You need to choose earrings not only in accordance with modern fashion trends and personal preferences. Particular attention should be paid to the convenience, wearing comfort and safety of the earring lock. In this mini-guide, you will learn which are the most common types of earring clasps, what features and benefits they have. This information will help you make the right choice.

English lock on earrings

The English fastener is considered the safest and most durable latch of all mechanical fasteners for any earrings. This decoration is very easy to put on thanks to the slanted back flap. It has a built-in spring inside, which provides easy opening and closing, and also securely holds the earring in the ear. It is mainly used in small models of earrings, most often in gold, it is valued for the absence of an additional plug and the convenience of a latch. Since silver is softer than gold, this can cause the stud to bend. This is not a hidden defect in the decoration, but a natural feature of this type of fastener. Such silver earrings are most often bought for children due to the absence of an easily lost plug and the reliability of fastening.

The main types of English fasteners for earrings

  1. English ear plugs, or open ear hooks, are as popular as the classic types of locks on earrings. Their ease of donning is based on the slanted back flap, which, thanks to the spring built into the inside, opens and closes well, holding the clasp securely. This castle is especially appreciated in expensive jewelry models. Most often used for long pendant earrings. Putting them on is very quick and easy — you just need to pass a correctly curved hook through the hole in your ear. However, it is worth additionally strengthening the earrings on open hooks with silicone pads, this prevents their loss.

  2. English lyre-type wire, or closed earrings, is a commonly used type of clasp for earrings in Europe. Its characteristic feature is a simple and at the same time reliable fastening. The earring is inserted into the hole in the ear with a hook, the mechanical latch closes. To put on such an earring, insert the tip into the hole in your ear and hook it onto the hook, which prevents the earring from being lost. It is used for jewelry of large sizes. Ideal for long dangling earrings.

Fishhook Earring French Clasp

French fish-shaped ear hooks are fasteners made of long curved wire with a loop. They are ideal for displaying single gemstones and small crystals. Inserted through a hole in the ear, the fastener makes it possible to visually lengthen the earring model.

Such products are more convenient to wear in the summer when high-necked coats, scarves or hats are not used. The disadvantage is the fragility of the wire and loops.

Italian clasp on earrings

Universal and beloved by many, the Italian lock is used for almost all types of earrings. It is designed for children and active women. The main advantages of this option are simplicity and small size. It consists of a stick-stud that is inserted into the auricle and a plug screw (silicone or metal with special slots to prevent the plug from slipping off). A quality fastener should be slightly elastic, which ensures wearing comfort.

Open hook fasteners used to be used only in inexpensive jewelry, but today they are used in earrings made of gold, platinum, silver and other types of precious metals. The hook is threaded into the hole in the ear and, under the weight of the earring, fits perfectly into the auricle. But these models need to be removed at night and during sports.

Classic types of clasps on round and semicircular earrings

Hoop earrings, or congo, are a timeless classic that will never go out of style. Women fell in love with them back in the 1960s, and now they are worn by the most famous female bloggers and show business stars. This type of clasp for round earrings consists of a wire that needs to be inserted into the opposite tube.

Types of locks for closed-shaped earrings:

  1. traditional — a wire that is inserted into the opposite tube;

  2. the wire snaps onto the opposite plug;

  3. clamping pin — a groove with a small recess into which the pin is folded.

Among closed earrings there are not only circles, but crescents and ovals. The thin metal starts at the front and ends behind the ear pad. These earrings can be specially decorated with different details, lined with diamonds or precious stones. Most often they are made of gold and silver. Classic discs can be found in retro style, as well as in various sizes — from 1 to 10 cm in diameter. Such jewelry also needs to be removed at night so as not to injure the earlobe.

Pin closure for long earrings

Pin — the most common fastener, consisting of a thin wire and a tip (butterfly, cone, cylinder, lamb). There are as many opinions on the market as there are handpiece models of varying quality. Such a lock is considered one of the most reliable, as it 100% prevents unfastening.

The decorative part of the jewelry is connected to the rod with a thin chain that passes through the hole in the ear. This adds an extra positive optical effect to the jewelry design.

Stud earrings with screw or pin closure — the best-selling model in the world

Stud earrings are suitable for both women and men of any age, with any type of face, for any style of clothing. They are made in different variations — from simple stones and pearls to diamonds and precious stones.

This type of earrings is called «studs». Most often they are used in beauty salons for piercing ears with a device called a “gun”.

Fastening is most often made of butterflies or disks, sometimes the decoration is attached to the ear with screws.

A variety of studs are cluster earrings. This model appeared before our era in Crete and Cyprus. In a metal setting, individual stones, usually of the same size or one central stone surrounded by several smaller ones, are placed next to each other. In its design, this decoration resembles a flower or a bunch of grapes. It looks elegant and elegant, practical and romantic women will especially like it. The earrings are easy to put on and wear very well as they don’t snag on scarves and shawls.

In pin models on a carnation stick, a small recess is provided for secure fixation of the clamp. In screw — the clip must be screwed onto the clasp, which makes it possible to adjust the pressure force on the earlobe.

Minus — this decoration is inconvenient to put on on your own, you need to keep it even.

A few years ago, the world was conquered by simple round double-sided pearl studs, which had a larger pearl instead of a classic stud on the back. They adorn the earlobe not only in front, but also in the back. This model à la for Dior was created by designer Camilla Miceli. Women from all over the world have fallen in love with this sophisticated and simple design, and jewelers, in addition to smaller and larger pearls, come up with various variations of this product.

What are the clasps on pendant earrings?

These are models that hang slightly from the ear. They gently sway and add a touch of elegance and femininity to even the most simple and strict outfits. The length of this jewelry varies from short earrings to jewelry that shimmers with ends on the shoulders. The variety of designs is amazing:

  • worthy chains with a precious stone at the end,

  • non-traditional geometric and asymmetric shapes,

  • pieces of precious metal of incredible shape,

  • chandelier earrings adorned with diamonds or colored stones.

Usually they are fastened with an open African hook, which better balances their length and weight.

A classic teardrop-shaped stone in a metal frame is usually mounted on a disc or screw.

A novelty in the world of fashion — a clasp in the form of an overlay-clip for earrings

One of the newest trends in the jewelry world is the earring, which fastens like a stud or hook and goes up the ear. The slightly curved twig decoration can be either plain metal or embellished with stones that gleam provocatively on the way up. Such products attract with their simplicity and minimalist look, therefore they are suitable for any outfit and any occasion.

Loop clasps on children’s earrings

Brisura loop designed specifically for children’s earrings. In Ukraine, this clasp is found both in jewelry for babies and for girls up to 6–8 years old. On the decorative part of the earring there is a loop, in which the movable part is attached in front. The jewelry is securely held in the child’s ear and does not fall out. Just in case, you can make a small lock to close.

The name of the clasps with an additional chain on the earrings

Cuff earrings are a true work of art. They have a different shape, they are made from different materials. This model of decoration has been known for a very long time. It was mainly worn in ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, India.

All Cuffs are divided into two main types: those that require earlobe piercing and those that do not require, which are attached to the ear with a special cuff that is adjustable for each ear.

Cuffs come in different sizes, and their feature and advantage is that they are attached to the entire ear without pulling the earlobe. When worn, they are almost invisible.

Pierced cuffs are suitable for people of all ages. You just need to put the cuff on your ear in the desired position. Then gently squeeze it with your fingers until you feel a slight squeeze. Now you need to check if the decoration is fixed correctly.

Some earrings are attached to a special hook, which can always be bent under the design of any loop. Others have clip-on earrings and stud earrings. And the upper or middle part of the eyelet is fastened with a clip, and in the lower part — like a regular earring. These cuffs fit more snugly around the ear.

Types of locks on earrings that do not require ear piercing

Many people cannot afford to have holes in their ears due to religious reasons, health reasons, or because of the dress code at work.

So jewelers came up with clip-on earrings, a simple clip mechanism that allows jewelry to stay on the ear without piercing the earlobe. The principle of operation resembles a miniature vise that compresses the ear from both sides. In the past, the clamps applied a lot of pressure and caused great discomfort when worn. However, modern clips are made using new technology. They are almost not felt when worn and do not slip off the ears thanks to a reliable lock.

Then, as an addition to grandiose events, dangling clip earrings embellished with sparkling crystals or a large stone are ideal. Such products will definitely attract attention and immediately catch the eye, which allows you to save on the purchase of other jewelry and accessories.

The visual effect depends on what you combine them with. This jewelry will be a great addition to an exquisite dress with a deep neckline. Versatile gemstone clips will go with a plain white shirt and jeans.

During the week, delicate thin clip-on clips in the form of sticks will also come in handy. Here you can bet on pearls in a charming, minimalist version. Small clips in the form of non-standard, natural stones or clips with a miniature pattern will look original. Such decoration attracts attention and looks like a work of art.

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