A compromise between a high content of precious metal and good physical characteristics is 585 gold, which is a guarantee of the durability of jewelry and its high value.

What does gold grade 585 mean?

Gold is characterized by softness, so other metals are added to alloys to create products from it. Additives strengthen it, change the shade and smooth the surface. The composition of the precious metal in the alloy determines the assay of the jewel.

In many countries of the world, including Ukraine, there is a metric system that characterizes the number of parts of a noble material in 1000 units of alloy.

All products that enter the jewelry market are marked with a stamp that determines which part of the alloy the precious metal is. If there is no sample, it means that it is an illegally imported fake of dubious quality or an artisanal product.

The jewelry mark informs buyers about the ratio of the weight of the precious metal in the alloy to the total weight of the alloy. The higher the test, the higher the content of pure metal in the alloy. The higher its percentage in a given sample, the higher its value and value.

A sample of a precious metal is always marked with three numbers that show how much of it is in the sample. Since the numbers are ppm, the sample is translated into thousandths of a gram.

There is no real pure gold. The 999 sample is considered the highest. Its alloy contains 99.9% gold, 24 carats. It is sold in ingots of 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 g and in coins.

Gold 585 is an alloy containing 58.5% pure gold.

The rest are impurities of other metal alloys that give it strength.

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What does 585 proof gold mean in the world and in Ukraine?

In Switzerland, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom, there is a carat system, according to which a 1000th sample of the precious metal corresponds to 24 conventional units. That is, gold 585 proof, which means its value is 14 carats.

Ukrainian-made products must be stamped with the stamp of the State Inspectorate and the manufacturer’s stamp.

The 1st number shows the year of branding. The letter following it is the code of the State Assay Inspection. Further letters indicate a special code of the manufacturer.

585 and 333 tests of gold: what they mean and how they differ

It is difficult for a simple buyer, who is not a jeweler, to distinguish jewelry made of gold 585 from 333 by appearance, if he does not know how much pure gold is in 585.

The cost of the same models made of precious metal of different alloys is different.

Jewelry made of 585 gold is jewelry that contains more pure gold, so the price of earrings or a chain will be higher than similar products of 333.

Another difference between 585 and 333 gold is hardness and durability. Products with the 333 stamp have high strength and resistance to damage and scratches. But if they are not used for a long time, they darken and lose their shine. The 585th sample is gold, any darkening and contamination from the surface of which can be easily removed with a special soft cloth. Jewelry made of it is particularly strong, which is more appreciated by buyers.

What does 585 proof gold of different colors mean?

As in the entire post-Soviet space, there is a widespread opinion in Ukraine that the highest quality gold has a red-yellow hue. Metal of a different color is either more expensive or worse in quality. This explains the fact why it is less popular in our country than in the countries of the European Union.

However, the shade of gold does not depend on the sample, but on the ligature — components that are added in clearly defined proportions to the composition of the alloy.

At the peak of popularity — jewelry made of bright yellow, as well as white gold with a rhodium coating. The beauty of products made of rose or red gold alloy with zinc, silver and copper impurities is also in demand.

Modern jewelry made of an alloy of white gold and palladium is becoming popular. This is a hypoallergenic metal that is suitable for the most susceptible customers. For today’s fashionable engagement rings with diamonds, the white color is most often used, which clearly emphasizes the shine of the stones. Platinum and white gold are easily distinguished by the yellowish tint characteristic of gold, but the rhodium coating hides this difference.

The world instantly fell in love with red gold thanks to the Damiani jewelry house, which released a collection of roses from it.

Minimalistic white gold began to be worn every day after the appearance on the market of the model line of the Tiffany brand.

The «Trinity» series from Cartier awakened the passionate desire of all fashionistas to have a ring, pendant or bracelet made of a combination of three different shades of gold.

Resistant black gold is one of the newest jewelry trends. A beautiful black-silver shade occurs when products are coated with black rhodium or ruthenium is applied by galvanic method, as well as by adding chromium or cobalt to the ligature.

The famous «chocolate» Boucheron wedding rings are made from brown gold based on a copper alloy with potassium sulfide.

The technology of obtaining purple (amethyst or purple) gold with the addition of aluminum came to Ukraine from Singapore.

585 gold is an alloy of different shades, which determines the ratio in the composition of non-ferrous metals. Thanks to 36% silver and 5.7% copper, gold acquires a greenish tint, 18.3% silver plus 23.4% copper — pink, 8.3% silver and 33.4% copper — red.

For the production of precious jewelry, manufacturers most often use white gold containing 23.7-28.7% silver, 13.0-18% palladium or 17% nickel, 16% copper, 9% zinc.

Now you know that gold of 585 proof, or rather, why jewelry made of it costs more than 500, 417, 375 and 333 proof products.

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