Classic jewelry sets are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Instead, non-standard compositions are rapidly coming into fashion. The collections of world-famous brands increasingly include different mono-earrings that do not match the bracelet, and the pendant matches the rings only in color. To look stylish, you must follow a few rules.

What is the most expensive set of earrings in the world?

Everything predictable eventually becomes boring and annoying. Until now, seasonal fluctuations have mainly concerned changes in dimensions and material. The trend of 2019 is the combination of two completely different, but very impressive and attractive models that will add a bright zest to the style. They are synonymous jewelry — they show the same thing, only with different stylistic shades.

The most expensive unpaired earrings in the world are Apollo and Artemis. Initially, these jewelry were sold separately due to the fact that the diamonds in each product are unique and have no analogues in the world. «Artemis» will please the eye with a huge pink stone weighing 16 carats. The Apollo is made from a 14.5-carat blue diamond. Both of these pieces were bought for $57.4 million at Sotheby’s by one person who wished to remain anonymous. The organizers were disappointed with the amount offered because the price only exceeded the starting price by 7 million. Jewelers predicted sales from 50 to 70 million dollars.

The second place in the ranking of the most expensive different earrings in the world is occupied by a pair called «Mirror of Love». It was sold at Christie’s at the end of 2016. Its cost was 17.7 million dollars. These earrings are made from pure white diamonds. Both stones are pear-shaped. They are almost the same size, which is rare among large stones. One diamond weighs 52.55 carats and the other weighs 50.47 carats.

The «Imperial Pillows» are assorted pieces of jewelry that were sold as a set at Christie in mid-2011. Their price was 9.3 million dollars. They are made of white gold and diamonds. The stones were mined in the mine of the Indian Sultan and got their name for their unusual square shape. The weight of the diamonds is 23.11 and 23.49 carats.

How to choose unpaired earrings?

Modern jewelry designers use the most daring ideas to create their catwalk collections. It has become very popular because it is associated with a burst of fantasy and intrigue. A few years ago, our generation would have considered the decision to wear two different earrings, at least, extravagant.

A small stud looks good in combination with a long pendant. This suggests that individuality and freedom are in fashion, and every woman has the opportunity to choose what she likes.

mono earring is a bold decision, because such a jewel is self-sufficient, regardless of whether it is a minimalist accessory or deliberately catchy.

In both cases, it is necessary to carefully choose jewelry and combine them correctly with clothing.

A difference in shape, length, size, color of inserts is allowed, but then the product structure and manufacturing technology must be absolutely identical. Then they merge into one.

For a casual look, fashionable earrings should not seem different, but are in perfect harmony with each other. Otherwise, you will get the impression that you made a tandem of two earrings found or left without a pair, or accidentally put on the first item from a jewelry box that came to hand.

Different jewelry should look like a complete design solution, which will avoid uncomfortable questions from perfectionists: “Did you lose your second earring?”.

It is appropriate to complement such a creation with an asymmetrical hairstyle on each side, which will not only emphasize the idea, but also balance the composition, give it lightness, ease and originality.

To create stylish unpaired combinations, you should buy two or three different sets of earrings:

  1. studs + cuffs or rings;

  2. chain earrings or broaches + studs;

  3. earrings-rings + clips or cuffs;

  4. long earrings with pendant + jackets.

Examples of the most successful complementary combinations:

  • space-themed decorations such as the moon and sun, as well as various stars and planets;

  • geometric shapes — triangle + rhombus, square and rectangle;

  • letters — on one ear the first letter of the name, in the second — the surname;

  • nautical signs — anchor + boat;

  • black and white products of different shapes.

Do not be afraid to experiment — master the art of creating impressive unpaired compositions by choosing your favorite earrings from our catalog!