Sophisticated jewelry for the head in the form of hairpins are indispensable accessories for creating a unique image. Every owner of long braids should have at least 10 of them of different shapes. They allow you to make a bundle, bouclé, waves or a high shell. Next, we will take a detailed look at the types of hair accessories and tell you how to use them correctly.

What are hair accessories?

All women’s hairpins are divided into decorative jewelry and functional invisible hairpins.

Functional invisibles are suitable for fixing both complex hairstyles and individual strands.

  • clamps. You can’t do without them when you need to close the bangs and remove protruding hairs;

  • spiral pins they fix heavy curls well;

  • twister consists of wire, foam and fabric. It helps to create bunches and waves. They make different types of jewelry for hair-twisters. The sophist twist is distinguished by holes at the ends and a fastener. French twist — a metal frame where strands are twisted and fixed with hairpins;

  • heagami allows you to create an exquisite hairstyle — a shell, a bun or any other hairstyles with hair ornaments — in a matter of minutes. Curls are stretched and rotated around two plates;

  • bump — special pins-rims for increasing the volume of hair without combing on the crown. Two intertwined bandages on the head raise and fix the hair;

  • Donat — a soft disc that is pulled onto the tail to create a graceful bun. It is produced in three color variants — brown, light beige and black to match the color of the hair.

Decorative hairpins allow you to complete any hairstyle — from casual to formal:

  • combs — accessories for long hair (photo) with a history of use dating back several decades. They allow you to securely fasten individual strands. Plates with teeth of different sizes and shapes are decorated with stones, flowers, rhinestones and other decorative elements that turn the comb into the main accent of the hairstyle;

  • Montaru — accessories in the form of combs for long hair. They consist of 2 plates with teeth connected by plastic spirals or rubber bands. All hair is fixed with one comb, accent strands with another;

  • crabs — one of the most convenient accessories for long hair for a bun, tail or shell. Such pins are made in various shapes and sizes. They consist of two toothed parts connected by a spring. Convenient for daily wear, taking water procedures, sports;

  • banana — a type of crab that has the characteristic shape of this fruit and curved ends;

  • hairpin machine — the most common type of decorative pins, characterized by ease of use and variety of decor.

How to decorate hair with hairpins so that the hairstyle lasts a long time

In order for the twister to firmly fix the styling, the length of the hair should be at least as long as the shoulder blades. On shorter and thinner strands, these beautiful hair ornaments do not hold well. It will be difficult if the curls are cut with a ladder or a cascade, that is, they have different lengths and it is very difficult to put them in one bundle. So that they do not get out of the hairstyle, you need to pin them with clips or invisible ones.

Sophist Twist is convenient in that its ears can be twisted or tied after the hairstyle is ready, which ensures a more reliable fixation.

The French twister has a tapered mesh tube design. It helps to create an elegant shell and securely fasten it with or without pins.

Hair accessories called heagami originate from the Land of the Rising Sun. It is no coincidence that their name is similar to the word «origami». Strands, like paper, are folded into some structure — a bundle, a roll, a shell — with the help of two metal plates with a light elastic effect. They are covered with fabric, so they do not come into direct contact with the hair. They make variants of heagami of all shapes and colors. Fur or lace models are used in special cases.

Heagami, unlike bumpits, does not add volume to the stacking. However, with the help of this device, you can make a stylish bun on the back of the head, which is ideal for both everyday use and going out into the world.

For this you need:

  • open the plates, pull the hair between them;

  • straighten the strands well so that the hairstyle is neat;

  • stretch the plates to the tips;

  • wind strands on plates;

  • press on the end of the pin — and it will curl itself into a bundle.

Hair ornaments with the unusual name «bump» turn even the simplest everyday hairstyle into a work of art. They look great on loose curls.

Bumpy — a headband for placing on the back of the head and creating a neat bun. It was first used in the 1960s. Small teeth reliably fix strands.

In just a few seconds, you get an elegant hairstyle, like the most famous Hollywood movie stars.

The main types of decorative rims for hair

For several years in a row, hair ornaments have been adorning the heads of many celebrities and Instagram bloggers. Fabric hoops, pins, ribbons, velvet terry cloths, bows, headbands, jewelry made of stones and flowers for hair became a permanent attribute on catwalks and at formal events. The thicker and more decorative they are, the better.

The history of rims in pop culture begins in the 1950s, when they were a must-have for every glamorous girl and Hollywood actress. After decades of oblivion, they became popular again on the Prada catwalks — immediately in the XXL version.

Pearl studs are the equivalent of a «little black dress.» They are suitable both for simple everyday styles and for evening and even wedding outfits.

Pearls look great on any skin color and on any part of the body, emphasizing natural beauty. It catches the eye, but does not draw attention to itself.

Accessories with pearls are the most functional and versatile. They are suitable for any color, style and length of hair, which is why they gained popularity so quickly. Gold-colored jewelry subtly shines through, creating a warm background for pearls.

In a more muted, casual version, calm colors of fabric accessories are popular: black, burgundy or dark green.

In the late 2000s, a lot of beautiful jewelry in the form of rims appeared on the heads of models during the shows of the leading designers of the Miu Miu, Saint Laurent and Diora fashion weeks. Miuccia Prada’s satin and scaly products turned out to be the most attractive. They quickly became a must-have element of the style of every fashionable girl-blogger on Instagram.

In the summer, all kinds of braids will be in demand: from thin ribbons tied with a bow to classic velvet and satin ribbons decorated with rivets and shiny stones.

Luscious headbands were unanimously declared the most desired accessory of summer 2019. They can be plain or covered with a print, smooth or decorated with shiny applications. One thing is important: all these braids are XXL! What colors of lush headbands are the most fashionable? Complete freedom is allowed, but classic colors prevail: caramel, honey yellow, burgundy and black.

Names of the most exquisite head decorations in the form of rims:

  • wreath made from live or artificial flowers. It complements wedding dresses in boho style and romanticism. It looks beautiful on hair of any length — both loose and braided around the head;

  • voluminous pin-brooch, Decorated with crystals or pearls. It looks best in a bunch, when only its decorative part is visible, or in the ears;

  • twig — this is an ornament on a curved wire with crystals, pearls and jewels to quickly attach to curls of different lengths. It can be worn as a headband, braided or wound on a tail;

  • headband suitable for hair of any length. It looks beautiful on short, spiked, smoothly combed or loose long hair. It is made of lace, decorated with Swarovski rhinestones, pearls or feathers. Such accessories have come back into fashion in recent years with the return of the 90s style. They appear in many versions — from the simplest minimalist plastic headbands imitating cat ears or horns. A headband with pearls is an excellent choice both in summer and in winter. It goes well with airy summer dresses and will emphasize a winter outfit with a sweater. In addition, it is an ideal wedding accessory for short hair. It is extremely functional — it will hold hair during housework, make-up or cosmetic procedures;

  • tiara — a classic decoration, which, depending on the type, can look elegant or luxurious. It will be a great alternative to a veil or veil for a wedding. It can be combined with almost any hairstyle — a high or low bun, falling waves or a loosely braided braid;

  • diadem — gold, silver, decorated with crystals, single or high will look great on loose and pinned hair.

2019 is considered the period of the return of glamorous style, and not only in wedding fashion. Jewelry wreaths in the form of tiaras and crowns are again at the peak of popularity. Both yellow and rose gold symbolize rebirth. Such jewelry is suitable not only for typical princesses. They successfully complement the boho style or romantic outfit.

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