Is your wedding coming up soon? Have you already chosen invitations and decorations for the wedding hall? What about the dress, jewelry and hairstyle?

Organizing a wedding is a difficult task for every bride. After all, you want everything to be perfect. No matter what stage of your wedding preparations you’re at, you’re probably feeling a little stressed and tired from it all. Why not combine the pleasant with the useful? Take a breath, brew a cup of your favorite tea, relax and allow yourself to enjoy reading about the most popular head decorations and this year’s wedding hairstyles in this article:

  • the most fashionable wedding hairstyles for the bride;
  • what to consider when choosing a wedding hairstyle;
  • what hair accessories are fashionable in 2021.

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The main trends in wedding headpieces

Wedding hairstyles are not such a simple topic as it might seem. Most brides believe that choosing elements of their appearance is a great pleasure.

However, despite the many ideas that can be found on the Internet, choosing the right wedding hairstyle can be a big challenge. The fact is that the photos show wedding hairstyles made for someone else. They will not necessarily suit you. It should be taken into account that the photos are usually taken from one angle, so the hairstyle is not completely visible. That is, it is not clear how they look from behind.

It is important that the wedding hairstyle performs its functions — it should look good throughout the wedding ceremony, photo session and banquet.

Another important point — some hairstyles are not suitable for such purposes. They are enough for photo sessions, and after 10 minutes they fall apart.

Before moving on to specific examples, a few words about this year’s trends. There are always bejeweled wedding hairstyles that always look good at a wedding and look like a little black dress — they never go out of style. However, each wedding season is characterized by several trends — the main directions.

Let’s face it, 2020 was not a good year either for the wedding industry or for newlyweds. The challenges of organizing weddings due to the pandemic have been significant, and many couples have had to cancel weddings, reduce the number of guests or simply postpone the wedding party.

This suggests that in 2021, everyone will want to forget about this difficult time and start organizing weddings again. Some fashion trends reflect this. In addition to modest, classic, full of glamor decorations for wedding hairstyles are leading the way.

In trend in 2021:

  • soft waves and hair, as if etched in motion;
  • classic ponies with shiny ornaments;
  • fasteners (at the bottom and the so-called ballerina bob);
  • crowns and tiaras instead of diadems and veils;
  • braids of full volume;
  • accessories with pearls;
  • hairstyles with additional volume in the style of «pompadour».

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Gentle and natural waves that decorate the bride’s stylish hairstyle

Among the hairstyles for weddings 2021, one of the most popular is soft gentle waves. This year, curls in the Hollywood style and thick curls, which additionally shine with cosmetics, have finally gone out of fashion. Small curls are no longer in trend. Natural strands with a matte coating for fixation are in fashion.

Gentle waves are left loose or braided into simple hairstyles that tame unruly curls a little. A variety of accessories and decorations for the bride’s hairstyle are recommended, such as hairpins, floral motifs (but delicate and elegant), tiaras and headbands.

How to achieve the effect of gentle waves? They can be obtained using curlers of a larger diameter, and conical curlers of variable diameter are perfect for this. To fix the effect, you should use hairspray.

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Braids are always fashionable hairstyles for weddings and beyond

This is an ideal option for a winter wedding, the rules of which are slightly different from a celebration organized in the warmer months. The advantage of this hairstyle is its durability — the waves can stretch due to moisture, the braid looks perfect all day, despite the constant movement, hugs, dancing and jumping for joy.

If in previous seasons weddings were in fashion in a rustic and boho style (oh, those flower crowns and careless braids), then this year classics, elegance and luxurious crowns reign. They can replace veils, veils and any other hair accessories. Since the crown itself looks very impressive, it is perfect for a modest classic wedding dress. But the main trends in wedding fashion are a simple dress, a clear geometric style, classic make-up with a glow and a crown. It is important that it looks like a garland, but is a luxurious decoration. If you chose a «vegetable» crown, avoid voluminous flowers. Laurel-shaped leaves look much more refined. They are suitable for both long hair and short haircuts.

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Jewelry in a pony hairstyle for a wedding

A classic option for long-haired brides. According to wedding trends, 2021 is the year, and it is important that the hair is perfectly smooth, especially near the roots. So deal with all the unruly curls and control the bangs. It is allowed to release several strands (also smoothed!) In front of the face for a more romantic image.

There are several options for pony hairstyles:

  • ponytail on top,
  • ponytail at the bottom,
  • perfectly straight hair,
  • light waves

To create a WOW effect (because every bride wants to feel like a princess on this special day), add wedding hair accessories to the pony, such as tiaras, tiaras, rims, wreaths or hair pins in the form of flowers.

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Jewelry for a short wedding hairstyle

Wavy curls are a versatile option for medium-length hair. Waves always look romantic, elegant and chic. They will suit owners with hair up to the collarbones.

Specialists dealing with wedding trends note that pearl decorative pins, tiaras and sophisticated jewelry should be added to the hairstyles of brides with short hair.

How to choose wedding jewelry and accessories for the bride’s hairstyle

Think about which method you prefer. If you want to experiment, determine your face shape, look at the styles of people with the same face shape. Then mark what will suit the style of the wedding and your wedding dress.

With long hair, you have complete freedom in choosing a hairstyle and accessories. Check which wedding hairstyle suits you and matches your wedding vision at the same time. Depending on what you decide, you can pin up your hair with bobby pins or leave it loose. You can also easily combine straight, wavy or curls.

Be sure to do a trial hairstyle 3-4 months before the wedding to check whether your vision corresponds to reality and to be able to change it or the hairdresser in advance.

Now you know what wedding hairstyles are fashionable this year. Look in our catalog — there are definitely relevant accessories for your hairstyle and wedding jewelry for hair. Order their delivery to your city in Ukraine in advance and make sure that they look much brighter and more beautiful than in the photos.