Pandora has already released a huge amount of jewelry. They are folded into a bracelet, necklace or act as a separate product. Even earrings are often complemented with pendants. All these are separate decorations that remain sole. What if you need to create a tandem? For example, a bracelet and a ring. How about rings and necklaces? There are similar options in a huge number of products that the brand offers, but the perfect look is at stake, so you need to know for sure! Let yourself be perfect, match your Pandora jewelry.

How it works?

How do you choose jewelry for yourself? We are talking about a pair of products from different directions, less often from one. The latter requires special skill. Most likely, the choice falls on the same theme or similar appearance. A star flaunts on the ringlet, then you can pick up a necklace of the same plan. You can do the same with Pandora. The brand has made sure that you can easily combine different styles and types of jewelry. Thanks to certain collections that have different directions. It is enough just to purchase products from one collection and the tandem has already been created. But you can look even more original. Choose a pair or trio of jewelry for a particular holiday based on these few rules:

  • topic;
  • style;
  • concept;
  • color.


The theme in jewelry is a certain meaning that the jeweler included in them. They are assembled into a single whole according to similar features. Pandora has been using themes for a long time. Due to the huge amount of jewelry, especially charms, finding something you need is often not easy. Thanks to the division into topics, this process will go faster. There are 16 themes on our site:

  1. abstraction;
  2. butterflies;
  3. letters;
  4. glamour;
  5. love;
  6. Birthday;
  7. children;
  8. friendship;
  9. beasts;
  10. Zodiac signs;
  11. classic;
  12. New Year;
  13. profession;
  14. travels;
  15. a family;
  16. flowers.

Most of the products of each theme are used on the bracelet together or can be combined in tandem (necklace + ring and others). But even this does not mean that any decorations from the same theme are combined. Pay attention to the style of the collection.


The style of Pandora jewelry is divided into collections. The style that a brand offers in a particular collection runs the same storyline through all the pieces, no matter how they look. Each collection includes the items on which the product is created:

  • Appearance
    A great example is the Pandora Reflexions collection. A distinctive feature of all products here is their special flat shape. For bracelets and necklaces of this collection, only charms, pendants, dividers and clips from it are suitable. This is an authentic style, invented by jewelers, the only one of Pandora’s jewelry does not intersect with other products, due to its unusual shape. Accordingly, in order to make the collection complete, the creators had to fill it with a whole range of jewelry.
  • Composition of jewelry (gold, silver)
    The basis for all Pandora products is silver. Murano glass, enamel, pink and yellow gold sputtering are used here as auxiliary materials. Murano glass products are just charms. Enamel is used as decoration in any collection. Gold plating was used in the Pandora Shine and Pandora Rose collections. Pandora Shine is an 18K yellow gold plated jewelry. Pandora Rose is a rose gold plating. Products from these collections are regularly updated with new ones. By the way, for the Pandora Reflexions collection, products are also made with a coating of yellow or rose gold.
  • Inlay
    For inlaid products from Pandora, cubic zirconia stones of different colors, sizes and shades are used. They can decorate any kind of product, but are not a mandatory element.
  • Weaving
    Jewelry where weaving is important is bracelets and necklaces. Most often, anchor weaving is used for chains. The difference will be the link size. In the latest novelties from Pandora, it is especially large. Bracelets are made in the same weaving or are limited to the classic look of Pandora bracelets. Textile and pavé bracelets are a separate type of connection of elements.
  • Other characteristic elements.
    The characteristic elements that separate into several types of jewelry is a stone. For example, a solitaire ring is a characteristic of a particular type of ring. All products that fall under this characteristic can be called a group of solitaires. Solitaires can be clips or charms. A characteristic element for Pandora can also be called a logo on a product or its branding. It is not present everywhere, but is often found.


Conceptual jewelry is similar in appearance, theme, or style. Conceptually, Pandora is a very strong brand. Here everything is built on a specific connection of products. That is why they love her. Most of the jewelry are combined with each other and can create not only a tandem, but also a trio of jewelry. They may not be from the same collection, but are perfect for one bracelet or pair well as standalone pieces.

Closer to the point

Have you figured out how to separate the whole bunch of Pandora jewelry? You can choose paired jewelry. To begin with, we determine what type of jewelry you need to combine. Jewelry fashion tells us that you need to create pairs from these types of products:

  • ring+bracelet;
  • ring + necklace;
  • necklace+earrings;
  • bracelet+necklace;
  • earrings+ring.

In the modern world, where the boundaries of style have long been erased, these combinations should be considered more of a classic than a rule. In other words, if other pairs are successfully selected, this does not mean that they cannot be used. We have prepared several examples of jewelry combinations by concept, color, style and color.


Pandora’s newest jewelry, the Family Tree chain bracelet and the Family Tree necklace, are a perfect example. The concept of jewelry is built on family values, and is also supported by a single style and theme of jewelry. This is the creation of a ready-made pair of jewelry from products that are win-win combined with each other. If you already have a bracelet, then you can complement it with a pendant on the same theme “Together we are a family”, which will also work well.

A good option is the concept of color. Choose jewelry according to the color scheme. There are two options — all in one color or a close shade. For example, a bracelet with a Vibrant Blue Disc pendant and an Azure Oval Cabochon charm will pair well with a Blue Stone solitaire ring. All products are made on the same basis with rose gold plating.

The trio of the Glittering Snowflake necklace and the Glittering Snowflake charm bracelet and the Glittering Snowflake charm converge in style, inlays and fit the theme of flowers. In order to avoid some kind of “smearing”, it is better to use one thing on the bracelet. Smoothly moving on to the topic of flowers, we will clarify that not all of them will suit each other. It is better to choose jewelry with the same flower or a very similar one. A suitable example of a tandem would be the “Brilliant Snowflake” ring and the “Flowers” ​​ear cuffs. These jewelry pieces have a lot of stones, and they are monochromatic — this already unites them. The flowers on the earrings and the ring are not the same, but very similar in shape, and given that the distance between the jewelry will be quite impressive, this tandem will look like a single whole.

Products that are very different from each other can only be combined by theme or concept. For example, the theme of the sea. Earrings “Heart and Shell” do not match the “Fish on the Waves” charm and pendants “Sea Turtle”, “Shimmering Dolphin” at all, but they are united by a marine theme. It allows you to use different shades, stones and even a combination of silver, yellow and rose gold.

Summing up

A huge number of Pandora jewelry suggests that the brand wants to please all of its customers. Everything is here to create a tandem of jewelry, for each individual occasion. Making only silver jewelry cut off a fairly large segment of customers who love gold and Pandora found a way out — sputtering. The production of classic pieces did not appeal to teenagers or children. The introduction of the Pandora Disney and Pandora Harry Potter collections expanded the market into two more target audiences. In a huge variety of jewelry, Pandora simply erased all boundaries, but left classic combinations that allow you to create original, stylish, conceptual and bright images!

? How do Pandora jewelry match?

Most Pandora collections can be combined with each other in any combination, you just need to follow the general rules. There are those that are combined only within one collection, such as Pandora Reflexions. Due to the peculiarities of the form, you simply cannot combine it with others.

? How to choose several jewelry at once?

Pandora made sure that you can easily choose for yourself not only bracelets and charms for them, but also earrings and necklaces can be easily combined with a bracelet. To do this, it is enough to follow the elementary aesthetic rules on the topic, color and concept.

? How much will a few Pandora pieces cost?

jewelry cost Pandora depends on many factors — size, product, shape, inlay. You buy more from us — you get more! If your order will cost more than 5000 UAH. as a gift, such a buyer gets any charm as a gift.

? How to order a pair of Pandora jewelry?

The order of several jewelry is carried out in a standard way. Just choose products, add to cart, place an order, pay and get your jewelry! Delivery is carried out by New mail within 1-3 days.