It is easy to get confused in the huge assortment of Pandora. This article will help you choose a bracelet according to all the most important parameters.


1. What is a Pandora bracelet?
2. What material are Pandora bracelets made of?
3. What are Pandora bracelets?
4. What are the types of clasps on Pandora bracelets?
5. How to choose the right size for a Pandora bracelet?

Pandora bracelets – decoration for stylish and creative personalities

Pandora brand accessories are known all over the world. These jewelry have an interesting and sophisticated design, and with their help you can realize your creative ideas in creating an exclusive accessory.


Pandora’s most common piece of jewelry is the modular bracelet, which is worn with small charms in a wide variety of combinations.

Types of pandora bracelets

Depending on the material used for manufacturing, the following types of bracelets are distinguished.

  • Silver — such jewelry can have different lengths and differ in the type of fasteners. There are also silver bracelets in the form of a chain.
  • Gold bracelets are represented by a large selection of branded jewelry with various types of clasps. The most common are clasps in the form of carabiners.
  • Pandora leather bracelets are double or single, and can also be worn with various types of pendants. The ends of the bracelet are adorned with gold or silver tips.
  • Fabric bracelets feature gold or silver tips and Hook & Eye clasp

What are the types of Pandora bracelets?

The most popular was the Pandora bracelet in silver with a thread in the form of a flagellum or serpentine weaving. At the ends of the bracelet there are threaded tips on which charms and pendants are screwed. There are also threads on the bridges, evenly spaced in two places on the bracelet. It is this feature that gives the uniqueness and originality of Pandora jewelry. Each girl can create for herself a unique, her own jewelry and be completely different from others.

When buying charms, a girl puts timestamps, memories, moments from life, or hobbies on her bracelet. Such a bracelet becomes not just an ornament, but rather a memory and value. He will remind the owner of the wonderful moments of life. And also tell new friends about the hobbies of the owner herself.

What are the types of clasps on Pandora bracelets?

The most popular and most famous clasp is the barrel clasp. It is used on the most popular classic serpentine thread bracelet. It is also considered the most reliable.

Every season Pandora pleases its customers with new clasps and their choice surprises. There are clasps:

Choosing the right bracelet size

In order to correctly choose the size of the bracelet, it is necessary to add a few more centimeters to the length of the girth of the wrist, depending on the planned number of pendants. If you plan to wear up to 5 charms, then you need to add 2 cm to the girth of the handle and add 3 cm if there are more than 5 charms on the bracelet.

When choosing a bracelet, it is also important to take into account the fact that, regardless of the material, it will definitely stretch over time. Moreover, fabric and leather bracelets are less resistant to stretching, so the number of charms on them should be minimal.

Summing up

Pandora bracelets are considered to be a very elegant and stylish accessory. The ability to independently add a variety of pendants to the bracelet allows its owner to reveal her creative potential and take a direct part in the creation of her unique jewelry.