Our blog is not about precious metals and not about any “healer” stuff. We «promote» Pandora jewelry. They, like any other jewelry, are made of one precious metal or several. Products are decorated with stones, enamel or leather is added (in particular to bracelets). This is where we hit the topic of our article. Why is silver useful?

The majority of Pandora jewelry items are made of silver. Silver is one of the inexpensive metals from which jewelry is made. In addition, history has shown us many arguments that this metal is not only cheap, but can also benefit the body or simply do no harm, which is an important advantage in the modern realities of general allergic reactions and all sorts of intolerances.

A bit of history

Historically, it so happened that even before the beginning of our era, silver was a special metal and was valued more than gold. Later, already European peoples, considered this material as something intermediate in obtaining artificial gold. But silver received real qualities and value after the story of the army of Alexander the Great. According to legend, after protracted battles in India, most of the warriors were taken by an unknown illness associated with dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract and its other diseases. The paradox was that only disease could defeat the invincible army of Macedonian. Exhausted and exhausted warriors simply refused to fight.

Researchers who have studied this issue in our time have traced an important pattern. Only ordinary soldiers were subjected to illness, but not military leaders, at a time when the water and food of the entire army, regardless of rank, was absolutely the same. The answer lay in the mugs and glasses used by the military. The military leaders relied on silver products, but the rank and file drank water from tin vessels. Here it turned out that it was the silver mugs that had antibacterial properties and simply disinfected the water.

Later, during the plague, the aristocrats gave silver spoons to their subjects and used only silver utensils themselves to protect themselves from the disease. This is what led us to the tradition of giving silver teaspoons to godchildren.

Beneficial features

Silver has bacterial properties and acts as an antibiotic. Its particles are able to effectively fight many types of bacteria. There are two ways to extract such useful qualities from this metal for yourself:

  1. External. Silver particles and their external use are silver rings, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry. Their benefits are similar to alternative Chinese medicine. It is believed that if you put a ring of silver on the eye, where the barley is about to pop out, it will pass. In addition, silver ions are used for the manufacture of cosmetics — creams, tonics, gels, lotions. The content of such particles promotes tissue regeneration and rapid healing. The cream soothes the skin, and tonics well cleanse it of external bacteria and fat. These remedies are especially relevant for adolescents, who often suffer from skin rashes during puberty.
  2. internal. A lot of vitamins and tablets today contain particles of silver. These drugs are often used for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Silver resists various negative bacteria in the body well. Preparations are also made with the addition of silver particles for the disinfection of wounds, infectious diseases of the eyes and herpes.

Types of silver

We are unambiguously convinced of the use of silver in medicine and cosmetology. Let’s go back to the main thing — decorations. Silverware is not just a jewel made of expensive metal, it is an opportunity to influence your body in the right way. In order for this message to be preserved, you need to be able to choose silver and jewelry from it.

Silver is determined in samples. Subsequently, it is this sign that indicates special properties or their absence. Depending on the method of purification, processing and type of alloy, there are several varieties of silver:

  • Pure Silver (999 pure silver)
  • Argentium Silver (958 silver with the addition of copper in a ratio of 93.5% to 4.5%);
  • 960 sterling silver (an alloy for expensive jewelry);
  • Sterling Silver (an alloy of silver, copper, zinc and nickel in a ratio of 92.5% to 7.5%);
  • Silver 875 (economy class);
  • Sterling silver 800 (high-quality casting, impurities here are 20%).

The most famous samples are 925 and 960 samples. You have probably heard about 925 many times already. This is the most common type of silver that is used to make jewelry, including Pandora’s. Each test has its own qualities, resistance to mechanical and chemical influences, but it is the 925 test that is considered durable, versatile and affordable.


Useful qualities from wearing silver jewelry came to our society from Chinese medicine and, today, are not only statements, but also proof. Pandora makes rings, earrings, bracelets, charms and uses 925 sterling silver. Each of these pieces of jewelry can help if worn properly and consistently. Regular wear on a certain part of the body of silver jewelry creates an acupuncture effect. Nerve endings are stimulated, which triggers the functions entrusted to this particular part of the body.

Chains give the wearer confidence and peace of mind. Rings help avoid digestive or heart problems, depending on the finger. And the main advantage of Pandora jewelry is bracelets. Their constant wear lowers blood pressure.

Summing up

Silver is an inexpensive but useful and versatile metal. Useful for the reason that buying it can become for you not only a visually pleasing admiration, but also a positive effect on health. The versatility of silver relates more to making jewelry out of it. You can create masterpieces from it, and the Pandora jewelry brand has been successfully using this for many years. Making jewelry from silver, give the opportunity to create budget, but unique products that absolutely everyone likes. And if it also helps to normalize blood pressure and improve digestion, then Pandora’s silver jewelry is truly unique!

? How useful is silver in jewelry?

Silver is a precious metal that has, first of all, antibacterial properties. Wearing it constantly on certain parts of the body can positively affect some processes in the body.

Can Pandora jewelry be useful?

Pandora is beauty and benefit in one bottle. Jewelry from a jewelry brand is a definite benefit for you. Buying any of the products, you always get positive emotions.

? How to choose a unique piece of jewelry for yourself?

In order to pick up jewelry from Pandora, you can visit our website and choose what you really like best.

? How much does a Pandora silver jewelry cost?

It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously. The cost of any product depends on the materials, style and size. The pricing policy of our site allows you to choose a piece of jewelry for any pocket!