Every year, jewelers create many interesting products for every taste. Today we have selected for you the most interesting and unusual jewelry, created by brilliant jewelers. We present to your attention a selection of 5 unique rings.

The most expensive ring

companyShawish has been specializing in the production of unique jewelry for many years. Swiss designers develop unique projects of products made of gold and diamonds. In 2011, jewelers presented a unique product carved exclusively from diamond. This is the world’s first diamond ring, the cost of which is 70 million dollars.

The development of the project took the company’s jewelers more than a year. A high-precision laser was used to process the stone. With its help, the diamond was given the necessary shape.But the company did not stop there, and already in 2015 it presented to the public a unique collection dedicated to the sea. It included unusual gold pendants and rings with pearls.

The biggest gold ring

companiesAt the beginning of the 2000s, Taiba presented a unique piece of jewelry — a gold ring weighing sixty-four kilograms. 50 best jewelers worked on creating an unusual ring. The product is encrusted with several kilograms of precious stones. It took 45 days to make the largest gold ring.In 2011, during the presentation in Dubai, you could see a unique product. Those who wished had the opportunity to purchase a reduced copy of a unique gold product.

Unique rings with deep meaning

The talented Selden Opovytyy creates unique collections of rings. Their main feature is mini figures of people. Each collection symbolizes an amazing story. Unusual models are made of silver and decorated with figures of bronze or gold. The cost of a jewelry product is 80-1000 dollars, depending on the model.

Melting rings for women

Craftswoman Julia Kuhnnap creates unique women’s rings from precious metals and smoky quartz. Their main feature is that with their help a unique visual effect is created — they seem to melt before the eyes. To make such jewelry, the designer uses complex and time-consuming methods.

Unique rings with meteorites

Jewelers never cease to please us with unique jewelry. The best confirmation of this fact is the unique gold rings with meteorites for women and men. Such jewelry can be a great gift for your significant other.

Such products can be made entirely of space stone or contain several inclusions. Most often, such jewelry is made of gold, but there are also models made of silver. Exclusive jewelry has a unique design. The price of such products varies from 200 to 10 thousand dollars.