Jewelry is an important element in the image. They can tell a story and highlight the virtues, or ruin everything. To prevent the latter from happening, you need to be able to correctly combine and combine metals, colors, stones and styles. Today we will talk about how important it is to know the intricacies of combining different types of jewelry, what it affects and how successful your look can be if you choose the right combination!

Why is it so important?

How often do you think about what kind of jewelry you wear and where? Do you choose only what you like or do you tend to choose more carefully? Have you ever had the feeling that when you put on the most beautiful jewelry, you are being looked at too closely? Most likely — this is the wrong choice of products! To always be stylish, you should be able to choose the right jewelry.

The world of fashion is no longer limited to clothing. The accents that we place in this or that outfit with the help of jewelry are also part of fashion. It is she who allows us to be in trend and look stylish, but not defiant, bright, but not tasteless, modest, but with a twist. It all depends on the combinations of colors, the combination of styles and the originality of the product. This includes several areas:

  • a combination of individual types of jewelry with each other;
  • a tandem of products in one piece of jewelry (for example, Pandora bracelets);
  • selection of stones, metals and materials.

In order not to cross unnecessary lines, you need to know the elementary rules that will help you look perfect!

What does Pandora offer?

Pandora is one of the few jewelry brands that has done almost all the work for you. This brand is often credited with the description “jewelry designer”. The concept of Pandora is just that. Here you can combine almost any type of jewelry that is offered in the lines or simply purchase everything from one collection. This makes your look instantly perfect. In other words, the jewelers made sure that you don’t have to understand the intricacies, but look chic anyway! Let’s figure it out in order.

How can you create an image with Pandora jewelry? Here are some options:

  1. Pick up jewelry from one collection.
    It’s perfect for bracelets or necklaces. The brand offers 8 collections — «Pandora Pave», «Pandora Me», «Pandora Reflexion», «Pandora Rose», «Pandora Shine», «Pandora Disney», «Harry Potter», «Pandora Essence». Each of them offers a base as a bracelet and charms to decorate it. Also in the collections there are connecting chains and clips. All products in one collection are precisely combined with each other, so it will not be difficult to assemble a stylish bracelet. Some collections include earrings. The rest you need to act on your own.
  2. Create an image on any topic.
    Pandora has a feature to make products on a specific theme — love, family, friendship, hobbies, glamour, letters and more. This makes it possible to combine decorations on certain themes.
  3. Combine decorations on your own.
    Of course, Pandora gives you complete freedom of action, so you can purchase any jewelry or its component and use it as you like. But for this, you need to know how to properly combine and combine products so as not to look ridiculous.

We combine independently

Every girl knows that the best combination of jewelry is the unchanging theory of “three products”. They can consist of three components and are combined into such schemes:

  • earrings/bracelet/ring;
  • earrings/bracelet/necklace;
  • watch (bracelet)/brooch/earrings.

In these combinations, everything should be in moderation and, most importantly, not overdo it. Simple rules will help keep the balance:

  1. Try to wear products from one metal.
    If you have already picked up earrings made of white gold, then the best solution would be to choose from the same necklace and bracelet. An exception here can be called a combination of metals within the framework of creating one piece of jewelry.
  2. Do not combine products made of different metals with each other.
    Even if you have a bracelet with a combination of yellow and white gold on your wrist, this does not mean at all that such a combination in a necklace and earrings will look perfect with it. It is better to choose jewelry from one metal for a trio and wear a mono jewelry in a combination of metals.
  3. Be careful with stones.
    There are no too strict prohibitions for stones. In fact, only a noble diamond cannot endure a tandem with other stones, but at the same time, attention should be paid to compatibility and color range.
  4. Combine jewelry with the look.
    If today you decide to dress in ethnic style, which involves a large necklace, then a thin ring in this tandem will simply be lost. In this case, it is better to use rings. And vice versa, too massive rings, necklaces or bracelets should not be applied to a delicate thin image.
  5. Consider Physiology.
    This is a very important point. Fragile refined figures will look very ridiculous in large necklaces or massive rings and vice versa. Choose jewelry in proportion to your appearance and style.
  6. Age and decoration are important.
    Jewelry, like clothing, must be age appropriate. A young lady should not wear huge stones on herself, even if it is very important and valuable to her. Such a product will look out of place. Conversely, if you are a woman of Balzac age, then jewelry is no longer your style. You must look great!
  7. Mono decoration exist
    Even if we are used to the rule of three jewelry, we should not forget about mono-products. These are, as a rule, massive rings on the floor of the finger or too bright defiant products. Such, by themselves, do not require a tandem. Moreover, it can just ruin everything. Such decoration can create a highlight of your image on its own.
  8. The place of the meeting and the event also influence the choice of decorations.
    If you are going to a business meeting or just to work, then you need to follow all the rules for combining three jewelry. If you are preparing to attend an informal event, then you should not follow these rules 100%, but you definitely need to listen to them.
  9. We harmonize color.
    You can wear jewelry with stones of different colors, but tone-on-tone or at least similar products will be an ideal tandem. White stones can accompany any tone and they are combined with any clothing. The only rule for them is quantity. It should be moderate.

We harmonize color.
You can wear jewelry with stones of different colors, but tone-on-tone or at least similar products will be an ideal tandem. White stones can accompany any tone and they are combined with any clothing. The only rule for them is quantity. It should be moderate.

“Taboo” combinations

Even if you have the opportunity to dress up in all your jewelry, you should not do this. Many young ladies believe that the more the better. In the case of jewelry, this is not the method. You can not combine jewelry on a certain part of the body:

  • For the upper part, a common mistake is to add a brooch to the necklace and earrings.
  • In the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe wrist, you should never combine a ring, a bracelet and a watch at the same time. The exception to this is multi-ball bracelets, for which a tandem is simply impossible. A common mistake in the same part is a large number of rings and a bracelet. This combination is possible only with the perfect selection of all jewelry.

In other words, remember one main rule — all your jewelry should not accumulate in one place. If you wear earrings and a necklace, the brooch will be too close to them and this will create the effect of the so-called “Christmas tree”. Such combinations also apply to the wrist. Especially careful you need to be those who like to wear several rings at once on one hand.

Summing up

Combining jewelry is quite simple, just know the basics. If you use the rule of three jewelry, then combine all the products in the same style and color. They must be in harmony in size, and also be made of the same precious metal. Do not try to hang on yourself as many products as possible to show them all. This is where the paradox of Pandora emerges, which suggests layering in necklaces, bracelets and rings. This brand breaks the rules and allows you to combine many things together, but offers to do it with taste. It is better to use different decorations every day. And do not forget that there are products that should always be worn separately from everyone, as they are initially bright, catchy and catch the eye.

Follow just a few simple rules and they will help you to always be stylish, bright and unsurpassed!

How to combine jewelry?

For the right combination of jewelry, there are just a few simple rules — use the same metal, color and style. And this will help to become the brightest and most beautiful!

What is the “Three Products Theory”?

Indeed, such a theory exists among designers and fashion designers. She says that you do not need to put on everything that is in the box at home. Three positions are enough (ring / bracelet / necklace), which will be in harmony with each other and blend perfectly with the image. What other decorations can be combined, read the article from Fragola.

? Can only one piece of jewelry be worn?

Yes! There are many pieces of jewelery that are already perfect in their own right – these are mono-jewellery. Most often, these are massive pancake rings or necklaces. In the case of Pandora jewelry, this mono can be a multi-layered bracelet or ring. Such jewelry does not require additional support, but can become an independent highlight in the image.

? Is it possible to add one more jewelry to two bracelets?

Of course! The Pandora brand allows you to use several bracelets at once, even combining silver and leather materials. A non-defiant ring or a thin pendant is often added to it. This is an individual style.