Every year, Pandora jewelry will captivate the hearts of new fans. And it is not surprising, because unique jewelry pleases with diversity in each new collection of the brand. More and more girls receive as a gift or buy Pandora products themselves to associate them with a joyful event in their lives. Creative charm designs, symbols and vibrant colors make for a great gift. Various models of charms and pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings are a great gift as a token of friendship, for a holiday or just as a memory of a joyful story. But, girls are unpredictable personalities and they always want new achievements, emotions and feelings. Wear those jewelry that will inspire, help to realize new ideas, feel unique every day. Therefore, Pandora offers to become a real jeweler and create an exclusive bracelet for yourself. The field for imagination is very diverse — charms, clips, stoppers, chains. Each model is unique, inimitable, with its own character and color scheme. You can place several charms on one base. Or buy a leather and gold Pandora bracelet, and place charms on them one by one.


Choosing the basis of the Pandora bracelet

In the assortment of Pandora there are several types of base bracelets:

Models of the first two types are made of 925 silver, and gold — 585. The latest versions of bracelets are made of genuine leather and textiles in different colors. The base of the Pandora bracelet is in a serpentine shape, on which there is a branded Pandora engraved clasp. Some models are equipped with threads in places where clips can be placed. The clips serve as conditional separators between the charms so that they do not roll all in one place. You can also buy a chain that prevents the bracelet from slipping off your wrist while putting it on. The range of Pandora recently appeared bracelets with a rigid base, they are also called bangle. Such rigid bracelets are produced in three sizes: 17, 19 and 21 centimeters. You need to fix the charms on them with rubber linings. They are the true embodiment of classic minimalism. In addition to the above bracelets, there are also chain bracelets that are connected with stoppers. They perfectly complement the traditional types of bracelets, creating unique combinations.

Pandora bracelets

For lovers of extravagant jewelry, we advise you to take a closer look at Pandora leather bracelets. Despite the peculiarities in the course, they have a stylish design. Just stick to certain rules and remove accessories before exercising, showering and sleeping so that they do not succumb to the influence of chemical compounds. As with a hard bracelet, it is better not to wear a lot of charms. They are fixed with rubber pads or silicone rings, preventing slipping on the base. You can also choose a smooth textile bracelet with a branded lock, which is impregnated with wax. Thanks to such components, the lace is pleasant to wear. It is sold in different colors. But, it is better to place several models of charms on it.

Pandora charms

Choosing the best bracelet size

Before you start creating an exclusive Pandora bracelet designer, you need to correctly determine the size of the base. Measure the circumference of your wrist with a measuring tape. Think about what charms, beads or clips you plan to put on your bracelet. Because for Murano charms, you need to add another three centimeters to the volume of your wrist. Also take into account your own preferences: like to wear the bracelet tightly to the skin or so that it falls on the arm. The best way to determine the correct size of a Pandora bracelet is to refer to the size chart that Fragola posted in the previous article. Or contact Fragol’s consultant and he will definitely help you decide. Always try to fantasize and create new decorations. Because then they take on an individual meaning for you personally.

Pandora jewelry