The Pandora bracelet in the arsenal of women’s jewelry appeared relatively recently — about 30 years ago. However, not everyone is well aware of it, and therefore the purpose of this article is to tell what Pandora is and what are its advantages over other similar products.

The main feature of such a bracelet is its uniqueness. When buying this accessory, the future owner is absolutely sure that there will be no other such accessory anywhere else. It is explained very simply — each person becomes a designer and creator of his jewelry. It can be said that pandora is a kind of precious designer that allows its mistress to assemble herself taking into account the chosen concept.

Properties and features of Pandora bracelets.

Pandora bracelet: what is it?

The first prototype of such decorative clothing was invented by a couple from Denmark, who own a jewelry store. Textile threads or cords or rings made of precious metals are used as a basis. Beads, rings and special pendants called charms are hung on it. All these components can be moved, replaced with others, as a result of which the owner has an updated small item every time.

It is worth noting that this decoration is worth a mansion in the boundless world of jewelry. It is not only an ornament, it looks original on the neck, in the décolletage area or on the wrist. This is a kind of guardian of thrilling memories, placed in an elegant box. At the same time, ordinary costume jewelry definitely cannot stand competition due to its impersonality and massiveness.

If we talk about the most important properties of such jewelry, then the following must be mentioned:

  • modular design — makes it possible to have only one bracelet in your box, which allows you to change it depending on the circumstances;
  • individuality — the possibility to order different elements for decoration guarantees the uniqueness of each product;
  • laconic design — the correct selection of every detail and a successful combination in terms of the intended concept makes it possible to get a stylish thing as a final result, and not a kitsch trinket.

Pandora bracelet: meaning and meaning

Many are quite naturally interested in the question why the bracelet is called Pandora. Judging by the general name of this product, we can conclude that it is somehow directly related to the heroine of the ancient Greek myth, Pandora. According to him, this woman could not cope with curiosity and opened the forbidden box, releasing all the troubles and misfortunes on earth.

It must be said that this very instructive story has nothing to do with the bracelet. The idea is that this decoration, as it were, tells about its owner, about her tastes, customs and preferences. The combination and combination of elements on it demonstrates either a commitment to religion, or a love of luxury, or one’s attitude to the universe. Therefore, how to open a Pandora bracelet and whether it should be done at all is also a philosophical question that helps you form your own opinion about a certain person.

How to collect it: what does the original decoration consist of?

As already mentioned, the main component here is the base — either metal or fabric. It is quite often found made of leather of any color, equipped with clasps with carabiners. If we talk about metal products, rings made of precious metals are considered the most popular among many women. In addition to the base, to create a jewelry masterpiece, you need:

  • stoppers — ensure a tight fit of the decorative element on the base, preventing it from moving uncontrollably;
  • separators-clips — conditionally divide the base into three parts so that, in the presence of moving parts, it does not stretch and does not distort;
  • dividing beads — perform several functions: they provide rigidity to the bracelet and shape the design of the bracelet;
  • charm — directly beads or different parts in the form of figurines, rings, flowers, letters, numbers and other things;
  • connecting protective chain of Pandora — prevents the loss of the bracelet, the price of which is quite significant;
  • a special form of clasp, which is often made of silver.

The compatibility of such an accessory with the wardrobe depends on the correct selection and a certain configuration, as well as on the color scheme of the details.

Charms: what do they mean?

This element is considered the main one in terms of content load. With their help, the so-called «memory», «association», «brand» or «emotion» is created. At the same time, it is important to take a balanced approach to the issue of selecting the main and additional details. If you want to bet on success, then you need to choose a silhouette of a cat, for luck — a clover, for wealth — small coins.

The charm and the material used in its manufacture are different. They can be gold, silver, platinum, with stones, as well as made of glass, ceramics, pearls, wood, plastic and others. Regardless of what financial investments have been made, self-made jewelry will always seem elegant and noble, if a piece of soul is invested in it.

Here you will definitely find beautiful Charms for creating unique Pandora bracelets, the meaning of which will make a lot of sense. Presented in the form of collections, they make the choice easier for each buyer, because it is much easier to find exactly what was originally intended. Get to know our range and order the best for yourself.