Each of us, when we hear the word «gold», imagines a yellow metal. However, we will tell you more about gold than you knew before. Surprisingly, in the natural environment, it is often found in a greenish-gray shade. Experienced jewelers skillfully add the necessary ligatures to the composition of gold, giving it various colors.This allows you to create original jewelry and bring fashionable design ideas to life.

classic shades

In the traditional sense, gold should be exclusively yellow. But in its pure form it is very difficult to work with it, because it is too soft and deforms quickly. For this, silver and copper are added to gold. When there is more copper, the jewelry has a red tint. when there is more silver — yellow. By adding copper to jewelry, it will have higher strength, and by adding silver, the aesthetic characteristics change, acquiring an aristocratic and elegant appearance.

Already now white gold you won’t surprise anyone. it is created by adding platinum, nickel or palladium to the composition. the best choice is an alloy with platinum. It has high strength. Thanks to this, jewelry is characterized by wear resistance and remains unchanged for a long time.

The alloy of gold with nickel. Although jewelry made of such metal is cheaper, it will last much less. Nickel also provokes allergic reactions.

palladium makes products more plastic and is more often used to create jewelry frames.

gold from red shade produced by adding copper. The greater its percentage in the ligature, the brighter the red color of the product. Another important characteristic is its high strength.

Unusual colors: olive, blue, purple

When certain chemical elements are added to gold, it is called Metallidi. Such alloys have unusual shades and are easily deformed.

Combining aurum with potassium, experienced professionals can achieve an alloy green shade. Products with a similar color are very exclusive and expensive.

Aurum ligature with indium has blue shade. most experienced jewelers consider this type of gold to be a myth. After all, only one person in the world managed to get it, the Argentinian Antiniassi, who kept the secret of the composition a secret.

If we add aluminum or potassium to Aurum, we get an amazing one violet alloy. The first products from this metal were made by craftsmen in Ancient Egypt. However, their secret was not preserved until modern times. Therefore, the masters had to recreate this composition.

The darkest colors

Over the past couple of years, it has reached the peak of popularity brown gold. Although earlier it was more often used to create small mechanisms, and not as jewelry. A deep brown color can be achieved using a special reusable treatment. an interesting solution is the addition of minerals to brown gold. the optimal option will be the choice of white diamonds.

gold black stunning alloy, has an extraordinary aristocratic appearance. It is obtained in the same way as brown gold. Only other chemical elements are used.

It looks harmonious in combination with gold of a different color or with precious minerals. It can be diamonds, rubies or sapphires. Most often, black diamonds are used, which give elegance and rigor to the appearance of the product.

We are sure that after reading this article, you have discovered a lot of new and interesting things for yourself. Let gold jewelry bring joy and variety to your life.