after registration. Delivery within 3 days, according to the tariffs of New mail.