Pandora jewelry originates back in 1982 in Copenhagen. After five years of experience and development, the ordinary jewelry store has acquired an impressive scale of distribution of its products and has become one of the famous brands in the world, as well as wholesalers in all countries of the world.

Since 2013, production has gained such a scale that the company creates several collections a year, as a result of which they have no equal among competitors of similar products. This allows not only to offer the buyer a large assortment, but also to focus on quality, exclusivity and the use of their own developments.

It is very difficult to find a woman who has not heard about Pandora jewelry and would not want at least one of the models. Finished products can carry a certain semantic load, and can also be considered a kind of amulet.

If you buy not finished products, but in parts, then in online stores you can find various connecting elements, beads, separators, clips, connecting chains, etc. All of them help to choose for any size and for any hand.

At the same time, making a product with your own hands allows you not only to create a beautiful decoration, but also to put your soul into it. This option can be created for yourself or for an expensive gift for women, friends or loved ones.

What connecting elements can be used in a bracelet or beads

Due to the wide variety, it is very difficult to decide which fastener options exist and which of the products they are most suitable for. This especially affects the product itself, since the right size will make it comfortable to wear.

When choosing, you should be guided by the following elements that are offered by the manufacturer:

Stoppers and clips. They are a special type of beads that separate and secure simple charms on the bracelet. They snap on both sides, which allows you to divide it into three parts and fill the bracelet with charms section by section. At the same time, the rest of the pendants will not move freely and spoil the appearance of the product. They are made of metal or silicone, which is suitable for thickening leather bracelets.

Connecting chains. They put them on a bracelet, which, if accidentally opened, does not allow it to fall out of the hand.

In fact, it is an element of decoration, since the quality of the fasteners does not allow accidental opening.

Separators. They are small beads that are very similar to rings. They are used during the creation of bracelets, which allows you to highlight and shade large charms, as well as pendants. It can also be used when filling free space if the charm does not fit. They are produced and offered with gold, silver or having stones.

Depending on the choice of material, you can find quite a lot of options for connecting elements. They are offered as materials for the manufacture of products or as an addition to the finished product. That will allow you to independently supplement or decorate according to your own taste and preference.