The Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day 2016 — Pandora Jewelry

Not so long ago in Ukraine began to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And such a romantic holiday fell in love with many couples in love. On Valentine’s Day, many decide to confess their love, get engaged and even get married. And to thank for such a holiday, we must the Christian priest Valentine. Secretly, despite the prohibitions and the threat to life, 16 centuries ago, Valentine married couples in love. The merits of the priest did not go unnoticed and Valentine’s Day is now celebrated in his honor. On such a day, it is customary to confess your love to your soulmate and give valentines — small souvenirs depicting the symbols of the holiday. Therefore, the Pandora jewelry brand has created a delicate collection of jewelry for Valentine’s Day.

Pandora Jewelry

Pandora charms from this collection have romantic patterns: heart, bows and even cupid!

Charm for Valentine's Day Pandora

Collection of Pandora jewelry for February 14

Among the many series of Pandora jewelry, the Valentine’s Day 2016 collection can be called one of the most romantic. Each accessory is a gentle symbol of love. Now men do not need to talk about their feelings, it is enough to give a piece of jewelry from the collection to the lady of the heart, and she will understand the strength of his feelings. Well, when else to give such gifts, if not on Valentine’s Day. The Valentine’s Day collection turned out to be very diverse and interesting. Among the jewelry there are models of classic silver and gold. Some pieces are studded with cubic zirconia. And for lovers of multi-colored enamel and Murano glass, the craftsmen made wonderful charms and pendants.

Graceful charms from the collection — the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day

In the collection for the holiday of all lovers, it was not without symbols of love. The Pandora brand has decorated charms with cute bows, created heart-shaped charms and even a small cupid flaunts on the pendant. The color scheme for the collection was not chosen by chance. Because gentle pink and all its shades best convey the mood and romantic feelings. Among the most popular pieces of jewelry, Fragola’s customers like the Captivating Heart charm, the In My Heart charm and the Pavé Triple Heart charm. But, the heart shaped charm with a charming bow has become a real hit. As if a small heart is tied with a pink ribbon, which is intended for a gift. No need to think that Pandora charms from the collection can only be given on Valentine’s Day. After all, everyone individually attaches special importance to each charm, pendant or Pandora bracelet. The owners of accessories create a personal history, with unforgettable dates and events. You can just wear jewelry not only for a holiday. For those who have not yet met their love, it is not necessary to wait for the holiday to buy Pandora jewelry from the Valentine’s Day collection. They are versatile, so accessories from the collection can be worn every day.

Charm With Love

We invite lovers to the Fragola store

If you do not know how to express sincere feelings in words. Want to surprise your loved ones. And look for an amazing Valentine’s Day gift. Fragola’s store will always help you make the right choice. The assortment of the store presents original jewelry of the world jewelry brand Pandora. Unique collections and unique models of jewelry made of silver, gold, genuine leather and textiles. Combinations of precious metals with cubic zirconia in different shades. Original Murano glass with a decorative addition. Among such a number of products, there is something to choose even for the most sophisticated connoisseurs of jewelry. Fragola consultants are happy to help you make the right choice. For each client in the store there are amazing gifts, discounts and promotions. Also, buyers can choose the appropriate delivery and payment option, which is carried out throughout Ukraine. Love each other and be happy. Appreciate every joyful moment. Give your loved ones attention and Pandora jewelry.

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