If flowers are given just like that, then precious things symbolize much more. It can be a holiday, a significant event, the day you meet your beloved, or just a good mood that you want to share with a person close to you. Above all, jewelry should carry pleasant memories, symbolism, and most importantly, a souvenir. We all know that young girls and women appreciate precious metals, such as silver, gold or a unique coating that is exclusive and not available to everyone. It would not be bad at all if these products were also beautifully decorated with precious stones, glass inserts, enamel or engraving on jewelry. Still, it’s not costume jewelry! This is something much more valuable and special for the representatives of the female half of humanity. Pandora brand of unsurpassed trendy jewelry possesses all the points listed above. Dear men, here you can choose any jewelry for any taste! Even for the most demanding lady. And in order to help choose a gift from Pandora for your beloved, mother, sister, or daughter, you need to know some rules and features of the choice so as not to leave her indifferent. Therefore, men, read carefully!

What does a man need to know to choose a gift from Pandora?

I remind you that this collection has a wide selection of Pandora bracelets, charms, rings, earrings and chains. To facilitate the search, the entire range is divided into collections and sections with jewelry names. Currently, Pandora has released a variety of jewelry made of 925 silver, a unique alloy of silver and copper — Pandora Rose, as well as an incredible collection of Pandora Shine, which is gold plated with 18 carats. To choose the appropriate jewelry, you should take a closer look at what color a woman wears jewelry most often. Pay attention to the size of jewelry, whether they are very delicate or rather massive. The style of a woman’s clothing, whether she is a business person or perhaps an appreciator of a free lifestyle and travel. The approximate age of the woman should also be taken into account. For a young girl, enamel products are perfect, and for a status decoration with stones. For more mature people, massive products on the neck, rings are perfect. But this is purely my division, your woman may have other preferences. And this is normal! Perhaps a woman prefers bright products. Products made of enamel and glass will be ideal for this. Leather versions of bracelets are also possible if a woman appreciates simplicity. It would be great to know your favorite color. Then, you would definitely hit the spot. The most important thing to choose is the size. But, I have tips for you for this as well.

How to choose the size of Pandora jewelry?

If you decide to buy a Pandora bracelet as a gift, you can find out the size of a woman’s hand in two ways.

Option A. If you know that a woman wants a bracelet and it is not necessary to make an unexpected surprise, but a «de facto» gift, you can go to the store and choose the right size there with the help of sales consultants, or take a ribbon, wrap a woman’s hand, measure the end, cut off a piece of tape and measure with a ruler. After that, you can choose the desired bracelet size in centimeters. It can be seen better in the image:

But, if you want to give a really unexpected gift, create an outpouring of emotions from surprise and delight, see sincere emotions and delight on your face, Option B.

The Fragola company has prepared a size grid for you, which is equal to the centimeters of the arm circumference in accordance with the centimeters of the Pandora size, since the choice of bracelet size is several centimeters larger than the wrist circumference. If you decide to measure it, then measure it! The bracelet should be dangling, so it looks better. You can find the correspondence of the size grid and descriptions of the bracelets on our online store: «Fragola». And here is the link to it: https://www.fragola-shop.com/setka-razmerov-braslety/

This also applies to the choice of Pandora rings. Dimensions are presented in centimeters, inches and millimeters. Earrings do not need a size grid, because they will suit everyone. Here the nuance is only a woman’s taste. Whether it is massive jewelry and elongated, or delicate earrings — screw-on.

As for the chains on the neck, I have also selected an image so that you can roughly understand at what height the woman’s neckline, the locket or pendant will stop. Therefore, we are glad to see you on our website. Follow the link: https://www.fragola-shop.com/setka-razmerov-necklases/

What will your gift from Pandora look like?

And one more thing, whatever decoration you choose for a gift, we took care of its design and festive appearance. A box, a ribbon — a bow, a bag, a gift bag — everything for you! The gift will look like this: