Nothing emphasizes the charm of a hairstyle like beautiful hair clips. They are able to change the image of a woman or girl, adding zest to it.

What to choose? After all, they make different types of hairpins. Some fix curls. Others keep their hair out of their faces. Still others simply serve as decoration, such as a diadem or crown, which is worn to a wedding or beauty pageant.

Hair ornaments: the most common names

hair ornaments

Crabs are made in different sizes, colors and styles, decorated with flowers and sparkles. They are used to pin up hair while bathing and showering, so as not to wet them. Models with many small teeth are ideal for sparse and thin strands, mini-crabs for bangs, braids and curls, large ones for shells and high knots.

French combs are small plastic combs used to hold hair in one place. They are simple, comfortable, not felt when wearing.

Scallops are ideal for long hair and medium length. They help create a neat knot, or casually pin the ponytail like a fan to give it a fun look.

Metal hairpins — thin, curved at one end and open at the other, simple, with rhinestones, flowers and other decorative elements, fix waves and tails.

A round comb is a large comb that pins hair around the head.

Automation is used to collect and pin hair of any length and thickness.

Clips are small metal hairpins that click when closed. They are worn either by little girls, or by women and girls to secure the side strands in the tail and bangs.

Hair sticks fix high or low hairstyle in the form of a shell or a knot. They are often worn in pairs. They come in different lengths and sizes.

The Banana Clip is an accessory embellished with Swarovski crystals, imitation pearls, zircon or rhinestones that opens and closes at one end. With its help, original high hairstyles are obtained.

Hair bands are stylish accessories that will be a fashionable end to your casual and sporty look. These include plastic springs, knitted hair bands, soft «bagels». Evening models of rubber bands are decorated with sparkles or beads.

Types of hair accessories trendy in 2020


The TOP 5 fashion trends of this year included hair accessories — the popular names of which have become classics:

  1. all types of studs in a classic style and in black and white. With a minimalistic and discreet design, these accessories will suit any hairstyle and clothing;

  2. all types of hair clips in the form of geometric shapes, without decorative elements, but with branded inscriptions;

  3. romantic options — boho headbands and wreaths, retro-style bows, scarves and ribbons that emphasize natural beauty and charm;

  4. sequins, rhinestones and various stones, including pearls, are again in trend, which are used to style waves and curls. They perfectly replace any other accessories and solve the problem of hairstyle ideas for special occasions;

  5. heagami — two metal plates covered with a cloth, due to which they do not directly touch the hair. They allow you to make a stylish European knot at the back of the head.

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