Earrings are popular jewelry known to people since ancient times. The modern variety of models pleases the eye. There are many options for earrings that are suitable both for everyday use and for special celebratory events. This decoration can be matched to the outfit, eye or hair color and simply to the mood. Earrings can differ both in the material of manufacture and in the type / shape.

Studs or carnations are laconic earrings

Earrings-Pusets appeared at the beginning of the last century. They are universal and concise. Their shape can be diverse: geometric shapes, animals, flowers, stars …

Such earrings can be made of both precious metals and ordinary medical steel. They can be decorated with stones, pearls or enamel. To create an unusual way, you can combine Pusets from different pairs.

Pendants — elegance is always in fashion

Beautiful and elegant pendants will surely never go out of fashion. They are able to transform any girl and make the image more feminine. In addition, such earrings visually lengthen the face. Depending on the model, the products may have different lengths. Recently, voluminous jewelry has been very popular.

A popular option for pendants is chandelier earrings (chandeliers). They have an unusual design: they are quite narrow at the base, and on the contrary, they widen towards the bottom. This type of jewelry is distinguished by its large size, complex weaving, as well as the presence of precious stones. Such earrings are ideal for formal events.

Earrings-rings are a universal decoration for every day

Such earrings can also be called «congo». Their form is quite universal, so they are suitable for daily use. Many jewelry factories offer a wide variety of models. These can be both miniature rings with a laconic design, and massive large accessories. The most popular congos are made of gold and silver. The style of the product can be anyone. Before buying such earrings, you should try them on.

Other types of popular earrings

In addition to the above types of earrings, other models are also popular. Including:

  • clusters — their clasp is similar to Pusety. The main feature is a beautiful composition consisting of stones of various shapes and colors;

  • Coffee — earrings that are worn on the earlobe and cartilage. Their main feature is the possibility of fastening independently, without a special hole in the lobe;

  • climber — similar to Kapha, but have an elongated design, due to which they are attached to the upper part of the lobe and do not go higher than the cartilage;

  • Jacket — earrings that look like studs, but their main element is placed on the back of the ear.

Which earrings to choose is a matter of taste for each customer. The main thing is to choose a decoration that you will really like. And it will not be difficult to combine earrings with other accessories.