Silver bracelet not only decorates the wrist. Thanks to charms — pendants symbolizing love, eternity, happiness and other feelings, memories and events and moods — it has a symbolic meaning. The main functions of charms are decorative and aesthetic. They are performed only when both elements are made with the same high precision, from materials of the same quality and in the same style. About what charms are and how to choose them correctly, we will tell in detail in this article.

The history of jewelry — bracelets with charms

Pandora is a Danish brand, a world leader and one of the biggest players in the jewelry market, known for its high quality and handcrafted finishes. The company’s product range includes rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants, as well as iconic charms.
In 1982 Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie opened the Popular Smyke store in Copenhagen. In search of new inspiration, materials and personnel, the couple traveled to Thailand, where they found not only high-quality precious metals and stones, but also highly skilled craftsmen with experience in making original handmade jewelry.

At the turn of 2000–2004 the concept of iconic bracelets with pendants was born. At the same time, the official name of the brand was coined — Pandora. It provided the brand with a spectacular image and financial success, conducive to rapid development. One of the priority missions of the Pandora brand is to celebrate femininity. For almost 40 years, since 1982, its creators have been inspiring women and encouraging them to share their emotions and express their individual style through jewelry. The design team actively traces, analyzes the preferences and inspirations of women from all over the world and brings them to life in the spirit of Danish design and Scandinavian aesthetics, based on nature, craftsmanship, exquisite simplicity and uniqueness. Charms are jewelry that allows women to symbolically preserve moments, emotions and experiences that are important to them. Translated from English, «charm» means charm, so charms are called small pendants — jewelry on bracelets that give the image attractiveness and style.

The history of jewelry - bracelets with charms

According to the concept, each bracelet with charms on the hand has a modular structure — it is assembled from individual elements. The first module is the bracelet itself. It is available in four models:

  1. flexible chain with a small barrel clasp;
  2. hard hoop;
  3. open rim with two beads;
  4. leather lace.

The length of the bracelet depends on the quantity, the number of charms. It is equal to the circumference of the wrist. For insurance, add 2 cm to it.
An important element of the first Pandora bracelet is the clips that prevent the pendants from moving. At the end, you need to attach a safety chain.

Thanks to the modular design, the Pandora bracelet can be freely changed and changed — add additional elements to it, mix different styles and types of charms. They are made with attention to every detail in the form of pendants, which are fastened with special locks, and European key rings made of Murano glass and precious stones, which are strung on the base. All of them are removable, the holes are standard. They can be purchased together with the bracelet or separately.

The meaning of the pendants on the bracelet

Charms are not just for women. Under this trademark, collections of jewelry are also produced:

  • for kids. These accessories are given on the occasion of baptism, communion and other holidays. The Angel of Love line features sophisticated designs, a variety of heart motifs, white and cream stone pendants, and religious figures;
  • for men — black and dark blue leather bracelets or silver models with charms. They are suitable for both elegant and casual style — and a business suit, and jeans.

Charm is a piece of jewelry that comes in different designs, patterns and colors. Each talisman has its own meaning from ancient mythology, beliefs or personifies a certain life event.

The meaning of the pendants on the bracelet

The most common meaning of charms:

  • heart — love, devotion, loyalty or gratitude to a loved one, mother, father, sister, friend or other close people, friends, colleagues;
  • letters — name, initials, life motto or wish;
  • numbers — important dates and codes;
  • hobbies — motorcycle, sailing, biking, rock climbing, skiing, dancing;
  • religious or cult symbols — infinity (loyalty to one’s cause, expression of immortal memory and friendship), tree of life (symbol of inner strength, vital wisdom, prosperity, abundance), dream catcher (good dreams), clover (wealth);
  • the key and the lock reveal the beginning of creation, power;
  • turtle — a symbol of wisdom and longevity;
  • dolphin — a sign of friendship, respect, gratitude;
  • the shell contributes to an early pregnancy, and the stroller — the birth of a child;
  • a horseshoe brings good luck, protects from evil forces;
  • the eye protects from an unkind look and damage;
  • starfish gives vitality;
  • the grail means long life and health;
  • the chariot corrects changes for the better and solves problems;
  • the moon symbolizes new relationships and work;
  • anchor — a symbol of hope, ideal for people in need of support;
  • the swallow represents freedom. This is a sign of happiness, hope, prosperity and change for the better;
  • elephant — happiness and abundance, as well as new opportunities;
  • the razor blade is associated with uncompromising and artistic soul;
  • the butterfly symbolizes rebirth, a new stage in life;
  • an apple is a symbol of knowledge, salvation and longevity;
  • owl — life wisdom and determination;
  • sakura — beauty, variety, abundance.

It is up to you to decide what meaning to give to your bracelet, so it is unique and never gets boring. Choose a charm — an ornament to your taste from the catalog of the Silvers online store and order it with delivery throughout Ukraine.