Do you want to own a piece of jewelry that will be able to fully reflect the individuality and excellent taste? The Pandora bracelet is a great chance to get a stylish little thing.

The peculiarity of bracelets is the ability to capture some event that will give off the warmth of pleasant memories for a long time. The theme of the «message» is determined by the type of beads (charms) that are part of the bracelet. They are on the topics of love, family, relationships, animals, food, hobbies, religious accessories, transportation, letters, gambling, meaningful symbols.

On sale you can find products with a base and accessories made of precious metals (Au, Ag), leather and textiles. Each of them is interesting in its own way and has a number of advantages.

Made from 925 metal (92.5% Ag). The texture resembles a tourniquet, which makes it easy to put on charms, but it can also have a flat surface (in finished products that do not need to be assembled). For lovers of stones, the products are complemented by diamond (exclusive version) or zirconium (budget type) inserts.

Bracelet «Pandora» (silver) is suitable as a gift for various events. It is cheaper than gold, so it is available to many customers. Imagine yourself as the owner of a creative piece of jewelry given to loved ones, parents, friends. There are many reasons: to tell about your feelings on Valentine’s Day, to please your daughter on the day of majority, to receive a sign of attention from her friends regarding the birth of a child. Thematic charms are selected to the bracelet, further enhancing the value of the gift.

Gold pandora bracelet

Expresses importance and exclusivity. For it, metal 585 and 750 samples are used. If you want to have an expensive thing, choose products with beads made of precious stones, Murano glass, gold. The decoration is wonderfully combined with a long, cocktail dress, a stylish business suit, furs, shoes and a handbag made of exotic animal skin. A special chic are white gold bracelets. Branded products are labeled AVE (an abbreviation of the initials of the owner of the jewelry store, who came up with the idea to create a designer jewelry).

Leather products are mainly preferred by young people. Girls like that the base of the decoration can repeat the color of a handbag or favorite T-shirt. With such a base, which has one to three turns, a young lady can easily create a spicy, romantic or expressive look.

If you like Pandora leather bracelets, do not forget that the material tends to stretch. Therefore, pre-select 2-4 charms so as not to make the product heavier, and simply replace them with others while using the accessory.

What are pandora bracelets? A tribute to elegant fashion, self-expression with the ability to announce ongoing life events, or a special trend that has been its admirers in different countries of the world for 15 years? Let it remain a mystery.

And we invite you to choose a Pandora bracelet. Silver, gold or leather? It’s up to you to decide!